With Metasphere, you can support your entire project. Metasphere, a specialist in remote monitoring, has announced the appointment of Tim Whiteley to the newly created position of Sales Manager. metasphereuk) You' ll be spending most of your working hours in this schedule, receiving immediate fixes on what's important to you. If you see a tweet you like, touch the center - it lets the character who has written it know that you divided the passion. And the quickest way to split someone else's tweet with your supporters is with a retweet.

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XPV Water Partners invests in Metasphere Ltd.

XPV Waters Partners, a fast-growing venture capital firm focusing on corporate investment related to the handling and managing of the world's aquatic resource base, recently announces that it has assisted with a MBO from Metasphere Ltd, an international end-to-end supplier of telephony solution. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of telemonitoring and controls, Metasphere's proven technology is widely recognized in the marketplace for providing effective ways to enhance operational efficiencies, comply with government regulations, and conserve precious environmental assets.

Using the latest technologies and tools, Metasphere, including loT, ensures comprehensive capabilities with unprecedented levels of dependability and scale, and lowers operating costs of telephony for those who want to keep track of time-sensitive distant equipment and sys-tems. Offering a comprehensive line of battery-operated and mains-powered telecontrollers that use a broad array of communications protocol and are sensor-independent to meet a broad array of applications, the firm provides a comprehensive line of battery-powered and mains-powered telecontrollers.

Web-based systems provide a simpler telephony surveillance framework, while application systems provide device connectivity to IoT. The Metasphere solution meets the growing needs of many large utilities in the UK, Europe and Australia. At XPV Waters Partners, we are made up of seasoned utilities, owners and investors who are committed to making a real impact in the field of wastewater management.

The XPV Group works with, invest in and support water-oriented growing businesses so that they can expand and create value for all people. XPV's range of investment company families makes the distinction in the field of waters, both through more effective global asset stewardship and the creation of significant stakeholder value that can help drive the sector forward.

With Metasphere Ltd., plant owners can reliably track time-critical on-site operation remotely to ensure that they are ahead of their competition and comply with regulations. Metasphere's capability to remotely control equipment and system in near real-time is a key enabler of telecom, and to accomplish this, Metasphere offers system architectures with proprietary component parts, coupled with the latest technologies and product offerings.

Metasphere provides open off-the-shelf interface solutions that enable its customers to easily incorporate Metasphere solutions and solutions into their legacy IT infrastructures, minimizing customer downtime and costs and making sure that information capture equipment and system is as inter-operable and safe as possible within an intelligent wastewater and wastewater system.

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