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1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme Leading a group of 20 products manager, developer, QA and UX resource. We have tried Metronic for our latest plattform. Metronic can' t be overestimated in its effects. It has tripled the rate of evolution and cut QA problems by 50%. Adding up the decreased need for redesign time/resources, the increased pace of evolution, and the QA decrease, it probably spared us $100,000 for this particular venture alone, and I intend to use it for all the plattforms that are making progress.

Also, the flexible nature of the designs has enabled us to offer a better looking and working environment, reducing my headache by 90%.

Mike Smayer

Licence: You must have a current licence, which has only been acquired in the themeforest (the above link), in order to be able to use the topic for your work. Thank you for buying Metronic 3.7. Begin by searching the topic, just open html in your web brower. - Technical Background - Contains general technical backend information on administration and front end topics. - resources- Contains commercial and free stock images and the theme's pop screen images.

  • theme- Metronic HTML theme's home folder (standard version). - The assets - Contains theme-related files (css, ys, pictures, etc.). - Admin- Contains files related to the administrator topic (css, ys, pictures, etc.). - frontend- Contains admin-related files (css, js, pictures, etc.). - Global - Contains Metronic frame elements, third-party custom plug-ins.

You can use all the functions under the globale directory in both the front end topic and the administration them. - Admin theme contains SASS( directories for the administrator topic (only the standard administrator edition fully endorses SASS). - templates - Contains pages with pages with themes for administration and front end themes. - Admin- Contains the pages with the administrator topic guides.

  • Frontend- Contains pages with front-end templates. - topic_rtl- Metronic HTML theme's root directory for RTL(Right to Left(RTL)writing assistance. - The assets - Contains topic related files (css, js, pictures, plugins, etc.). - administrator- Contains files related to the administrator topic (css, ys, pictures, etc.). - frontend- Contains admin-related files (css, js, pictures, etc.).
  • geo- Contains Metronic components, third-party custom plug-ins, and Metronic components. - admin2- Contains the pages with the themes of administrator 2.
  • administrator3 - Contains pages with 3 themes from administrator 3. - admin4- Contains pages with 4 themes from administrator 4.
  • Antagonist - Contains pages with antagonist antagonist themes. antagonist discounts for METRONIC USERS: You can free of charge down laod and use all antagonist product. Please buy a free licence if you want to use a chart without this hyperlink, or if you appreciate the program and want to help its creator.

All Metronic customers can only use "keenthemes" promotional code (without quotation marks, case insensitive) for 15% off the purchase price of amChart's full version licence. If you have any queries or need topic specific technical assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at You can also read more about our customer service policies here: NOTE: The front-end topic contains all demonstration images/photos in the bought topic directory for your information only.

While Metronic does not license Photodune's pictures, you may not use them for any other purpose. Every picture that is not included in the folder "resources/frontend/corporate/photos" and "resources/frontend/ecommerce/photos" can be used for free, because they are open source pictures.

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