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Dokumentation: Magazine MH WordPress Topic By installing the MH Magazine you are using one of the most loved, agile and diverse WordPress magazines on the shelves. The MH Magazine gives you the opportunity to make all types of title page designs using the widget. Featuring several fantastic user-defined Widget's with various lay-out choices, this highly customizable WordPress theme also features advanced colour choices to help you put together a beautiful and engaging colour theme for your website.

No matter if you decide for one or two side strips, box or width layouts - many unusual options are only a few mouse clicks away. Magazine MH Documentation: The MH Magazine is a WordPress theme for self-hosted Web sites. This means that in order to operate your WordPress page, you need a web site host planning with a web site host of your choosing.

If you don't have a host yet, we have an outline of some of the most beloved and trusted WordPress hosters. The MH Magazine in general can be easily set up in two easy steps: Create a statically layered title page and place a widget. The following tutorial shows you how to perform the MH Magazine setup and how to configure it gradually.

1- How do I download, deploy and enable MH Magazine? 2- How do I create a WordPress title page? 3- How and where can you place a widget on your website? 4- How do you place a widget like in the MH Magazine demo? MH Magazine 6 - What are the picture sizes?

#8 - How can I customise my settings and layouts? Twelve - How can I customise MH Magazine? 1- How do I load, deploy and enable MH Magazine? Once you have bought MH Magazine, you can start downloading the theme as a zipped document. When you use such a utility, you must first deactivate it, because WordPress needs a zipped document to be able to install it.

Once you have finished downloading the theme, please log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Look => Themes. Use the Add New, Add Theme for Uploading, and Click the Install Now button to download and download the zipped version. Click Enable to enable your new WordPress theme. This completes the setup and activates the MH Magazine theme.

Installing a WordPress theme. When you get an issue where the filename is exceeding the max filesize while trying to upload the topic, there is a limitation on your sever that you can slightly raise. Learn how to raise the storage and upload limits in WordPress. 2- How do I create a WordPress title page?

If you want to make a magazine-like title page like the one shown in the MH Magazine theme demonstrations, you must first make a new page called Home (or else) under Pages in your WordPress dashboard. Secondly, go to Preferences => Read in your WordPress dashboard, choose a statical page and choose your just added new page Home as Front Page.

That' s it - you have now produced a statically loaded title page that is necessary to show a widget on your title page, as you will see later in this brief. Setting up a WordPress title page. 3- How and where can you place a widget on your website? At this important stage, we show you where and how to place your Widget.

Now you can place the widgets either through the WordPress Customizing application Appearance=> Customize => Additions or in your WordPress dashboard if you go to Appearance=> Additions. You can easily place your Widgets using simple dragging and dropping, so just move your favorite wideget to the desired area. If you can't seeidgets on your title page after placement, it's very likely that you haven't properly configured a fixed title page and probably haven't configured the home page style for your fixed title page as you wanted.

Below you can see the available widgets of the MH Magazine WordPress Theme: Widebar: Widebar area (sidebar left/right) on individual articles, pages and files. Contributions 1: Widget-area about individual contributions. Contributions 2: Widgets area below the contents of individual contributions. Footrest 1 - Footrest 4: Widgets in the Footrest.

Start Page 12: As soon as you activate Two side bars in your WordPress-Dashboard the site width increases and there is an extra side bar on the widgettized homepage pattern, which is available in your WordPress-Dashboard under Appearance Generator => Winds. This is a broadget card of the broadget areas available on the MH Magazine WordPress Theme broadget home page template:

Besides the WordPress standard wide page extensions (e.g. Text, Categories, Tag Cloud etc.) MH Magazine provides some fantastic, customizable, adaptable WordPress wide page extensions that you can use on your cover page, in your contributions/pages side bars and in the side bar of your contacts page to make a beautiful magazine page according to your needs.

There are several choices for these broadgets, and some broadgets also feature more than one page lay-out. Here is a listing of the available user-defined Widget in the MH Magazine WordPress Theme: Short tip: If you want to know more about the look and feel of the supplied customized Widget, please have a look at our MH Magazine WordPress topic customized widget summary.

