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What is a website like? Build your website from ready-to-use products. When you are trying to build a business, you urgently need your own website. When you don't have a website, people just won't be able to find you.

Creating a music website - Create a professional website walkthrough

Visit us (opens in a new window) to see our everyday musical guide and discussions that will help you advance your musical careers. Participate in your opinions. Tonight we will see how to create a musical website that attracts and holds people. You will not only make a great looking website, but it will also be fully operational and everything you want from your website.

Click here to start if you'd like to jump over the introduction and go to the step-by-step creation of your first website. These guidelines are intended for musicans, groups, audiomanagers, people who like me want to give musical consulting, and anyone else who is in any way active in the musical industries and wants to create a musical website.

Indeed, even if you're not in the recording business, you can still go along with this guideline and create a fun website for your business. So, don't hesitate to divide it with anyone you know who wants to create a professionally designed website. When you don't have your own website yet, you're going to miss one of the best ways to win and keep new people.

Sites are not hard to build when you know how to do it, and I'm about to show it to you right away. In order to build our website, we will use a free of charge CMS named WordPress. Don't yet have WordPress downloaded as I will show you a much simpler way to get it up and run on your website.

But before we look at how you create your own website, let me briefly tell you why you should. I' m sure you already have a Facebook and/or Twitter login, so that might be enough of a web site for your tunes, right? Your own . com website not only looks much more professionally than a Facebook and Twitter site, but you can also do much more with your own website.

Would you like to place a flag on your website to boost your songs sale? Would you like to adapt the colours to your make? Would you like to submit a subscription request to your mailinglist? Now you can do all this and more with your own website! A further advantage is that your website will be yours.

Don't be worried that the website you are using will become disliked and you will have to rebuild your following from the ground up (like what happend to many guys with Myspace), your supporters will always know where to find you. Why you should own your own website, there are many different ways.

Enough of that, let's start setting up your band's website. While WordPress is free to use, you still need to purchase your domainname (e.g. and webspace. Save all your songs, movies, pictures, and information in this storage area.

There is no way to bring your website on-line without purchasing webspaces. Either thing is easily obtainable and can be bought from JustHost at the same price (disclosure: I get a fee when you register with JustHost via my link). The next window allows you to select your domainname, so make it a good one.

The name of your group, maybe? It ensures that you do not need to purchase your domainname and that you get a discounted rate for your webspace. If you click to proceed, then on the next page type in your data and the desired rate card. My suggestion is that you don't append any of the extra they're trying to provide you, other than your privacy.

Failure to do this will allow them to see who the site is registering with and see your true name and adress. This is not perfect for most, so make sure you get the privacy protection for domains. That' it, you now have your own website name and webspace. The next step is to set up a website on your webspace.

Now we have our website name and web site hostings ordered, the next thing we need to do is adding a website builder to our website. WordPress is by far the best free website building tool on the web, so we will use it. Setting up WordPress is fast and simple.

To be able to download WordPress, you must be signed in to your JustHost area. Below this section you will see a WordPress icon, so just click it. That' it, within about a moment you have your new website up and run. Ensure that you store the data you entered as the user name and passcode for your WordPress installation.

As soon as you're done, you can sign in to your site by clicking /wp-admin at the bottom of your site. It will take you to your WordPress Dashboard and allow you to customize your website. Now you can go to your website in a new browser and you should see how your website comes together.

With WordPress now up and running, I suggest you take a few moments to look around and get used to the WordPress Dashboard. We will guide you through the other phases of creating a musical website. However, you must be clear that the WordPress Dashboard is located on the leftside so that you can select all the functions of your website.

First thing you need to do is adding a look to your website. An issue is a ready-made look that makes your website look great. There are two ways to select a topic for your website: Receive a free topic on the WordPress topic marketplace.

Speaking for myself, I always buy top-quality topics and never create a website without them. Getting a good first glimpse is important in your musical careers, so a good looking website is critical. Open topics often don't look as good as top of the line topics, as they are made with a much smaller purse and by guys who aren't big-timers.

You' re gonna have your fan's eye on the big picture. As well as making these designs look much better than the free designs, they are also simpler for your site users to use, and you have much more complete control over how you can personalize them. When you want to modify the way your website is designed, you can simply do so.

