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So if you're looking for free one-page WordPress topics, here's the list for you. This is the best free one-page themes on the market. minimal, one page & responsive wordpress portfolio & blog theme for creative people.

You can enjoy a page layout, woocommerce support and much more.

WordPress Top 40 Minimum one-page WordPress themes for one page

Today, most topics are packed with superfluous feature sets and unnecessary scripting, and it's difficult to isolate some of the really minimalist and easy topics. Browse our best one-page WordPress theme library to help facilitate this work. Are you looking for a neat, easy, minimal one-page WordPress theme for your corporate or private portfolios?

At times all you need is a fast, minimal, extremely neat website that's simple to setup and shows your information in a clear way. A one-page website's primary objective is to give the users enough information about the country's home page to respond to.

Although a page's web sites work best from advertisements, landing pages, promotions, portfolio, they are also a great tools to create a company or an custom web site that does not have much in it. Because the one-page theme is designed to present most of the key information on the home page, the challenges are not to present it overwhelmingly, to broadcast it in a simple and professional way, and to tell your tale seamlessly.

The page therefore concentrates on what is good rather than what is good - and therefore the news you want to display is streamlined and divided into different sections that the visitor can browse or browse. Careful scheduling of the order of page items allows you to guide users through your contents to the actions they should take, such as completing a request for information, completing a sale, subscribing to your newletter.

We' ve put together some of the best minimal one-page WordPress topics that you can use to get your website up and running quickly and simply. Every shortcut opens in a new window/tab so you can scroll through those that look and sounds attractive to make a definitive choice about the topic you want to use.

The OnePage is a beautifully designed, well-designed design supported by full configurable Stellar Assistance that is fully configurable and extremely quick to load. You can control the homepage via dragging and dropping. If required, the topic can be delivered with all other pages, such as pages with sidebar, several blogs, etc. There is also a prallax scroll effect for some of its paragraphs, which creates a feeling of deepness for the user on your site and enables a nice visual sensation.

This theme has some great motion graphics and the top menu hovers at the top as the visitor browses through the page. Subjects are delivered with a message board that is secured against spamming. This section of the repository is very well structured, with the detailed information of the projects being loaded on the same page directly above the repository elements.

The main characteristics of OnePage are: Handcrafted styling, fully reactive and pure coding, infinite colours, pure coding, quick load, theme option, counters to view transaction stats, teams area, glide service area, Twitter feedback, portfolios area, price chart, experience reports, customer area, one-click demonstration, two blogs layout, spam-protected feedback sheet.

The OneEngine is a multi-purpose one-page WordPress theme with a minimalist yet daring outline. There are some astonishing uses of colour, and it is a theme that can help you to create a website with lots of style and personalities. It begins with a sliding bar and nothing else - your words and pictures are placed in front of the user's eyes so you can get your key messages across quickly and efficiently.

The scroll down will bring the home page forward, with the top navigator remaining at the top of the screen and multiple lines and paragraphs with different contents to help you get your site up and running. Following the service area, which contains some elegant symbols, there is a backdrop line with parallel axes in which you can refer to an optional movie that opens in a pop-up area.

One over-section shows a time-line function, the teams section shows all members in a roundabout form, and the portfolios section can be sorted by job group. Using colour throughout the theme is well thought out and fresh as most minimal subjects of this kind are mostly pure whites, blacks or blues!

The last line shows a section of a parallaxed section of a page, where a page was created with the plug-in Contacts Forms 7. Truly, one of the best one-page WordPress topics on the web today, OneEngine should very well meet your needs for a small company or an custom website.

OneEngine' key characteristics are: use of vibrant colours, fully customisable, one-of-a-kind designs, shortcuts, blogs laid out, multi-page laysouts. Adjuster is a powerful multi-purpose theme that comes with many pre-built laysouts, one of which is a simplified one-page artwork. This page begins with a breathtaking slide bar and then displays other contents such as about us, portfolios, endorsements, price charts, portfolios, latest blogs and a feedback page.

One of the strengths of the theme is its many shortcuts and page layout options that allow you to build an eye-catching website with colours that match your own unique brands. The Me is a contemporary one-page design that differs from most WordPress creativity. It' s monochrome and has an elegantly minimal look.

This motif captivates with a large amount of whitespace and a somewhat small side area. Following a concise slide control, the theme introduces the subject with the portfolios, then related utilities and an overview section, followed by a feedback page. The key characteristics of Mir are: Seventy+ typefaces, high-performance portfoliosystem, filters, ready to translate, 7 prepared forms, user-defined AJAX forms contained.

