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Wordprocess Portfolio Topics Easy &unctional WordPress topics. The maker is a straightforward but effective portfolios theme. You need the Jetpack Custom Content Types Modul or the Toolkit plug-in ( to build a custom content type like in the demonstration. Developed and continually upgraded with the WordPress Fellowship Standard in view, Maker undergoes the same code sniffer testing as Underscores, Twenty Sixteen, and other standard topics.

Send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to help. Please send a personal note for ThemePatio: Is it possible to use the design without enabling the licence code? Yes, you can use the theme freely without having to activate the licence. Though it is highly recommendable because we are always working on improvements and usually check/update it once a months.

You can keep the topic up to date with the current licence number. How can I get this design on my website? This design can only be used on your own WordPress page, which you will host yourself.

Make Per Theme from Bloom

It is a third-party topic, which means that it was created by JT Grauke and is backed by JT Grauke. Select from a variety of ready-made template to create your website: Use the Theme Customizing tool to customize the theme's preferences, color, background image, and contents, and preview these changes in real time.

Create your website with a set of customizable widgets that you can tailor to your own unique brands. The design is portable, so your website will be optimised for every type of web browsers, devices and monitor sizes.

Doer - Free WordPress Theme

It' a theme, probably the neatest free theme for WordPress. There is an appealing lay-out, classical typeface, a beautiful homepage and some other functions. I' ve been very preoccupied with customer engagements lately, but my focus has always been on open sources and plug-ins. Well, I wanted to make a theme the way I liked it.

Thus I collected all my powers and will power and built the Creator. The creation of a published theme is a little different (well, a great deal different) from the creation of a theme you created for a customer, so it took a while to get it done, and it's still in the works, but I still chose to part it.

Well, I think it's the same with the topics. Let's get to the subject itself. It was my aim to make a theme that has as little "design" as possible to ensure that a user's focus is on the things being presented and not the theme surrounding it.

The theme is also available on Github. Soon Maker will come to every WordPress Dashboard. Now, maybe not so fast, because it has more than 100 topics in front of it in a preview line. By the way, you are always welcome to help the Theme review staff. The maker provides two plug-in portfolios:

Custom Post Type and Portfolio Toolkit. With the Portfolio Toolkit you have a neat metabolism dialog where you can enter the client name, release date and a hyperlink for each product directly from the dialog window. Or you can either get a developer copy of Maker from Github or just sit back and watch for the theme to be published in a theme repository. What's more, you can also get a free copy of Maker from Github.

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