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You found the web design of your dreams, and it happened to be a WordPress theme. Could be simpler to say what this manual is not than what it is. Could be simpler to say what this manual is not than what it is. It' not an in-depth look at every feature that is available in the WordPress Dashboard. It' also not a guideline to help you design or change WordPress topics.

It is my goal to make a WordPress manual that will help you understand how to use the various WordPress Dashboards to keep your website or blogs up to date.

When you are looking for deeper information, there are a lot of WordPress Codex related items that are described in more detail. It' great if you really want to get into the development of your own WordPress theme or modify your website with plug-ins, but it can be a little scary for those who just want a quick tutorial on how to use the WordPress content management page or just need to refresh their pages from time to time.

Vizemusic WordPress theme manual

When your host provides built-in programs such as Installatron or scriptaculous, all you need to do is log into your panel and choose the WordPress program from the Installatron program (or scriptaculous) drop-down menu. When you need to have Wordpress installed by hand, there is an offical WordPress manual that will walk you through the entire proces.

This is how to reinstall your new design: Out of the Administrator dashboard, with the WordPress Theme installer (simplest method). Ensure that you are expecting a new WordPress setup without contents or plugins. As soon as the design is in place, you can easily bring in your contents from other resources.

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE BEFORE THE INSTALLATION OF THE THEME: That design provides a subordinate design, making it simpler to upgrade your site to new design releases without loosing any adjustments or adjustments. Below are steps that show you how to properly set up and enable the design using the sub theme, making your whole line of living easier:

Mark them all and choose "install". As soon as this is done, you can easily click to download and run the trial website, simply click on the'One Click Installer' button in the Appearance drop-down list. REMARK: If you installed the theme with the automated installation and receive an Are You Sure You Want To Do This? failure screen, your host config will not allow the files to be uploaded due to their sizes.

This can be circumvented by FTPing the topic. If you have a problem with your storage when you import the demos, please modify your wp-config. php in your WordPress website home directory by inserting these line of code: define('WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT','256M'); if you still have a problem, please read the manual here:

Please downlaod the topic file and unpack it on your computer. Be sure to unpack the right topic directories (vice. zip file and vice-child. zip file ), the one containing the styles. bss and index. pdf-file. Be careful not to load the "Product" file. So if the directory you want to load contains some gezipped file, it's not the right one.

Browse to your WordPress install directory (usually it's not the home directory, but it should be public_html, www or something else, dependent on your host provider's settings). In order to ensure that you are in the WordPress directory, you should see the following three directories in it: Load the two topic files that you have already unpacked (see 2. above): Vise and Vizekind into the contents file of your workspace.

A warning at the top of the page will prompt you to download the plug-ins necessary to use all the features of the theme. Mark them all and choose "install". Standard contents can be installed via the installation window. Ensure that the'WordPress Importer' is not activated in your plugin-bar!

Sociolinks: Adds the address of your sociolinks account, this will create an symbol with a hyperlink in the Off-Canvas-MenĂ¼. You can access the side bar via the top right mouse clicks. Activate this so that the players works across pages. If it is an invisible/covert track, it will be possible to play a track, but the listener has no control.

Manually playback a track switches the playback to automatic silencing. Important: This theme is fast reacting and uses Bootstrap 3. New to WordPress? See below "How to make a menu" in WordPress 3.6. If you are not a WordPress specialist, please note this section as it is not intended to be so.

This design will create a submenu for your comfort when you enable it. You will find the name of the Top Menue on the page "Appearances > Menu" of your WordPress administrator. If you want to include a "Releases" hyperlink in the context menus, for example, you must create at least one release before you can include the hyperlink.

Important: If you are performing an older WordPress setup and encounter some "404 errors" when you visit your "Release" library or another user-defined library, please perform these steps: Sadly, this is a problem that can occur with old WordPress installs (before 3.5). NOTE: We do not offer an installing process like some other WordPress topics, it is handled as a stand-alone process if you cannot properly deploy your topic according to the prompts.

The One Click installation feature is available for this purpose. NEVER publish questions to the topic's Themeforest commentary. If you have a problem that requires technical assistance to register on your website, please e-mail us with your website, WordPress account, order number, topic name, and a detailed description of the problem.

This manual is open to the general public with a detailed description of what you can and cannot do within the theme's adjustment settings. When topics or plug-ins are updated, no pages or page content are erased. When you have used the sub-theme, simply substitute the root theme filename and keep the sub-theme untouched.

ALTERNATIVE: 2. Delete them in WordPress or via FTP in wp-contents/plugins. The QT Ajax Revslider plug-in is not needed because it is integrated into the themekernel. There are 8 different mail items in this topic: Every user-defined piece of information has its own unique characteristics. In the sense of this topic a "release" is not a song, but a collection of songs, like an LP, an LP or a collection of compilations.

