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messaging web

Just like the Messenger app for smartphones, there is also a Messenger version for the web. facebook starts stand-alone messenger for web browser There is now a web browsing copy of Frontbook Messenger that fits the stand-alone phone applications that make the business accessible to everyone. You can''t. No, the website, Facebook, doesn't take away your chance to talk to friends. Following the dispute over the divorce of the two key functions on the cell phone, Frontbook is determined that Messenger Facebook.

com will not leave so quickly.

Instead, Messenger for the web - which you will find from today on - concentrates exclusively on easy talks and lets the other parts of Facebook that can distract to the main site. To get news feeds, you need to go to the normal old Facebook page. There is only one use for Facebook Messenger: messages.

Essentially, the web user experience is just an inflated copy of what you would find on your phone. Post images, labels and signatures up / How to post to your friends on Facebook, but there's still no way to pick up voicemails from your desktop and post what you can do on cell phone.

You can enable or disable sounds and Desktop alerts from a Barbones preferences drop-down list, but if you need to lock someone or modify your Privacy preferences, Facebook will point you to the home page. It' not a real desktops application, but if Facebook sometimes turns out to be stunning and keeps you away from single chat, then at least there is.

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