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Encoding your own website

I will show you how to encode your own website and then post it on the web. You will soon find that creating your own website is much simpler than it seems! Prior to creating our own website, we should be able to comprehend what a website is. In order to make a website, just make one or more web pages.

Web hostering is usually performed by a hoster service providing a service (also known as a hoster or web host). Well, a web hosting service provides web services to its clients. Web page is a text files containing a text and mark-up key combo. Displaying the selected page in a web navigator will display it as scheduled (or "rendered").

If it is displayed in a text editing application (e.g. Notepad), it will display the text and the mark-up bar. This is what you see when you look at the web page in your webbrowser. Sourcecode" screen - This is the "behind the scenes" coding that defines the contents and layout of the page.

Now you can display the sources of any web page on the web. Usually, the sourcecode opens in a new tabs. Use the Show page sources function in your webbrowser. If you are using Google Chrome, for example, go to view > designer > view source. For Firefox, go to Tools > Web Development > Page source.

You may also be able to right-click anywhere on the page, dependent on your machine and your web browsers, to access the ViewSource option. You can also use other display modes to view the page's sourcecode, such as Inspect Item, which allows you to open the sourcecode in a page window where the item you select is emphasized in the sourcecode.

A web page's sourcecode consists of HTML tag. Have a look at the following security codes. Example 1: The above example can be a web page model for any web page. When you display the sources of a web page, you should find these tag. Example 2: If you opened the HTML above in your web browsers, it should look something like this:

What do I do with this key? Up to now I have shown you the coding used to build a simple web page. I have also shown you what this website looks like in a web browsers. In order to build a web page like the example above, proceed as follows: You' ve just made your first website!

Now you can display your new website in your web brower. When this does not work, open a new web page and drag the image onto it. Otherwise you should be able to select Open > Files... according to your webrowser. To add another web page is as simple as to create the first web page.

Actually, you can simply make a copy of your first copy if you want, and then change it as you like. You can, for example, set up a link so that both pages are referenced. So let's make another website. In order to do this, our source would look something like this.

Example 3: The HTML page above will look like this in a browser: So go ahead - build your second website. So if you've forgot how to do this, here are the stages for building your second website: You just made your second website. One could say that you made your first website!

With your first website created, you can easily create as much as you want. They are available in the HTML source tree and on the HTML sample page. You can copy and past any of these HTML encodings into your own website and modify them as you wish. Are you willing to publicize your website?

All you' ve done so far has been on your computer. So the only persons who can see your website are those with computer use. In order to post your website to the public, you need to "upload" your website to a website hosterserver. In order to do this, you must open an affiliate with a web host.

As soon as you have done this, you can give your own ".com" email to anyone you want to visit your website. The opening of a hosted user is usually uncomplicated. Often the most difficult part is the decision which host to use. When you' re just getting started, a simple web site host is usually enough.

In order to publicize your website, you just have to say: It's that easy! ZappyHost, our affiliate site, offers great web sites for everything from novices to pros. ZappyHost is a affiliate site and I receive a fee from each sale of a game. Maybe if you have a lot of photos/images for your website, you're better off with a deluxe or premium schedule as these schedules offer much more storage area.

Have a look at my Webhosting tutorial if you want to look around first. More detailed explanation of what webhosts are and how to select a webhosting service to use. And I know that not everyone wants to waste a lot of effort studying HTML etc. to build their own website. It is a useful utility that allows you to build a website in a few moments.

Naturally, you can customise your artwork by adding your own pictures or choosing from a thousand stickers. Receive this... host and domainname is completely free! ZappyHost is a affiliate site and I receive a fee from each sale of a game. Here are some that you may find useful to create your own website:

Create a Website Tutorial describes the two basic ways to create a website (i.e. program it yourself or use a website builder). Watch this tutorial to learn how to earn savings on a Website builder subscription and get a freeomainname! Like already said, we have copy/paste HTML codes and HTML examples that you can use to copy and paste into your own web pages.

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