Several free designs no longer work when each new WordPress fix is released. However, this is not the same for premier topics that have a special technical assistance staff to ensure that their topics are compliant with any new release of WordPress. In this sense, here are some of the most important WordPress topics easy for musician.

In order to give your prospective supporters the best possible image, you need to make an investment in good designs. To see what free topics are available to you, just go to Appearance in your WordPress Dashboard and then to theming. The next window shows a top panel titled Install Topics.

Just deploy one and your website theme will change immediately. WordPress is a high-performance website on its own, but it also allows you to upgrade the amount of things you can do with it using plug-ins. Plug-ins are things you can simply put on your website and create new functions.

Functions you can append comprise a comment box, socially shared button, image gallery, defective links checker and just about every other function you can reasonably expect from a website. I' ll be recommending some plugs to help you get going, but first here's how to look for them and how to do it.

In your WordPress Dashboard, mouse over the plugins in the navigation bar on the right, and then click Add New. Then you can browse to the desired plug-in, and on the next page select Install now on the plug-in you selected (if you are not sure what a plug-in is called, you can browse for a desired function and you can find a corresponding plug-in like this one).

When you' re not sure if you still want it, you can first click on the Details tab to get more information about what your website can do, and only reinstall it if you know it's what you want. It will ask you if you are sure you want to download the plug-in and just click OK.

The next window will show you that your plug-in is ready after a few seconds and you just click on the hyperlink to enable it. While some plug-ins ask you to customize their preferences (which is usually quite easy), others allow you to work immediately without doing more.

Here are some great plugs you should get used to, as pledged, to get used to the game. You can use the plug-in Kontaktformular 7 if you want your website visitor to be able to get in touch with you anytime. You' ll want your supporters to want to share your pages and blogs, so just include these posting butts.

It will make it easy for humans to divide and remember that divide is an optional. When you allow folks to post comment on your website, you will want to embed this plug-in. The thing is to allow your users to sign up for the comment discussion so that they are notified by email when new commentaries are posted on this page.

It' s great for empowering returning traffic to your site and getting them engaged in what you do. Publish videos and photo galleries. When you want to create a great image album for your website, this is the plug-in for it. This displays thumbnail images of your images that grow as your users click on them to see them.

It is the first of two plugs I suggest to keep your website protected and protected. Akismet does stop spamming on your website. WordPress makes it so that you have to authorize your comment before it can be added, but it becomes tedious to receive e-mails about new comment to authorize it and then recognize that it is spamming.

It is the second of two plugs I suggest to keep your website protected and protected. Login Lockdown stops a user who tries to login to your web site. It will stop this and make your website much safer.

But there are many more plug-ins that you can use, and if you want your website to have a certain feature, there is most likely a plug-in for it. Browse the plug-in dashboard in your WordPress dashboard to see some of the available features. Your website now looks good and works well by using WordPress plugs, the next thing we need to do is fill it with pages.

WordPress pages are what you will use to build any page that will always appear in the same place on your website. When you want to build a blogs with regular updates of your messages and information, you can submit any contribution in the posting section. There will always be the latest blogs at the top of the page, and other blogs will be moved down as new ones are added.

But for now, let's see which pages you should create. Whilst there are a number of pages that you can make dependent on what you want to accomplish with your website, there are a few fundamental pages that every website should have. Their homepage is the first page that folks come to when they enter

For this reason, it is important that you make this page very useful and link to other important areas of your site. Normally, your home page will either have your latest blogs posted (if you want to have a blogs on your website, or like I said, a page with back link to important pages.

There you can want one of your video's, as well as a back to a page with more of your video's. How about a hyperlink to your store page and to the page? However, be sure to give them only a few key choices instead of giving them every single one of your links to all your pages at once.

When you want to really get connected with you and your songs, you have to create a certain picture. With your info page, you can tell them what you're about and they'll think they know you a little better. When you have your own songs to offer for sale (which hopefully you should do), you need to add a store page.

