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Macine Wordpress theme

The Mazine is a premium WordPress theme designed to work with the wp e-commerce plugin, so you can easily create an online store and sell your products online. A flexible e-commerce theme, with wp-e-commerce plugin, Ajax contact form, animated sortable gallery and much more. Mazine: magazine/blog WordPress topic by ReyMarval Completely reactive WordPress theme. Advertising spaces + advertisements Custom Widget. with +520 with preparation to use Google fonts for titles.

with +520 with which to use Google fonts for Body. Infinite colours. Select colours for major colours in the theme. EVERY OPTION for user-defined backgrounds (image loader, colour selection, repetition, appendix, position). Nineteen backgrounds immediately operational.

50 new topic option. If you want to change topics later, you can take your contents with you.

Macine Clean & Modern WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Macine is a premier WordPress e-commerce theme that has been designed with a very neat and stylish look that works with the wp-e-commerce plug-in so you can create an on-line shop and begin to sell your items through your WordPress powered website. It comes with a nicely rendered, sort-able folder page that allows you to present different images of your shop, your items or your service, while the "Store" template allows you to present items so that visitors can click or drag them into their shopping basket to view their description on the item page.

This is a great wp-ecommerce plug-in, but without a great design developed for working with the plug-in, it can be very difficult to use and use. Macine will make it easy for you to create the website for you or your customers and sell stylish items.

WordPress magazine for ThemeGoods magazines

Grand Magazine is a neat and neat WordPress theme for your blogs and magazine website. Manufactured with the latest WordPress technologies. There is a pre-defined style for blogs that can be easily uploaded with one click. What ist heiß & Trend To make your website more interesting and unique, we provide the great function; What is heiß & Trend to show your users which contributions have the most share and comment and which contributions have the most view.

Since the unique presentation of your weblogs is very important, we concentrate on the creation of the different pre-design layout for your weblog & webpage that fit your style. More than 20 pre-design designs to select from for the weblog and postal site Because the unique presentation of your weblogs is very important, we concentrate on the creation of the different pre-design designs for the weblog and postal site that fit your style.

the 20+ Preliminary drafts to select for an individual contribution The style of the individual contribution is also very important, so we are preparing a large number of drafts for an individual contribution. One click to bring in your demos One click is all it takes to quickly and simply bring in our demos such as pages, reviews, slider, widgets, theme choices and other content preferences.

The topic will support both the face-to-face blogs and many writers who write article. Ease of installation and set-up Ease of updating from your current blogs. Simply download and download our design. This theme simply generates a wallpaper effect by choosing pictures and the size of the wallpaper. For clients who want to view a large number of blogs, we have developed a basic answer for you.

Now you can view your blogs in column format. There will be new entries loaded into your blogsutomatically. Just one click is needed to activate the instances finder and find forms at the top of the page menus. Googles has upgraded its query algorithms to prefer sites that are optimised for correct presentation on mobile/handheld terminals.

The theme was created with HTML semantics and HTML semantics and HTML content so that web browsers can browse and index your website with ease. Completely Adaptable With our inflexible frameworks, this design is the high-performance design to show great and diverse choices. Create your own customized side bars without having to touch any arbitrary codes.

Design your website to be easy to use. Picture right-click and picture dragging protection can be activated with just one click. Stunning Wallpapers Simply apply pictures, designs and colours to the wallpaper of your website. In addition, various repetition settings are available. You can also select the frame colour simply via the colour selection.

Easily choose the punched and broad layouts in the Living Customizing that immediately return the results to you. Only one click is needed to view the primary menus set when the cursor is scrolled and to create menus when the cursor is scrolled down and up.

Upper bar One click is all it takes to view the upper bar above the top level menus. Simply organize your galleries by choosing different choices such as drag and drop, drag and drop, recent, oldest, chance and name. Features Posts Categories Simply choose the features posts categories to view them at the top of the home page.

Editors Mail Catagory Just choose Editors Mail Catagory. Simply colour your hotspots, choose hotspots in specific timeframes and choose the number of hotspots. Simply modify the highlighting colour of the trend positions, choose trend positions in specific time intervals and choose the number of trend positions.

Just one click is needed to activate the full contents view in the classical blogs page. Customize the page layouts to view the home page, archives page, categories page, tag page, results page, and authors page. Just one click is needed to view post-filterable choices, extended page breaks that show new postings without updating the page, and endless scrolling (*You must activate extended page breaks).

Postattribute One click is all it takes to view the presented contents (image or gallery) on a separate contribution page, postal tag on a separate contribution page, and writer on a separate contribution page. Just one click is needed to view related items on a separate posting page, items from the same posting class on a separate posting page, and items from the editors' selection class on a separate posting page.

Simply modify the selection of related articles, the selection of article categories, and the selection of the editors to choose articles. The design features 5 different options, Primary Menu, Secondary Menu, Top Bar Menu, Side ( Mobile ) and Footer Menü. Choose which submenu will appear in each place, and you can also place submenus in widgets using the customized submenu Widget.

Simply arrange sub-menus as the following menus using simple drag&drop. We have provided a wide range of customized Widget to make your everyday lives simpler, among them Customizing About Me, Customizing Category Posts, Customizing Flickr, Customizing Instagram, Customizing Map, Customizing Menu, Customizing Popular Posts, Customizing Recent Posts, Customizing Social Profiles and Customizing Twitter. Simply click and drag user-defined Widget to enable and set them up in any sidebar you create.

Simply choose the title page option to view your most recent articles or a fixed page, and also use the title page and article page on a particular page. The page items are located in the Topic items drop-down list. Site settings are used to configure the value for a single page or posting that affects the page or posting you have made.

This overrides the topic option, which allows you to create a clear page or posting outside your overall preferences. These different choices work together to allow you to create unbelievable sites. Enter the contribution types, which include Picture, Galery, Youtube Video, and Vimeo Video. Various types of contents are displayed on a separate contribution page.

Easy management of category and tag information. With just one click, the top level navigation becomes clear and the standard page headers disappear. Please note that Awesome gallery options theme comes with galleries template layout for various uses. Administrate and edit the category of the galleries (group of the gallery) in a simple way.

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