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Once this is done, each link you open will be loaded into the Chrome browser. Note: MIUI is the user interface of Xiaomi devices. We Browser 8.5.9 APK Download from Xiaomi Inc.

Looks like you're using an ad handler, so you'll have to hold off for 15 seconds. I would like to add this page to the white list to bypass the waiting and help us paying for bandwith, webspace, and other billing. The version can be available in several versions. In our practical FAQs you can find out which is the right one for you.

We Browser: Find out more about your Mi Browser - #03 - Tips & Tricks - Mi Community

Hi Mi fans! With the new user interface and its seamless power, Mi Browser is now much more comfortable for us to use. But there are so many things we can do with Mi Browser. Touch the Menus tabs as shown in the screenshots. How to navigate the site using the sound buttons:

Navigate to the Mi browser preferences as shown in the screenshots. Switch on "Scrolling with the level keys". You can now browse your web pages using the Loud keys. How to go forward and backward with the Mi-browser by touching edges: Navigate to the Mi browser preferences as shown in the screenshots.

To activate Mi Browser Nights in the Mi Browser: Touch the Menus tabs as shown in the screenshots. Touch "Night Mode". How to modify the standard downloading destination in Mi Browser: Navigate to the Mi browser preferences. Touch "Downloads location". Search your place of downloading and press "OK".

Deleting a Mi Browser from a Redmi Notice 4

Yeah, you can do it without routing your cell in. Plug your telephone into your computer via your computer's built-in computer and activate your computer's built-in software for instant USB debugging. "pm uneinstall -k --user 0 " and press return. When your mobile device is deeply anchored, open the Windows Mobile Application Browser, open the Windows Mobile Application Browser window, choose your Windows Mobile Application and choose Delete.

Select the system application that you want to remove and click Remove. All of us know that there are some Debloater/Carrier/OEM Bloatware application in MIUI (e.g. Google Player Movies, Google Player Music, Google Duo, Google Hangouts etc.) that are not necessary for everyone. There' s no way to deinstall these appe. Deinstalling these apps is a tough task for ordinary people who have to go through the root processes, which are always a risky one.

Until and unless you root your unit and wipe out your warranty and maybe at some point it can be harmful-to your device-so it is proposed that u let the uap be there and not use it if you don't want. You cannot remove the Mi-Browser from your mobile telephone.

When you need to deinstall it, you need to give your mobile a boot and I don't suggest anyone to do this unless they know very well about it.

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