The Zerif Pro is a well encoded, widely used and extremely adaptable one-page WordPress theme with a contemporary, slightly slim look. It' a contemporary and varied, but neat and minimalist one-page WordPress theme, well suitable for presenting your company profile or building a company or custom website. Whilst it is a one-page theme (the title page can be created as a one page with many sections) - it can also be used as a multi-page website as there are all necessary page layouts, blogs and an on-line store with WooCommerce.

What is great about this theme is that it is versatile enough to be suited to any type of store, and the theme choices allow you to make it your own by modifying colours and styles. Its clear and reduced shape makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

His homepage has many areas like portfolios, about, teams, schedules, testimonials as well as a feedbackformular. WooCommerce is also prepared for this topic so that you can sell your goods or provide your service there. Cerif Pro comes with a colour selection so you can select any colour for the theme colours and customise your website to suit your own particular market.

Zerif Pro's main characteristics are: translatable, RTL capable, easy to use, real-time customer izer, 1-minute set-up and demos, optimised for performance, user-defined background, super menu, SiteOrigin Page Builder compliant, infinite colours, theme option panels. Portfolios is a neat and minimal WordPress theme that helps you present your imaginative portfolios or pictures in a stylish way.

Comes with a vast library made up of user-defined Widgets and all the functions you need to present your portfolios and puts the spotlight directly on your work. Featuring a fully reactive design and minimal look, your eye will be directed to your pretty contents uploaded with AJAX on the same page.

Key characteristics of Portfolios are: neat minimal artwork, AJAX loaders, extended portfoliofilters, number of column and picture size for portfolios, neat and minimal blogs layouts, 630+ Google Font, community based content management, portrait browsing, limitless colour choices, mega-menu compatibility, limitless backgrounds, para-lax blogs, limitless page bars, readiness for translating, RTL capability.

The AppTheme is specifically developed for the presentation of portable apps, but is sufficiently flexible to be used for any commercial or creativity file. You can customize the design so that you can select which parts are displayed to your visitors in which order. There is a large button sized button display when the page opens, and then goes through the functions, a screenshot of the products, screen shots, review and a contacts section.

As most WordPress topics with a page, it also has a blogs section that opens a seperate page. AppTheme's major functions are: Simplified layout, adjustable section, large size poster, videos and blogs. Launch is a well-developed multi-purpose lightweight, but with a simple, one-page WordPress theme that is suited for most types of business.

Its powerful typeface and bright colours convey a powerful signal and there is plenty of scope to present your work and your contents with this theme. It has a large slide bar at the top and then various section for viewing different types of contents, such as functions, galleries, about section, rates, work showscase, recent postings and a contactsheet.

Certain parts use the wallpaper effect, which adds extra personality and detail to the overall look of your website. Contacts are supported by a large full width card at the bottom of the site, allowing users to easily find your home page and your area. Looking ahead to this theme is a very sound, reliable business and with the customisation functions that go with the theme, you can adapt it to your make and colours.

Start's key characteristics are: theme option, high performance coding, readiness for location, Genesis frameworks, para-lax backgrounds, readiness for translating. Exceptionally breathtaking, esthetically neat and challenging theme, equipped with many different demonstrations that can be set up with a click. We have 21 one-sided demonstrations in this topic alone that can serve as a point of departure for your next website.

This theme has many different menus and headers as well as bright and dim topics. There are many theme choices and functions that allow you to create a totally original website with pull & dropping capabilities. These one-sided laysouts are neat and minimal and radiate a classy look and feel that motivates your user for more engagement.

Meeting- Sports has a simplified look specifically developed for meetings, conventions, conferences, work shops, summit meetings, meet-ups, etc. Nonetheless, the redesign is very adaptable and can be used with a few mouse clicks anywhere in the website or operation. It' s light and sleek and has many home page section like crew or spokesperson, timescale, current blogs post, stats, price chart, Twitter feedback, Instagram feedback, FAQ, sponsor or client and a videos section.

Its design is fully embedded in the Tickera plug-in and includes a one-click demonstration installation that lets you setup your website. Like most topics that have a one-page home page design, Meeting comes with a number of blogs and page designs that can be used for other parts of your website.

Several of the key functions of Meeting: built-in shortcuts, demonstration information, theme choices, Revolution Slider, Custom Visual Composer shortcuts, One Page Dynamics MenĂ¼, Twitter feed, Instagram feed, Kind Theme-friendly, Visual Composer, Eventdown, Tickera plug-in support, multi-design blog templates, registration forms, One-Click demonstration info installation, interactive symbols. The MobileApp is specifically developed for the sale and presentation of a portable application, but the design is sufficiently versatile to be used for any type of personal or commercial website looking for a minimal one-page website.

