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As soon as you have chosen a Website Builder, you must sign up for a plan. Learn how to use WordPress to create a beauty blog or makeup website from scratch, including screenshots, resources, and step-by-step instructions. Creating a Beauty Blog & Makeup Website from Scratch Describes how to build a brand-new Beauty Blogs and/or Make-up Web site from the ground up. There will be a website / blogs that you own and own - one that is not owned by a ministry and that resides on your own domains (aka web address). Your website is managed by a CMS that allows you to easily build, modify and maintain all the contents of your website.

Also, WordPress is free and "open source", which means that it is managed by a committed user base and not by a huge company. Which means for you: A "website" and a "blog" are actually the same. Blogs are just that part of your website that list new contents in reversed order.

With WordPress you not only have a blogs, but you can also extend and customise everything as your website expands. First of all we will deal with obtaining a domainname (what will be entered by users to gain acces to your website) and hostings (the servers that "serve" your website for each visitor).

Secondly, we are installing WordPress (again the free piece of code that "powers" your website). Fourthly, we will go through extra ressources to get this look of the website and look at you and your reader. Let us immerse ourselves in the setup of your website! As a first steps in creating a website for your personal touch, your first steps are to get a customized domainname (i.e. your web address) that points to a web host ing-account (i.e. where your website lives); then installing WordPress on your web host in order to login, create and personalize it.

Begin by browsing to a NameCheap ( my referral ) or GoDaddy to buy a specific name. Hint - You can choose to disregard all uploads or hosted services. Simply buy your ownomainname. It is recommended to buy separate sites and hostings. One way or another, now you need to buy webhosting. It is the one thing you have to invest in your website to make it "yours" so that you can take full command of it (and earn cash with it).

That is the crucial distinction to using a "blogging site" like or Blogger or even Tumblr. To run as you want, your website is on your own servers. All you need to run WordPress is "Shared Linux Hosting". The choice of a good web host is crucial for your website.

Often web hosters have a tendency to make things much too bewildering with futile features overloading, last-minute rebates (then costly long-term pricing) and overly auspicious client services. Over there at hundred of web housing businesses on the web. No " total best " - only the best for you and your circumstance.

As you will find this guideline, I will make some suggestions (e.g. service requirements, budgeting parameter, etc.). Otherwise, here are the 3 businesses I usually recommend to do-it-yourselfers who set up a beautifully designed website. If you are interested, you can also check out my full web site ratings, which include those for HostGator, InMotion & Web Hub if you are interested.

HostsGator - Very affordably all around maps, especially if you are planning to install many small WordPress web pages. The Web Hosted Hub - Independent of the company with beginner-oriented client services. In-motion Hosted - Independent obsessed with superior client support and 90 days back-and-forget warranty. Well traded schedules (with some ceilings) that provide excellent value and can expand as your website expands.

That site actually uses a web site with them. Purchasing and setting up your own website in this guidebook works for all three (and other) businesses, but comes from InMotion if you want to stay on top. The Web Hosted Hub is almost exactly the same. Select the hosted service that matches your actual destinations.

Visit the InMotion Hosting maps and see their "Shared Business Hosting Plans". Choose the desired task list. If you have only one or two website introductory suggestions, the implementation schedule is great. Kraftplan is good if you have several that you want to run, plus maybe some test sites on sub domains.

Pro plans are good if you don't want borders. Next, enter your domainname and proceed. Buy your subscription and choose your web site hostings. Acknowledge your schedule and fill in the check-out page boxes. Max Speed Zone will determine whether your site resides in California or Virginia physical (which can get a little shaved when you update your site), but the standard choice should be the same.

Content Mangement Installer can be useful, but I found it better to choose "No, thank you" and instal it after buying the Hosting products (which we will do). Get your accounts and specifications. As soon as you are in your Administration window, go to the detailed page of the page. They will " associate " your domainname with your webhosting servers.

Include name servers in your domainname and validate the link. Copies the 1. and 2. name servers and logs in where you purchased youromainnames. Browse to the DNA area of your domains. From My Account -> Start Domains -> Administer Domains -> Choose Set Name Servers -> Choose'I have user-defined name servers' -> Insert the first and second name servers provided by InMotion.

Under NameCheap, Login -> Manager Domains -> Choose Domain -> Choose Manager -> Under NamesServers, Custom choose and place your name servers there -> Save Changes. How to set up your website hosted service! The only thing left is the installation of WordPress, which we will discuss in the next section.

The complete conversion of the domain name servers (DNS) can take up to 24 hrs, but is usually quite fast (usually less than 10 min in the USA). Now that we have an adress and a place where our website can stay, we can look at how to set up a WordPress website on the servers.

WorldPress will be the piece of code that supplies your website with electricity. However, before it can supply your website with electricity - it must be deployed on your web site host. Whilst you can certainly have WordPress installation done by hand, InMotion (and others above ) has an outstanding free and safe way to quickly and easily get WordPress to your new hostname.

