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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] FrontPage (full name Microsoft Office FrontPage) was a WYSIWYG HTML editing and website management utility from Microsoft for the Microsoft WindowsOS family. From 1997 to 2003 it was marketed as part of the Microsoft Office suites. Meanwhile, Microsoft FrontPage has been superseded by Microsoft Expression Web and SharePoint Designer, which were first launched in December 2006 along with Microsoft Office 2007, but these two offerings were also dropped in favour of a web-based release of SharePoint Designer because these three were HTML editing applications.

WYSIWYG " (What You See Is What You Get) editing software, FrontPage was developed to conceal the HTML coding of pages from the users so that beginners can simply build web pages and websites. FrontPage's first appearance under the name Microsoft took place in 1996 with the publication of Windows NT 4. 0 Servers and the associated web servers Internet Information Services 2.0.

Bundles on CD with NT 4. 0 Server version, FrontPage 1. The 1 would run on NT 4. 0 (server or workstation) or Windows 95. Until FrontPage 98, the FrontPage editor used to design pages was a stand-alone utility from FrontPage Explorer used to maintain website directories.

4 ] With FrontPage 2000, both applications were integrated into the editor. Previously, FrontPage required a number of server-side plug-ins, initially known as IIS Extensions. FrontPage's expansion kit was significantly expanded to include Microsoft FrontPage in the Microsoft Office line with Office 97 and then rebranded FrontPage to FrontPage Extensions (FPSE).

The two extension kits had to be deployed on the destination web servers for the contents and publication functions to work. Both Windows and Unix-based editions of FreeBSD were available from Microsoft. The FrontPage 2000 Client extension also worked with previous FrontPage releases. The last published release that worked with FrontPage 2003 was the 2002 edition of FrontPage which was later upgraded to IIS 6. 0.

With FrontPage 2003, however, Microsoft began to move from propriety server extensions to off-the-shelf FTP and WebDAV standards for Web publishers and authorers. 5] FrontPage 2003 can also be used with Windows SharePoint Services. Microsoft in 2006 announces that FrontPage will be replaced by two different software solutions. The Microsoft Expression Web is aimed at web designers who want to create feature-rich websites.

In December 2006, Microsoft stopped Microsoft front page. Several of the functions in the latest release of FrontPage comprise:: Front-Page 2003 includes a splits view feature that allows users to encode in the Design View and in the Design View previews without having to switch from the Design and View tab pages each time they view it.

FrontPage 2003 first integrated DWT (Dynamic Web Templates), enabling the user to build a unique Web page that can be used across several pages and even the entire Web site. Employing interactive buttons gives people a new, simple way to build web images for navigating and linking, making a complex imaging suite like Adobe Photoshop, which Microsoft does not offer for sale, obsolete.

Access Verifier gives users the opportunity to verify that their codes conform to standard and that their websites are readily available to disabled users. A HTML optimiser is provided to help optimise your coding to make it readable and faster to use. An important FrontPage 2003 enhancement, INTELLISSE, a automatic completion tool, helps the operator enter data in the source-view.

If you are working in Program View, Intellisense suggests HTMLags and/or attributes for the program you enter, which should significantly shorten the writing process. Quick Tag Editor shows the current design view day to the current design view editor member. There is also the possibility to modify the particular tag/property from the tags editor.

Textnippets give the user the benefit of making excerpts of their frequently used text so that they can be stored for ease of retrieval the next time they are needed. The FrontPage 2003 provides ASP coding assistance. VBA macro is supported in FrontPage 2003. /2001 - Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (Version 10):

Contained in Office XP Professional with FrontPage (volume only), Office XP Professional Special Edition, and Office XP Developer Edition. Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 (Version 11): Out of Office 2003 issues that are available seperately. Integrated with Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium edition.

Notice: There is no formal release 4 to 8, because after FrontPage was available in some Office releases, the release numbers followed their Office release numbers. However, release numbers may appear in the HTML tag of the HTML source file created by these FrontPage releases. The FrontPage Server Extensions are a software enabling the FrontPage customer to interact with Web server and add features to Web sites.

Common vulnerabilities have affected the histories of this Microsoft developed tech. IDE Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 software uses this synchronisation technique and is heavily dependent on it for managing files. Microsoft NET software has obsolete this in favour of WebDAV, but Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 continue to release ClickOnce apps for Web sites with FrontPage Server Extensions.

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