Marketplace website Template

Marktplatz Website Template

market place Charges are levied for marketplace service, customer retention and your own administration service. They can select the different sales conditions for each one of the items they sell: Let our specialists assess your produce to determine the price margin. Our price thresholds are the highest and minimum for each kind of item.

The higher grade can result in higher prices. If you choose to offer your products assistance with engineering problems, the cost will be increased. Higher levels of your client services will bring you higher prices. Prices for your products can be adapted within the proposed margin so that you can modify them at any time with the help of your own dedicated management.

31 kinds of items are accepted and new ones are regularly added: Which kind of produce do you produce and sell through our marketplace? It takes your data, clarifies all the detail of your article, graphic designs for the layout of the pages and specifies the detail of how you want to get your revenue.

We will create the website and inform you as soon as it goes online. And how do you add my items to your website? How do I find the topic requests? Here you can find all directives regarding designs and specifications of the topics: Demands on the structure of archiving your data. Which subject areas are best suited?

You are welcome to contact us with any type of product you like. By subscribing to our newsletters, you can keep up to date with our latest developments and the most beloved marketplace items. If not, we will set your topic to " non-exclusive " with a further re-calculation of the quantity sold. Where can I get notification about uploading topics?

When your design does not go through any of the levels of validation, you will be informed by e-mail and receive suggestions for the subsequent overhaul. You' ll also be informed when your topic is published on the website. Once a topic has been reviewed and accepted, how long does it take to be uploaded to your site?

Usually it will take from 2 working day to 2 working day until a topic is highloaded. What is the distinction between exclusives and non-exclusives? Only our marketplace sells exclusively topics. Unexclusive items can be marketed both on our website and on other ressources. Am I allowed to simultaneously resell topics that are either exclusives or non-exclusives?

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