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User-defined menus are a list of common links that are usually displayed as the main navigation for your website. It is easy to create a custom menu in WordPress that serves as a navigation menu for your website using the built-in menu function. User-defined menus User-defined menu is a set of general hyperlinks that are usually shown as the principal navigational tool for your website. Menu locations may differ by topic, and some topics provide extra menu options such as menu for softwares. Perform these operations to create your first customized menu: When your design already has a Standard/Primary menu, you can click on it to start working on it.

Instead, if your design does not have a default/primary menu, click + Append a menu. Enter a name for your menu, and then click Create Menu. As well as the pages you have already posted, you can create several different kinds of menu item for your user-defined menu: User Defined Link - Inserts a user defined link to another website.

Allows you to insert one of these menu items: Notice: If you want to include a new page in your menu, you can include the caption in the box for adding a new page. An empty page is added to your website and added to your menu as well. When you want this menu to appear on your website, choose a location.

Your choice of menu settings will depend on your topic. When your design provides a menu with links, it converts menu points into corresponding symbols for favorite search engines. In order to rearrange the elements in your menu, move a menu point by click on the Reorder link: To move a menu point up or down in the menu, click the up/down arrow.

You can click the left/right arrow to move an element to or from a submenu/drop-down menu. Select a menu point and move it by dragging and dropping it directly below the menu point under which it should be found. In order to make a submenu / drop-down menu, move it again, this to the right, so that it fits under the menu-point.

If you want to delete menu points, click on them in the preferences on the menu on the left. If you do, they will extend and display a removal icon. If you click on it, the menu point will be removed. The name of the menu point as it will appear on your website can be changed by modifying the navigational labels.

Click on the element in the preferences on the leftside of the customizer. Type the text here as it should appear on your website. When you have organised your menu, click the Store & Publish icon to store your customised menu.

Q. There is no support for the kind of menu point you want, what should I do? When you receive a message that your object cannot be used, or if you cannot see your required object name in the object names lists, you can still modify these object names under WP Admin ? Menus. Currently some postforms on the new menu page are not support, but still in WP Admin.

Q. It displays a menu, but when I go to my page the menu is not there, how can I fix it? When your design does not display your standard menu, try modifying the menu and saving it again - this should compel the design to use this menu. Use the WP Admin menus if you need extended functions like add menu items description, add classes to your links, modify destination or track attribute of a links, please use the WP Admin ? menus.

In order to make a menu point that is not selectable but contains submenu points, insert a custom link menu point and insert the # icon in the URL area.

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