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Jubilee presents per year - Which gift should you give?

Marriage day is considered an important event in most civilizations and it is generally held in a sensible and significant way. Whilst it is relatively easy to find a present for a couple in the early years of their marriage (as they still need many of the most important things in married life), it is more challenging later in their marriage to think of a suitable present that will be valued and valued.

The donation on the occassion of a marriage day has its origin in the Middle Ages. During the Holy Roman Empire, men gave their wives a silvery festoon on the occassion of their 25-year jubilee and a gold crown when they married for 50 years. Emily Post, an U.S. author, tried in the twenties to resolve the question of what present to give on the jubilee day by building jubilee theme listings in a 1922 volume entitled Etiquette.

Only a few jubilee years were recorded in the books, the first, the fifth, then every five years until the centenary. 1937 the American National Retail Jeweler Association added extra years, among them every year up to 14 years of marriage and every 5 years up to 50 years of marriage.

They are known as vernacular themes associated with each marriage year. Recently a modern inventory has been drawn up, and today all jubilee years from 1 to 30 have been associated with a subject or subject, and then every five years up to 75 years of marriage. Jubilee years are symbolized not only by tradition and modern presents, but often also by flowers, colors and gems.

Precious stones associated with the marriage years 1 to 25 and then every 5 years until the 60-year jubilee are listed in the Information Manual on Precious Stones of the American Gem Trade Association. Occasionally, other nations have proposed a different gem for certain Jubilee years, so these alternative gems are listed in our chart.

Normally, however, the pink is seen as the ideal replacement for any jubilee when a lady loves pink, and often her hue can be compared to the color of the jubilee year. Below the chart there is more information to help you if you are considering a suitable jubilee present for your sweetheart or a family.

Amethyst; Coral (US & UK); *** Although ivory is the preferred fabric for a 14-year marriage day, it is a bad option due to the declining population of elephants. Instead, presents containing an Elephant motif are a suitable option. Here you will find information on every jubilee year up to 30 years of marriage, then every fifth year up to the age of 60 marriage.

They can also view the backgrounds of the icons on each topic, along with all the extra features surrounding the Jubilee and useful gifts for each landmark. You' ll find many interesting browsing and browsing options that will make it easy to find the ideal jubilee present. The flower icon is described in more detail when you click on the last button of each year.

Since there are no definite criteria for selecting an jubilee present, be sure to be inspired by the recipient's taste and find a present that they will surely appreciate. After 20 years you will find that there are no presents traditionally associated with each family year, but there is a contemporary topic for every year up to 30 years of marriage.

A few years are also without flower icon, gem or color. However, we suggest useful gifts for each centenary year. Please also note that in some cases different nations may have different gifts themes, and when you look at the chart, you will see the resource used for the gifts, whether from the United Kingdom or the United States.

If you are looking for tips on how to celebrate your jubilee with our special offers, read our 37 suggestion guide.

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