You can have the home page have infinite section with great Call to Action button placements. We have a configurable online application that can be integrated as well as socially accessible contacts. It' s very simple and presents your most important contents in a beautiful way. Key MobileApp Traits include: Animation text, animation mobile screen, redirection of all pages to home page when needed, 6 different options to display your screenshots, headers navigation control, infinite color, scrolling screen or hard coded wallpaper, infinite wallpaper, user -defined style sheet, infinite button, limitless button, contactsheet, limitless section, style sheet, symbols, instant readiness, translatable, 630 Google scripts, one-click setup and configuration import/export, one-click visual pop-up, one-click click pop-up, 6 different options to view your screen shots, headers navigational control, infinite color, scrollable or hard coded wallpapers, infinite button, user -defined style sheet, user -defined button style sheet, infinite section, instant symbols, instant message, instant translations, 630 Google scripts, one-click installation and import/export of settings, video pop-up, one-click pop-up, and more.

It is a great looking and simple and trendy landing page that offers many ways to present different types of contents in an attractive way. Don't look any further if you're looking for a full-featured, simplified and minimalist one-page WordPress theme that has all the bell and whistle to get your company or your products ahead.

Areas of the homepage include feature, survey merry-go-round, service, screenshots, testimonials, price charts, staff and a feedbackformular. Attractive typeface and lightweight design make this a good option for building a basic one-page website. This theme is also able to build a multi-page website, and like most other singles page topics it has different page styles and blogsayouts.

Key Advent characteristics are: gooey menus, Visual Composer inclusive, price charts, magnifier for your pictures, soft copy interface, contactsheet, short codes, neat coding, adjustable typography, one-click demonstration installation, easy to translate, child-friendly, symbol fonts (from 3.000). The Awaken is a multi-purpose, one-page WordPress theme based on the Bootstrap CSS frame, which has a very clear, easy and yet fashionable look.

This theme can be used to build a landing page or a fully-fledged corporate website, and the light and open look allows for a clear, professionally laid out website. There is a gooey meal in the theme and it begins with a slide bar. This functional area can present your service or the most important highlight of your enterprise in 4 well arranged and well placed pillars.

It also includes price charts, filtering portfolios or projects, a testimonial merry-go-round, current blogs and a section for contacts. Awaken' key characteristics are: multi line backgrounds, based on bootstrap, sliders, price charts, filtering portfolios, teams, testimonials, contactsheet. The Single has a singularly designed interface where it begins with a large, fat slide control and displays the primary menu afterwards.

This allows you to put your major news items in the foreground and let the users switch to one of the major selling pages using the button and text on the major listing control. As soon as you move down, the navigator will move up and stay at the top of the screen while you move through the remaining parts of the home page.

Following a welcome section with some text, you can present your portfolios, which can be sorted by job category, your members, service, latest blogs, reviews and a feedback page. Chapters of the homepage can be created using the many shortcuts provided with the theme. One of the most useful features of the Singles theme is its great audacity to make a stand with your website, and the usability and set-up of the theme allows you to quickly and easily build your website.

Principal characteristics of the singles theme are: one-sided look, distinctive slide bar style, gooey navigations, endorsements, team members, portfolios, latest blogs, contacts, many shortcuts. You will be thrilled by the effect of your paraallax, but it is the qualities and versatility that will move your spirit. Altitude Pro is a theme with a Purpose, and that purpouse is to bring you and your on-line store higher.

The Altitude Pro is a one-page WordPress theme based on the Genesis Foundation and has a striking and appealing look that is easy and efficient. It begins with a full-width, full-height picture that occupies the whole page and is able to display a caption and a pushbutton that can point to any URI where you want to take the visitor.

In the next few chapters, you will have the opportunity to present your company or products using wallpaper backgrounds and sophisticated picture positioning. Price charts, test reports, FAQs and a concluding list of actions round off the list on the homepage. Altitude Pro's key characteristics are: eye-catching styling, Genesis frameworks, beautiful minimalist blogs layouts, short codes, parallel backgrounds.

Contemporary Portfolios Pro is a very easy, contemporary one-page WordPress theme that allows you to present your portfolios and pictures. It''s a sleek little theme and one of the few you''d find that doesn't have a big picture or slide show at the top of the home page.

The topic instead begins with a greeting text, which is also excellently suited for being visible in searching engines. There is no waste of getting to the point by presenting the theme directly after the welcome text. Every element of the repository is linked to its own page, which contains all information about the work.

An easy call line and the latest articles from your blogs complete the easy homepage lay-out. Key characteristics of Contemporary Portfolio Pro: simplified look, full concentration on image and contents, Genesis frame, clear and contemporary typeface and 5 prefabricated colour scheme choices, multi-page page laying.

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