Merlok 2.0

The Merlok 2.0

Plays Playing this trick will help us rescue our realm. Knighton's fate is in your own hands, quite literally. I' m Merlok 2.0 - Knighton Spell Guard - and I designed this pack so you can help us combat the wicked Jestro and his raging creatures that have conquered our fairies.

Keeping Jestro and his Monster in line is the secret to our struggle with the astonishing NEXO forces that I am arming my five valiant chevrons in combat with. By playing this and using NEXO Scan to gather NEXO Power combat abilities in the field, you update both your jumpers in this and NEXO Power to me and my valiant knights here in Knighton.

Couple of forces with one scanner, so to speak. Take part in the NEXO Power chase and create your own distinctive line. Enhance your cavalry with NEXO Power to gain the ultimate advantage in combat. Put yourself to the test as one of the five NEXO RITTER characters and enhance your armour and weaponry.

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS?:MERLOK 2.0 in the App Store

Wicked Monstrox and his stone army attack Knighton in quest of the prohibited forces that will arouse an untold power of dark. NEXO NIGHTS characters must develop and use their NEXO power base to govern the battleground and rescue Knighton. There' only one way to have a shot against the banned forces of the foes - NEXO COMBO PHOWERS!

Combining three individual NEXO forces, you achieve an unsurpassed power level - a winning formula. Strategy and find the right forces to create the most powerful combination you can think of. Scanning it into the gameplay, see if you can defeat the forces forbad. Technic knights have new equipment; gather a blueprint for their battle suits so you can take charge of them in completely new quests.

Then use NEXO Scan to gather great combat skill in the game. And the more NEXO forces you gather, the more power you become. Gather, fight and rescue Knighton! LETO® NEXO KNIGHTS?: With MERLOK 2. 0 you can start playing for free and you don't have to buy in-apps. Please call your local consumer service for assistance.

It is the brand of the Group, together with the logos of its members. 2017 The Lego Group. Yes, it's a legoo match. Also, if you have NEXO Knight toy in your hand, you can use your own scanner to give your character a lasting advantage in combat. Thanks a lot FOR LEGO! It' s LEGO! Okay, just recently I finished a student assignment that was Only 1 Knight.

Next was battling with clay. So with Clay, I was playing Only 1knight Stud. Ok, so I really like the TV show, but I find it very irritating that I have to stand by, scans, repeats. Besides, why do I have to do a 1:1 Web power scanning?

Simply releasing the whole thing at once would conserve a great deal of equipment batteries. Prizes for hidden missions of authority. And what happens to their illicit powers? A jumper can be trusted to watch something, can't he? YOU should gather the energy that the chief consumes. Thanks so much, guys LEGO!

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