4- How do you place a widget like in the MH Magazine demo? If you like the way we have placed our broadgets in the MH Magazine demo's and you would like to reproduce one of our demo's, please click on one of the following screen shots that will take you to a guide on how to place your broadgets on the title page and how to set up the preferences to reproduce a look as shown in the demo's:

The MH Magazine WordPress theme is ideal for handling large quantities of contents in an attractive and clear manner. If your prior WordPress site already included articles/posts, pages, catagories, tag, and menu items, you can easily reorder them. For more information on the fundamentals of WordPress, please visit our WordPress Help Centre (via the WordPress Codex code).

We have also included some links to a tutorial that already covers the fundamentals of WordPress. If you are new to WordPress, we suggest you take a look at these reviews and familiarize yourself with the essential WordPress functions to help you maintain your website: This tutorial is about working with WordPress itself, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the topic.

Every WordPress theme usually has its own picture dimension set for a thumbnail.

It' very likely that the theme you used earlier in MH Magazine had different picture size for a thumbnail. The MH Magazine uses the usual WordPress pictures to show thumbnail views on articles (large picture), files and in several integrated broadgets. Once you submit new pictures to WordPress, these pictures are used by WordPress, sized, and (if necessary) trimmed to produce all the necessary thumbnail views that your particular WordPress theme defines for use on your Web site.

Below you can see the respective picture sizes for miniature views in MH Magazine. It is generally advisable to always load pictures with a minimum of 1030 x 438 px - this ensures that WordPress can create all thumbnails: Previously, if you have posted pictures on your site or embed pictures in your postings and pages, these pictures may not appear as anticipated, or your pictures may be resized inconsistently.

MH Magazine allows you to customise your headers in a variety of ways. In order to load a full width head picture, go to Look => Fit => Head Picture in your WordPress Dashboard. In order to load a logotype and show or hide the page titles and taglines, you can browse to Appearance => Customizing => Site Identity and adopt your changes according to your own needs.

#8 - How can I customise my settings and layouts? Once you have followed the preceding procedure with care, you have successfully finished the topic's initial setup. Now you can further customise and administer the look and feel of your website using MH Magazine's comprehensive option panels. To display the topic option field in the WordPress Customizing, please go to Look => Fit => Topic Option in your WordPress Dashboard.

You can make changes and enable/disable or modify settings related to your design's layouts, type, colors, and more. Topic Option field contains the following items. Please note: If you only see a single empty page when you open the WordPress Personalizer, this usually means that there is a PHP or JavaScript issue on your site that is not related to the topic.

This Theme Customizer does not work in WordPress. The General section of the MH Magazine contains some general settings for managing extracts and changing the copyrights in the footer: The Layout section of your theme allows you to slightly alter the look of your website and enable/disable multiple items with just a few easy mouse clicks. You can also add a new layout option to your theme.

This section contains the following options: If you want to modify the fonts on your site, you can choose your favorite fonts from a selection of the most beloved Google web fonts in the Typography Theme pane. And you can even modify the colour theme of your design with just a few easy mouse clicks using the colour pickers provided.

We' ve added some new design choices to the WordPress base colour choices under Look => Customize => Colours in your WordPress Dashboard to make it easy to modify the colours of your design with a few mouse clicks using theustomizer. The MH Magazine already offers some practical features to simply view advertisements within the postal contents and in archive.

section, you can use the Promotional Options: If you want to make small changes to your Web site that would not warrant the ability to create a user-defined sub theme, you can make your own customized styles in the Customizing section. You do not lose the CSS text you are adding in this box after design upgrades.

WordPress since 4. There is a built-in style sheet box in the kernel that you can find in your WordPress dashboard under Appearance=> Customize => Additional Style Sheet. When using MH Magazine v3.6. The topic-related CSS box will vanish in the WordPress Customizer if it does not contain any text 1 or later.

That speaks for the new style sheet in the WordPress kernel to avoid double style sheets for user-defined style sheets. Find out how to apply Google Anlaytics to your WordPress website. The MH Magazine WordPress theme contains a built-in function for related items below the contents of contributions. If you want to view a pop-up window with pop-up menus of pop-up symbols, all you need to do is build a pop-up window with pop-up menus of pop-up menus with pop-up menus of your WordPress keyboard with pop-up => menus and map that pop-up window to the pop-up symbols in the pop-up windowlot.

