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At the beginning of your wedding planing procedure? Have you ever wished you had a guidebook to help you pinpoint the themes and colours that really fit the season you are celebrating? Remember, a generously appointed event location is an empty schist that you can turn into anything at any moment.

Some of these motifs and colours are ideal for year-round use, although we didn't want to keep repeating them (like Black & White or Fifth Avenue Aqua). If you are here to find a great colour scheme or themed inspiration for January, June or something in between, keep reading!

When your climates are working together, this is a great moment to commemorate the first colour changes of springs, flower and tenderness: a moment of peace and harmony: The bride is attracted to pastel colours like pastel or amber, to bizarre and romantical combinations like reds and pinks or to combinations with contemporary curves like roses and limes.

Monochrome look in all tones of rose is also total jump (and breathtaking). A few favourite themes for your holiday in autumn? Aqua Blue (Fifth Avenue Style), Rose & Green are also some of the favourite colour schemes for springs that are doubling as themes. Sometimes the bride complains that she can't find any motifs other than the normal sand front or gardens.

Summers also offer some of the lightest and most energetic pallets for the bride who is not scared to wear them up. Temporary selections embrace Oranges and Fuchsias, Greens and Warm Rosas, Blacks against any kind of eye-catching colour and Chocolates and Browses and Rosas (or Aqua). The most popular themes for the summers are many, but here are just a few:

Colour schemes for the hot summers includes all types of green, cornflower blue, orange & fuchsia, black & white toiletry with summers highlights like yellows or pinks, aqua blue (beach style) and the brighter purple like orchids or aubergines. Only the colours alone make this seasons heart of many a bride who can't even believe to tie the knots at any other seasons.

Reddish bay, gourd oranges, raspberry, cinammon, vanilla, the fragrances and decoration of an autumn wedding in the open air make a frame like no other (not to speak of the great photos!). A further plus: the bunches are mature and it is already early days to enjoy a completely new year. Favourite colours for this period are lattes, moccasins and dark chocolates, rusty oranges and Burgundies, hunting greens and golden.

Natural themes are currently in fashion, such as New England Harvest, Harvest Modern and Halloween, Perfect Pear and Apple, Toscan and Wine themes, Herbal and Rustic Country. Brown chocolate is also a subject... one that corresponds to the time of year and matches a 'T'. November was for a long time a hot spot for the bride who wants to be near Mother Earth, but is not a big fan of the vibrant colours of fall.

This season, for more urbanity, indoors and delicious style, use a 1930s retro/art deco theming with its November-friendly range of golden, ivory, cuttlefish and blacks and its unmistakable vintage flair. This is why this season is all about making great, graceful gestures: going back in the past, toying with the level of light, surrendering to romance and serious forms... in other words, turning an everyday home into a gateway to another dimension.

Favourite colours for this period of the year range from Eisblau, Silber und WeiƟ, golden, reddish and verdant, metallic coupled with blacks, Ivory on white and back, as well as all shimmering jewellery shades. The top themes of the current seasons are themes with faded colour palettes and sumptuous looks such as Calla, Parisian or Versailles or those with a vacation feeling such as Christmas, Victorian Christmas, Winter Wonderland or diamond or crystal themes.

Valentine s Day is of course a day to remember for those who get married in February, but the strong red-white pallet works just as well for any other low season environment. After all, maybe it's the Oscars, or just a need to get rid of too many bad evenings, but there's no better season to have a wedding on Old Hollywoodor or even Vegas.

What about the colour themes to match this season? The All-White, Regal Red, Black & White and Royal Purple offer good possibilities. As we know, this is hardly a complete listing.... there are many more themes and colour scheme that are tailored for fall or early fall.

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