You can either add a link to this store page where your friends can buy your iTunes / Amazon etc. songs, or you can resell your own iTunes and Amazon iTunes CDs directly from your site. I' ll show you how you can do both in the "Sell your tunes on your website" section below.

Song and video. When you don't have many tracks or video clips, you should combine these two pages to make your website look fuller. However, if you have a great deal of both and want to make things a little clearer, you can keep those two sides apart.

Like the name says, one of these pages has your song that can be heard by your audience and the other has your video. Instead of suggesting that you give away too many of your tracks on this page, give away a few free copies and then redirect them to your store page or mailinglist to get more.

At the IMA Music Business Academy we speak much more about this strategic approach. When you have any images you want to be shared with the supporters, this is the page where you can place them. Now you can create a nice looking photo album with the Post Videos And Photo Galleries plug-in I mention above.

You will want to have one of these points so that folks can get in touch with you about all your reservations and make links with you about the record store. It will also be convenient to receive fans' mails, although you may want to have an optional feature for those who want to make it clear why they are making enquiries on this page.

It will make it simpler for you to sort emails by what the individual is trying to contact you for. When you want to resell your website content, this is a very important time. My suggestion is that you give the fan a choise where to buy your tunes so they can do the best for them.

They can create it so that they can buy your downloaded files directly from your website, and you can make it so that they can buy your songs from a well-known record shop like Appleunes. And if you want them to buy your tunes from Apple's Apple music store, Apple's Songcast software, or other major digitally downloadable sites, you can do just that.

Easily share your iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Napster, and more files. From your site, you can then create links to those pages where your tracks are and promote your tunes that way. However, a better way could be to directly resell your tunes from your own website. Electronic junkie allows you to secure your electronic files and automate their sale on your website.

Allows you to make a "Buy Now" click, append it to your website and let others buy you directly. Good thing about e-Junkie is it doesn't need you to be there to make a sale. For example, suppose someone comes to your website and orders your music.

If you are not nearby, E-Junkie will take over the payments and check and deliver the songs via a secured email. Then you will get the funds on your PayPal or any other payments provider you use. When I said "secure connection," I mean it can't be divided.

If you want, you can restrict the number of downloads your buyer can make through the links (say you allow him to click the links only three of the time, the number you select depends on you), and you can also restrict the downloading of the links if they are downloading on different people.

Also, the downlaod linkage is made individual for each client, so that never the same two linkage are created. That' s why I think e-Junkie is one of the best ways to buy your soundtrack. Or you can resell other digital products on E-Junkie, such as excluding your fans' wallpaper, ring tones or anything else you think your supporters could like.

First, it allows you to see where your website is found by your visitors. When you look at your statistics and see that the vast majority of your supporters find your website in a particular board, for example, you can increase your promotional activities in that board, knowing that it will probably attract even more visitors and supporters.

Monitor your statistics to see how long each user remains on your site, what pages they are visiting, when they are there, which countries they come from (great if you think about where you can potentially make a profit gig), what order they do things on your site, how many return visits you get and much more.

These statistics will help you better identify who your user is and customize your website and promotional activities accordingly. They can also make a better selling hopper for your website visiters and in turn make more sell / win more supporters. Although there are many ways to keep tabs on your site's traffic, I suggest you use Google Analytics.

Just log into this page for a Google Analytics subscription, add a website to your Google analytics subscription, copy and past the email address you receive into your website, and that's it. It now allows you to see everything going on on your website (traffic-wise) in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

So, how do you begin to get traffics to the site you just created? I' ve created a manual that shows players what it is and why it is needed, so look at this to find ways to increase your audience. So, this is how you build a website for your group. I' ve had a whole bunch of folks following this manual and creating a decent website for their musical careers, so I know you can, too.

Do not hesitate to show me and others the website you are creating with this manual, in the comment box below. I have seen many of the websites you have all created, but it will be great to present them to other souls. Maybe one or two fans will come up to you.

Hopefully you will do something about it now that you know how to create your own website. Find out more about how to create a website for your favorite songs here. P.S. However, keep in mind that nothing you've learnt will make a difference if you don't know how to bring your own songs to the market and get audiences to listen to them.

If so, let us send you our free e-book on musical merchandising directly to you by e-mail!

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