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The Massive Dynamic is an amazing page builder that actually saves you time and is more fun than VC, even though it includes Visual Composer! Massive WordPress Theme can be installed with the standard theme installer or via FTP. Solid - ThemeBucket's fast-reacting multi-purpose WordPress theme The Massive is a giant WordPress theme with 260+ pages and 50+ homepages. Massisive contains all the necessary elements for your website, so you don't have to be concerned about the design of a nice website. From these prefabricated parts and modules it will take hardly any effort to create and present nice web sites of your own will.

Massisive is a great option for the creation of websites under general, creative, portfolio, photography, agency, restaurant, spa, renovation, fashion, e-commerce, blog, parallax and app landing categories. Fully reactive and retina-ready, Massive builds on the beloved boatstrap frameworks.

Solid dynamics - WordPress Website Builder von Pixflow Software

Comes with the most sophisticated WordPress based website Builder available. Solid Builders provides a simple drag and drop environment to move items, select style, and see the results immediately... You can virtually build an entire website in just a few moments! Online Website Builders - a powerfull tool to build your website and take it all in one place.

Solid Builders offers a rich usability for everyone, whether you're a web Ninja or a WordPress novice, it will help you quickly build any website. Unrestricted Layout - even if you want to build a website with 20 different layout, you can do it with a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even make a website with 20 different layout types. Amazing Headers Style - select from 15 different headers with different choices to build a truly one-of-a-kind website.

Unparalleled shortcuts - accessing more than 70 Unparalleled shortcuts means you can use Massive Dynamic for any website. Drag and drop short format on the page, just browse, select the required options, click OK and another nice section is out! Also, many short codes have different style to match the designs of different sites.

For the first and only in Massive Dynamic the smartphone notice centre went online. Shopping basket, searching, newest portfolioprojekte and newest Blogbeiträge assembled themselves in a new and clean Designs. Resize Live Portfolios - it's not difficult to focus on a specific product.

By opening the Massive Builder Portfolios area, you can select the correct sizes for each of your Massive Builder portfolios thumbnails with a single click. Demo, demonstration and demo - you don't want to rebuild your website from the ground up, do you? Most of the pictures in the demo floor or free pictures of Fotodune, Stocksy, Dollarphotoclub, Dollars, 500px, 100daysui and Usplash are not contained in the theme pack.

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