Creating a WordPress icon set menus. Once you have properly set up the Policies submenu, the theme recognizes the Policies by their respective web sites and displays the unique symbols as anticipated. The MH Magazine WordPress Theme provides a built-in Contacts page style with an extra page bar to show other contents of the page bar on your contacts page than on individual articles and pages.

For example, if you want to use this style sheet for your contacts page, you can place the MH Facebook Page widget and a textidget with your contacts in the broadget position of the contacts page bar under Appearance => Widgets. This theme also features the much-loved Contacts Form 7 plug-in, which allows you to quickly and simply build working Contacts in your WordPress Dashboard with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even use the Contacts Form 7 to make your own contacts.

Twelve - How can I customise MH Magazine? If you are comfortable with programming and want to change your design beyond what is possible by default, you can make a user-defined subordinate design and change the design to your liking. MH Magazine v3.0.0 Watch this MH Magazine videotutorial (v3.0.0) to learn how to install and configure the theme.

This shows how you can simply download and deploy this magazine theme from your WordPress baseboard, how to build a stationary title page using the widgettized home page style, and how to cover multiple issues of theme setup such as page layouts or color changes. We' ve compiled here a list of the most frequently asked question that can occur when you configure the MH Magazine WordPress theme, so that you don' t have to ask these question again.

If you are not yet comfortable with WordPress, this can be especially helpful: How do I set up MH Magazine after theme enable? There are no pictures on title page and archive? But why don't my pictures show a uniform resize? So why aren't the Widget's displayed on the title page?

The MH Slider Widgets are not displayed. Why? After activating the theme, how can I configurate MH Magazine? The MH Magazine is a very powerfull and versatile WordPress theme to create web sites of all kind of alcoves and contents types. Here you can find an oversight of different topic demonstrations of the MH Magazine.

Once you have enabled the design, you can continue with the setup by performing two easy steps: Properly construct and place a statically loaded title page, then customize the layouts and place your own custom Widget. When you want to configurate the MH Magazine theme like one of the theme demonstrations, simply build and place the statically correct homepage and then choose your favorite theme demonstration and obey the directions as described here (click on the picture of your favorite demo): How to Republic MH Magazine demonstrations.

There are no pictures on title page and archive? As with most WordPress professionals today, the MH Magazine Theme uses the pictures presented. If you see grey picture wildcards on your title page or in your archive instead of pictures, you have not defined any featureted pictures for your contributions:

To use the presented pictures in WordPress. But why don't my pictures show a uniform resize? Be sure to refresh your thumbnail views after changing the WordPress theme on your website. If thumbnail regeneration doesn't resolve your problem, the pictures you've submitted are usually too small and you'll need to submit pictures of an appropriate file sizes as specified by your WordPress theme:

Picture sizes in MH Magazine. So why aren't the Widgets displayed on the title page? If you have placed widegets in the home wide areas and the widegets are not displayed as intended, you have usually not properly set up your home page. The MH Slider Widget is not displayed. Why?

If you have placed the MH sliders Widget in one of the Home Widgets areas and the Widgets is not displayed, then you have either not properly set up your home page or you are using a plug-in on your website that blocks the appearance of the sliders (in this case try to deactivate your plugins).

If you are looking to display advertising on your website, please be aware that your WordPress theme does not influence your advertising in any way. This design only outputs the coding you added, and the remainder is up to the advertisers. The MH Magazine WordPress theme comes with a beautiful set of over 400 fantastic symbols from Font Age.

The symbols can be displayed quite simply by simply inserting the small HTML section of the specified symbol in the WordPress text editor (not visually), e.g. a clamp symbol: The plug-in contains tonnes of useful shortcuts to make it easy to customise your website. Alternatively, we can also help you with our fee-based theme setup services, where we can setup and set up the theme for you to reproduce the theme demonstration layouts.

It is especially useful if you are not yet comfortable with WordPress.

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