It is also possible to make a version of your own version of Simple Tracks. There is no way to make a song "by yourself" in this topic, because current publications worldwide are the way to organise the contemporary musical world. There are 2 ways to build a release: manual or by using Beatport. By default, the system imports a manual version of a released document.

Beatport's import system is experiential and does not represent a complete function of the theme. Manual release creation: Verify typos that lead to misadjustment thoroughly. If the design is written properly, the design cannot be synchronized with your proposed writer. The name of the writer is also needed to make the author's page, the listing of publications in which he/she has published his/her music.

Versions that have been made by the Beatport importers download only the released art work to your servers. PLEASE NOTE: On the Internet it is not possible to avoid something being taken, as there is always a way to get hold of something when it is released. Store, post, and review your share. Every song is added auto-added to the player's play list.

Designed to help big brands and big dj''s build their website quickly and effortlessly thanks to this new Beatport feature, this plug-in is not part of the theme that works without it. NOTE: This feature is an experimentary feature of the theme because the Beatport API is in BETA and not a commercially independent feature.

Every other topic is always enabled unless otherwise specified. Adding an artists manually: And one of the really great things about this theme is that every performer that appears on the track will link to their own page, if it has one. In the publication, if you wrote "John Doe" as an artists and created an artists called " john Doe" or "Dj John Doe" in the artists mail guy, it won't work.

A stage name must always be spelled exactly so that the theme works perfect, make sure you verify everything twice. Artists genres: not really used in the frontend, but rather in the next theme released for the coolest features. REMARK: The tape is about the SLAM theme, the real thing is the same.

Use shortcuts in the tabs to include your own fun stuff. It is also possible to set up archiving for certain business events. Adds hyperlinks to "Events" or "Event Types" to your menu: We suggest linking to a general meeting library, then placing each meeting under at least one meeting category, such as "Events", so that you can connect the "Events" library to the main page to see all the meetings.

In order to build an event mapping engine, build a new engine and select Event map. This is the new release of this theme, beginning with 1.5. Each widget has the same function: it displays the latest contents of a particular mailbox. Contents can contain any kind of HTML-contents.

Contents are centred vertical. Creating custom pages: Creating the modules: Go to the Modules -> New Add tab, choose the name of the modul and its name. Build a new modulare page: Go to Pages -> Create new. For the icon menus to work properly, a track is required. Browse to the different areas by selecting the icon menus on the far right.

Zero you can set boundless channels. There'?s a wireless channel: Creation of the wireless channel: In order to easily make a broadcast page, use the titles and text editor as for a regular page. You can copy and modify this page in your children's theme: single-radiochannel.php.

Play-able channels are entries in the website's playlists. There are two things you need to do to display the FM transmitter in the player: Generate the broadcast channels detail when you generate a new broadcast canal. Getting the MP3 streaming URL detail of the MP3 streaming wireless player: It is the location where your FM transmitter streamed the sound.

In order to use the integrated player, you need the ORL of your FM streaming source. Normally, web radios offer a streaming audio signal that you can use to broadcast the broadcast via iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and other media devices. USE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO VERIFY THAT YOUR TRANSMITTER IS INTEROPERABLE.

Of course you can get the source of your HTML streams by using one of these file, of course you can use your broadcaster's source instead of the one in this example: Obtain the player's address from your broadcaster. In order to ensure that your streaming of MP3s is correct, open it in your web browsers, with a recent web browsers it should play as a sound file and play your streaming radio:

Radios can only be listened to in the website tuner by default, but you can fade out radios before viewing and you can include your own tuner in the contents of the text.

In order to be able to import the Woocommerce demonstration contents, you must first disable the "QT Easy Installer" plug-in. In order to download the Woocommerce demonstration contents, go to Extras->Import. Select WordPress and the WordPress Importers. Now you can build archives to view publications, Podcasts, shows, and artist. Please regenerate your registration keys with the purchasing codes provided when you purchased your ThemeForest design:

Enjoyment your additional features! We apologize for all the pains inflicted by this trial, but the issue's acts of plagiarism block our advancement and steal our families' meals. For this we had to take some countermeasures, but instead of block your install, we just added new features (the Beatport importer) that are optional and only available with theme on.

With the Extended License the plug-in is purchased only for this topic. Sound manager2 libary used to build the qantumPlayer: iQuery Easing 1. 3 - uk/sandbox/jquery/easing/open source under BSD license. It differs from a blogs posting because it stays in one place and appears in the site pages of your site (on most topics).

If you are a new WordPress username, you should remove this page from your personal desktop and add new pages for your work.

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