Make your own website for free

Create your own website for free

TECHT NOW: Creating your own website for free So what do Hostess Twinkies, Yahoo and even watches have in store for a face-to-face website in 2013? Obviously I'm not speaking of the old pages, which show your crazy programming knowledge à la Angelfire or GeoCities, far back in the stone ages of the internet (ca. 1995). Today's cutting-edge turnkey website creators do the work for you, often for free.

Small businesses and others will find a face-to-face website a great way to tell their stories. This can help present the value, strengthen the person and even shed some light on your talent and passion in a way other than wine or interest. They can also help you better maintain your reputations and they can give you a push when someone displays your name on Google.

Consider your website as something similar to the new online calling cards, where those you've just meet can learn about your talent and passion. There are four free home front setup tools that you can use to create a home front. Yahoo's recently adopted tumbler site makes it possible to easily create a sleek, straightforward website with a wide range of topics to select from.

Tumblr's disadvantage is that you don't have much selection on how your contents are displayed, but if you're not choosy or you look exactly like Tumblr's designs, the ease of setting up and using is unsurpassable. When you join Tumblr, you also become part of a bigger fellowship, which makes it easier to easily post and post comments that other folks post on Tumblr.

That can be a big plus if you know guys on Tumblr, but if you're not interested in the fellowship side, you might want to look somewhere else. Creating your website on Weebly is as simple as drag and drop items you need on your page. Choose a topic and your new website is ready.

Our favorite thing about Weebly is that it offers a great equilibrium between usability and adaptability, so you can build a website exactly the way you want without getting lost in the tech specs of how a website operates. The other thing we like is that Weebly does not include advertising in your contents - something the other listed companies might have at least in terms of their free choices.

However, you will not find any ad on Weebly, even if you use its free subscription based site. There is no advertising in the base version, but Weebly will charge you for extended functionality. Like Weebly, Jimdo is a great simple tool for building and maintaining your own website. The Jimdo provides other topics and customizations than Weebly, but we would say that the two are more or less the same.

Jimdo is different from others in how easy it is to do e-commerce, so if you're considering operating a website for your small company, Jimdo provides easy operation and a way to resell your goods directly from your website. Jimdo provides a number of extra functions (especially e-commerce options) for a small charge.

Many of the professionally designed sites you are reading (including my own at are hosted on the WordPress site, which provides a complete suite of blogservices. With, you don't have to be concerned about the complexity of having your own web hosting or server: WorldPress has over 200 topics to select from or you can fully customise your own designs - although all these choices can make it harder to customise your website.

Nevertheless, I like WordPress as the most flexible, adaptable plattform there is, which means that you can really make your website your own. is free for essential use, but will charge for additional functions. Some of the other easy websites we like are Wix, which is especially good for its extremely useful client services, and Zerply, which is a great resume improvement resource.

And now that you have several thoughts on where to go to put together a great new website, our next Tech Now will help you reduce what you can put on it. Make sure you are sharing your thoughts and link to your own pages.

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