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js. mcreate is a js library designed to transform data into markup. In an mCreate call, objects can only be stored in one and the same content repository. NEOERR *mCreate(pthread_mutex_t *mutex) ;. <Entrée_texte>} {-i <Entrée_Matrice_Fichier>} {-o <Sortie_Matrices_Fichier>} li | do[ss - (l ; lo).mcreate a return (l.

Create jec006: A Javascript libary that focuses on the creation of markups from within JavaScript.

My intention is to move some of the utils.js features here and build a libary to quickly and simply build items in the dome - browser independent. Hopefully I can't duplicate features from things like jumpers or prototypes. In my opinion, these libs focus more on domain handling than on building items and there are no good ways to convert your files into items.

My goal is to make the libary independent - but concentrated. This means - it should not need any other libraries, but should concentrate exclusively on creating items or groups of items (not e.g. to find them by class).

Create a new means of transport

Example: "Create"; "Organic"; "Certificate" Example: "How do I generate a new COI?" Tip: Before you add a new means of transportation to the data base, we recommend that you look for an already available means of transportation. Click on the Add means of transportation command from User Box 17 on the certification. Select the kind of transportation (road car, airplane or ship) from the drop-down menu.

According to the kind of shipment you have selected, either specify the indicator, the number of the aircraft or the name of the vessel or part of it. Suitable shipment modes that have already been entered in the system are displayed automatic. Remark: If you could not find the means of transportation you want to insert, you can insert a new one.

Fill in the relevant information in the Add Means of Transports box on the page for the certificates. Mode of carriage, registry number/flight number/vessel name are compulsory. Right click on the icon + Rebuild. The system displays a successful confirmation that a new means of transportation has been created.


An answer is given by the host. Reply standby indicator shows the result of the call. There is a difference between general activity indicators, which describe the result of the entire call, and specific activity indicators, which indicate the generation of single documents: You can only set this setting for repeating mcreate invocations.

This text contains the archived (HTTP-Statuscode 201 ) and/or not archived (HTTP-Statuscode 403) files. is the corresponding specified HTTP-statuscode. To summarise, the answer bodies contain the following default information for each document:

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