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Create and distribute multiple videos and playlists in your own responsive video microsite. of the best microsite examples we've ever seen. Step into the ascent of mini-sites. In contrast to conventional web sites, a microsite is rather simple and easy to use. Please click here to browse and print our updated sample gallery of interactivity topics.

The following are some great samples of what a microsite can do in use. Which is a microsite? Microsite is a single web page or small group of web pages that function as a distinct unit for a trademark.

While a microsite usually resides on its own domainname, some are subdomains. You can use a microsite to help a brand reach a number of things. Apart from being a heartbreaking memory of how many Justin Bieber songs I've heard repeatedly over the past year, Spotify's Year in Music has proved to be one of the best-performed microphone sites we've ever seen.

Spotify' website, generally known as the "celebration" of the musical accompaniment we have received throughout the year, is specially personalised for you according to your hearing preferences. Now, the utility makes it simple for you to make a personalised summary that includes detail such as your first track ever performed, top performers by seasons, and duration of hearing.

When it comes to splitting, the microsite makes it really simple. Any statistic that the site retrieves for you can be split into different types of content thanks to a convenient bottom right corner icon on the monitor. To win endorsement for the FRAC Act (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act), Interaction and Industrial Designer Linda Dong created a wonderful microsite that uses para-lax styling to tell the tale of the hazards of hydraulics causing fractures.

" Sites like these focus strongly on the use of directions (in this case the parallel motion) to get the user to close a particular call to action - completely removing any other diversion or navigational bars. When your microsite concentrates on one or two prompts for actions, make sure they are succinct and workable, as is the case here, and that you distinguish them visibly from the remainder of the site by highlighting the fonts or placing the copy in a pushbutton.

" You will be asked this on your first arrival at the BoltHouse Farms microsite, UrWhatUPost.com. The BoltHouse Farms website was designed to show how many times there have been discussions in society about health food compared to bad food. In order to do this, they gathered #UrWhatUPost hash tags and followed the types of food we shared on our community forums, and then pitched the wholesome things, like #grapes, with the unsanitary things, like #ice cream.

The Bolthouse Farms project shows that a microsite doesn't have to be minimalistic. In order to show this greatness, they have recently started a special microsite that covers all things DXP related. It is a highly engaging website that allows users to browse through each of the feature's pages in order to better understand the purposes and thinking behind each one.

Unless otherwise stated, this is a great example of how to take a fairly complicated item or a fairly complicated concept and encourage and explain it in a way that is both enjoyable and easy to digest. There' s no "sense" for emojitracker.com -- it was made by Matthew Rothenberg, former Head of Products at Flickr and-Bitly, as an experimental real-time tracker for all Twitter versions of Twitter using mojis.

From a technical point of view, it violates the rule of good UI designing, but it shows that mircosites don't have to have complex styles. One of the new candidates for the presidency is taking the web by leaps and bounds with this stunning microsite. When the show goes into its fourth series they will promote the debut with a smart microsite that makes making policy enjoyable.

This microsite encourages people to join Underwood's movements and to advocate "important" themes such as disparity, insincerity and claims. By the way, what we like most about this microsite is the look. With Underwood' attention-grabbing, cunning eye (visit the site to see for yourself) and high-quality video, the microsite will captivate you and give you good reason to get involved with the work.

who set up a microsite to advertise the work. Digiday, the digital publishing house, oriented itself on Golden and used its microsite model to carry out its own experiments. Creating the microsite WhatTheF*ckIsMyTwitterBio.com -- with no budgets -- to see if the contents become viral and help building their brands.

"With Justin Windle's open wire PTFE engine, affordable web hostering and $12 dollar registrations, WhatTheF*ckIsMyTwitterBio.com was up and run in less than two hours," Digiday's news announcement said. Didn't think I could make a weblog entry about the microsite and not involve ElfYourself, did you? "In other words, Office Max used the microsite to be imaginative and made her geek flying their flags, and it worked like a charme.

At the end of the ElfYourself video, however, the distribution commitment came in the guise of vouchers and advertising campaigns. People at Coca-Cola have taken advantage of this unavoidable amazement by making the "Taste the Feeling" microsite an engaging on-line event.

It is easy to share all your geifs on your site with others, which is a good way to get back to the site to deal with the contents. The microsite is also a good example for those who are interested in the globalization of their campaigns as it is available in more than 20 different language versions.

The Inside Chanel is a microsite that "informs the consumer about the story and legacy of the home through the use of streaming media and video," says Luxury Daily. This website features a variety of brief casual clips telling the story of the individuals, places, things and happenings that have helped make this legendary apparel label a lasting hit.

"This microsite's main objective is to provide some access to Chanel's story, but most of all, its continued growth over the years," says Dalia Strum, Dalia Inc. CEO. Every video is aimed at pulling back the curtains and giving the visitor an exquisite behind-the-scenes look, photographs and tales relating to different facets of the label - colour, fashion and so on.

It is important to remember that this site is not Chanel's first step in creating microsites. Indeed, the company has been experimenting with several microsite sizes, among them the Chanel News website: The microsite of the people of Mushroom-Melow, a pizza restaurant located in Atlanta, Georgia, was designed to help the current Burger BFF program.

We started the ad to get excited about the new menus: The microsite is used by mellow muscle room as an opportunity to compete for the opportunity to compete in a round of Denver or Seattle with the best. Part of the website, for example, is inviting users to use the #BurgerBFF hash day to take part in the competition and present their best burgers shows on Instagram:

There are also several other interesting, hands-on ways for users to participate in the competition, among them quiz questions and a mad libs styled story-telling engine.

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