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Find the Marshalls stores near you. Let Marshalls surprise you with a constantly changing range of fashion and brand clothing, home textiles and more, including The CUBE for juniors. The Marshalls is a chain of American off-price department stores owned by TJX Companies. Receive instructions, ratings and information for marshals in Orlando, FL.


Marshalls, Inc. The Marshalls is a network of US off-price retailers held by TJX Companies. The Marshalls has over 1,000 US shops, among them major Marshalls Mega Store shops that cover 42 states and Puerto Rico, and 61 shops in Canada. Marshals started expanding to Canada in March 2011. Marshalls is the second biggest US home wear and home appliance store after its affiliate TJ Maxx.

The Marshalls story goes back to 1956, when Alfred Marshall (28 February 1919 - 28 December 2013)[4] assembled a group of pioneering East Coast businessmen, among them Bernard Goldston, Norman Barren and Irving Blitt (Frank Estey and Bernard Ribas teamed up with the businessmen in 1960 to purchase Bernard Goldston's shares), to launch the "Brand Names For Less" project.

Looking at the double post-war phenomenon of an economic booming and suburban expansion, Marshall and his employees found a way to counter it in a profitable way. Together they opened a hypermarket in Beverly, Massachusetts, which sells clothing and household goods at temptingly low rates. Extra premises were "sublet" to provide footwear, equipment and sports goods to clients from independent vendors, but the independent property of these divisions was not visible to the buyer.

Marshalls had become the nation's premier off-price retailer 10 years later. The purchase of off-season, overflow and closing stocks from producers enabled Marshall to sell trendy, high-quality "designer" articles at 20 to 60 per cent lower store sales rates.

Marshalls was taken over by Melville Corporation (owner of CVS) in 1976 and grew enormously from 1977 to the 1980s. Until 1993 the Marshalls had spread in 42 states inclusive Hawaii and had opened several sites in the city centre. Marshals were bought for $606 million in 1995 by TJX, the mother corporation of its major competitor TJ Maxx.

Zayre, the precursor of TJX, recruited former Marshall Chief executive Ben Cammerata to make a Marshall Clan. The Marshal's contributions and fundraisers are linked to help these programmes for the benefit of minors, family members and their communities: Marshalls - Our Businesses - The TJX Companies, Inc. Marshalls Canada - Our Businesses - The TJX Companies, Inc.

"I' m opening marshals in Canada with TJX." Mr Alfred Marshall, who founded businesses bearing his name, died at the age of 94. Marshalls. "I' m opening marshals in Canada with TJX." Marshals continue to aggressively expand business in Canada". Marshalls Canada. Commons Wikimedia has related marshal related news items.

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