Use your own cPanel ( "Hosting Controller Panel"). Go back to your InMotion Account Management Panels. Please click on the hyperlink to get to your cPanel (Control Panel). Yes, there is a download button for "Install Popular Software" - this button will be available via another logon page at cPanel anyway. Locate the WordPress installation scripts.

Since you are currently logging in to cPanel, you need to search for and open a symbol named "WordPress" and/or "Softaculous". Execute the WordPress installation script. When the WordPress automatic installation script is open, open it, and then proceed. Type the information from the Web site into the installation program. Now, you will simply type in your data and click Installieren.

Make sure your e-mail addresses are accurate. Let the box after / empty - that is, only if someone already has a website on the major site they want to continue. Type your blog name - you can modify it after installing WordPress. Please validate the install and login to the WordPress Dashboard!

You have a new WordPress website that you can use for your own personal page. Make sure to copy your user name and your pass word to a secure place (it will also be sent to you by email). Subscribe to your new WordPress page at http://[]/wp-admin! Also you can verify your e-mail address to get your link and log-in information.

You should look around for a second immediately after login to WordPress. Secondly, go to Settings General and then select your timezone and the name of your website. Third, if you want your website to be http://www. instead of your - then go to Settings -> General and modify both the site and WordPress urls at http://www.[yourdomain].com, if you click Refresh, you will need to login again.

When the WordPress Dashboard looks frightening, take a look at my set of downloadable WordPress dashboards here. With WordPress, you can have any website layout you can think of. It' not restricted to any kind of styling as it prints out fully functional HTML/CSS (the idiom your web browsers use to show a website to a visitor).

Since WordPress does implement templates in a structure, you can also use it to create a standard "theme" or a ready-made outline. One way or the other, you can search through free themes and add a themes in the Appearance section of ? Themes to your dashboard. Of course, if you can't find a free template you like or want to buy a higher-value, customized premier template, you can also look for WordPress Topic Makers.

It is recommended that you start your research with these providers: STUDIO PRESS - You create the Genesis-Framework which is a "framework" topic that you can once instal, then you superimpose different skin or "children's themes". "This is a favorite among many major beauty websites that want their own individual look without having to hire a dedicated design professional.

Stylish Topics - A very high value manufacturer of topics with a look that many people love. I' ve also written an article with my 9+ favourite topics that were created especially for fashion / beautysites. However, remember that many "themes" can be repositioned outside your alcove. Often it is the inclusion of a beautiful logotype or "hero" picture that makes your designs more than a lay-out.

In the end, the function of your website depends on your preferences and objectives. Nevertheless, most of Beauty's sites have some important features that you should promote and include in WordPress with plug-ins. First I get my most important WordPress plugin lists. Those are Plugins that almost every website must have.

Next you need to download and run these plugs. JPEG and PNG image compression - this plug-in will compress your pictures as you load them into WordPress. You will have many pictures with a website oriented towards make-up or cosmetics. The WP Canvas Gallery - this plug-in enhances WordPress' built-in image gallery functionality so that you can view pictures in all kinds of interesting ways.

Picture Insert Picture Insert - this plug-in will add a "Pin It" icon to all your pictures to help users insert certain pictures into paste (which is indispensable for any upcoming beauty blogger). The MailChimp for Mailing List Software is not a plug-in in itself, but it is an indispensable promotional instrument that helps you distinguish yourself from the thousand of beautiful web sites on the web.

OptinMonster can sync it with OptinMonster or insert the subscribed e-mail lists directly on your website. JARPP - this plug-in displays a "related posts" checkbox below your post. Helping to enhance commitment and keeps folks on your website. Except when you create a magazine, your website is your audiences and your audiences is your website.

In order to create a winning website or make-up blogs, you need to focus on your particular audiences. Cosmetic and make-up is still quite competetive, but it is also enormous. As a website publisher, your role is to identify and promote your audiences, wherever they are, to bring them to your website.

This could be Pinterest (actually it's definitely Pinterest), but it could also be Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, chance boards, other sites, etc. Our aim is to bring them to your website. As soon as they are on your site and are really fan of your work, there are tens of ways to earn cash with your make-up website or make-up blogs.

Commercials are the most frequent way of earning income. If someone you are recommending makes a purchase, this is where you place the product links on the retailer's website and get paid. Search for marketers you like to suggest, whether they are paying or not. You have all the major brand names like Ulta, Sally Beauty, Skin Store and others.

A further way to get rewarded through advertisements is to place CPM or CPC advertisements on your website. Begin by signing up to Google AdSense and inserting the ad key on your website (e.g. in a sidebar widget, etc.). Then Google will refer marketers to your site and give you your share of the revenues.

However, outside of advertisement, there are many ways to market your own information or even your own information service. Please have a look at my instructions for the installation of the WooCommerce E-Commerce-Plugin for WordPress here. When you want to run a workshop or event, read my WordPress Event and Appointment Instruction.

It is sometimes so easy to place a media kit page on your website or ad page and sell advertisements directly (use a plug-in named OIO Publisher to administer it). At the end of the day, your website is bound only by your fantasy. With a WordPress website on your own servers, you can really do anything you can imagine.

Create an audiences!

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