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Most users who come to your site probably use a mobile device. Learn why website navigation design has a big impact on results. Fundamentals of Friendly Design and Development - The Beginner's Guide to Friendly Design and Development

The way searching machines browse the web and how they interprete contents is restricted. For you and me, a website doesn't always look like a web site for a searching machine. This section focuses on some of the unique technological issues involved in creating (or modifying) websites so that they are equally designed for both searching machines and people.

In order to be able to do better in searchengine entries, your most important contents should be available in HTML text form. Pictures, Flashes, Java applications and other non-text contents are often ignored or downgraded by spider crackers, despite progress in spider cracking as well. If you want to make sure that the words and phrases you show your users are viewable by your site's html text, the simplest way is to place them on the page.

Apply "alt attributes" in HTML to pictures in gf, gpg, jpg, etc. to give a text descriptor of the visible contents to SEOs. Add navigational and searchable link fields to your query. If you want the words and phrases used to be indicated by the engine, make a copy available for your videos and music.

A lot of sites have significant issues with subscribable contents, so it's worth double-checking. I' ve created a giant flash page to juggle panda's and don't show up anywhere on Google. With the Google Café function we can see that the homepage of does not contain all the important information we see.

That makes it harder for searching machines to understand the relevance. This website is completely Flash based, but unfortunately this means that neither the text nor the link to each game can be indexed by webmasters. This page would have a very heavy rankings in the results without HTML text.

It is advisable not only to look for text contents, but also to use advanced text editing techniques to ensure that the pages you create are viewable by the engine. The same is true for your pictures and, as we see below, also for your hyperlinks. In the same way that searching machines need to see contents to be able to list pages in their solid keyword-based indices, they also need to see hyperlinks to find the contents at all.

Having a clickable linking architecture - one that allows the crawler to explore the paths of a website - is crucial for them when they find all the pages of a website. One of the mistakes affecting web pages is that they are structured in such a way that they cannot be accessed by searching machines, which hinders their capacity to include pages in them.

However, although there may be important pages on the site, even though there may be important pages on the site, the web browser has no way of reaching them (or even knowing that they exist). Because there are no directly accessible, clickable hyperlinks to pages D and D. As far as Google can see, they do not exists!

Superb calendars, good target keywords and intelligent merchandising make no distinction when your site's web page can''t be reached by a crawler. Links may contain pictures, text, or other items, all of which offer a selectable area on the page that the user can use to switch to another page.

They are the initial navigation element of the web - the so-called hypertext hyperlink. The

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