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An Atheyo in Malayalam? What does it mean? So what does chela kutty mean? Well, chela kutty means my dear little or favorite little babe..

.. It can be widespread to accept affection for son/daughter, husband/wife, brother/sister or other beloved people. But Kutty means little kids. Clellam means loving the younger. Helena kutty means beloved young woman. It is in this framework that young childrens are approached.

In general, it is not intended for adults, although humans still use it out of charity. The Chella Kutty is used for humans for their loves. It' a favorite term used as a lovely term for a very young kid. A Chellam is a term used to describe a person's relationship with someone. But Kutty's small.

Kutty Chella is quite lovely. The Chell kutty is a general referral to a dear boyfriend who is younger for you. References, however, are not only unique to a particular person.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Plot">Plot[edit]

The Sailor of Hearts (Malayalam: ??????????????) is an 2010 Malayalam Art House movie from India made by Shaji N. Karun. Mommootty acted in the lead for the movie. Reliance entertainment produces the movie under the Big Motion Pictures flag, the first ever broadcast by Anil Ambani's recently formed Malayalam based entertainer.

1 ] The object was shown on July 23rd, 2010 in the building of Kerala. It won the Best Fiction Picture Prize and three other prizes, as well as a panel of judges' cut prize at the 57th International Competition. Someday the regional constabulary discovered an unknown person who had been flushed on land.

There is a Buddha survivor, Revamma, who says she can ID the lazy corpse and recognizes it as that of a Srank. POLlCE inquires about her relation to Srank. Meanwhile, another Latino -American female Christian, Pemenna, also claimed to recognise the deceased man. She assures the detectives that the corpse is the one of Srank.

In the end a dumb lady, Kali, joined them and sought leave to see the cadaver. However, she refutes the assertion of the other females and arguments that the physique is not that of Srank. When Pemmanna identified Kali, she told Revamma that Kali was Kali Srank's mate. After all, every single female shares her different acquaintances and relationships with Srank.

Reveramma (Padmapriya) is the first to step forward and identifies a body found on the shore. She' s explaining her link to Kutty Srank in a flashback. In addition to all this symbolic, Kutty Srank has an irregular nosebleed and his nasal holes are constantly full of the odor of it.

Reveramma has come back from her studies abroad and overturns Moorpan's big plan for her by announcement that she will become a Buddhist. Your father's response is quite foreseeable, but his intentions go backwards as he uses Kutty Srank to eliminate a Buddhist friar who was with Revamma. What is more, he has a lot of experience with the Buddhist monks. Cutty Srank' s allegiance to Moopan is unshakeable and unconditional until this treason, and Revamma immediately utilizes the desperation and bewilderment of Kutty Sranks and uses this fragility as a means to plan her flight.

In spite of the excessively strong bloody imagery, this part of the tale is quite coherent and the protagonists respond in a comprehensible, albeit rather extrem, way. Perfectly playing the boastful bat Kutty Srank, Momooty makes him violence, but with enough shadow and profundity to suggest much more to the man.

Moopan's rather terrific life circumstances form a beautiful counterpoint to the remainder of the movie and his preferences make him more easily despised. Inspamma seems to have gone crazy through her early experience, and her behavior is very unreasonable and upset. Kutty Srank and Revamma flee to near the town of Kochin, where he encounters Pemmana (Kamalinee Mukherjee), the second female who appears to ID the sitter.

Kutty Srank seems to have previously worked as a ferry master in Pemmana's town, but left out under doubtful conditions, as is his custom. He' s a good friend of Pemmana's sibling Loni (Suresh Krishna), who selects Kutty Srank to star in her perennial Chavittu Nadakam about Emperor Charlemagne.

This also allows Mammootty to present the more humorous and funny side of Kutty Srank's characters. Though the threat is still there, the interaction between Kutty Srank and Loni gives him the chance to smile, jest and chant drunk as they wander the town. He is not fortunate to have heard of the unbelieving Kutty Srank, who participates in the piece and also takes over Pemmana's affection.

Siddique father Yonas was recruited by fabled Joppan to fight her, and while Joppan is jealous, father Yonas stirs up suspicion and anguish over Kutty Srank. That, along with the deaths of his best boyfriend, means Kutty Srank is willing to leave the city.

Third girl showing up to ID the corpse is dumb, Kali. Claudia has lived with an older lady who has remarkable interpretive abilities and knows exactly what Kali is trying to say. Kutty Srank's expectant mother and says in a sensational way that the human being is not her man.

In the last flash-back, her tale begins, after Kutty Srank has passed over to Travancore and again tries to avoid Moopan's men. Unnithan (Sai Kumar), who runs an unfortunate home in which disaster has been the order of the day for the past 10 years, has been met by Kutty Srank.

This Unnithan accuses Kali, a locally dumb man who is living in the woods, and has tried a number of ways to get her out. Kutty Srank goes out in intoxicated anger as his faithful husband to slay Kali, but when he finds her and sees her miserable livelihood, he is not able to carry out the hanging.

In the end he is taken care of by Kali after a serpent occlusion and finally becomes her man. Kutty Srank's more delicate and thoughtful side is seen through the eye of Unnithan's daughter-in-law Nalini, who romanticizes the pair on the run from the plight of their own everyday lives.

Kali and Kutty Srank have to run away in the end because Moopan's men are back. Last scenes take place in the town where the game must continue, and this brings us to the last chapters in Kutty Srank's story. It had its international premiere at the Montreal International Festival 2009 and its national premiere at the IFFI, Goa 2009.

Since the movie includes the changing of season, environment and climate, the movie was filmed in three times. It was shown in 38 theaters on July 23, 2010.

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