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Example of a minimalistic portfolio in website design: Its portfolio is well distributed and easy to use. His fantastic features can be used to improve the websites of agencies and creative people. Forty-four Minimal Portfolio Sites with Cleaner Typography In retrospect, I have contributed other papers dealing with portfolio website design. However, a certain kind of portfolio is often built on a minimalist approach, often with very few colours and mainly on types. Those neat website layout keep the visitor focussed on the most important information that your previous project and skills should be.

I' ve compiled 44 excellent portfolio layout with neat, minimalistic types in this album. Those styles are not for everyone perfectly, but they are remarkable to allow the visitor to concentrate on the contents. Most of these layout contain free Google Web Fonts to jazz up headlines or captions. They can get by with almost any kind of theme, as long as the contents are primarily image or context-sensitive web texts.

Showcase of 20 super-minimalistic portfolio websites

The thing I liked about minimalistic portfolio website designs is the ease with which they allow users to focus on the most important information on the website. One of the most important factors of a minimalistic website is that it often uses very few colours and focuses mainly on types. To inspire you, today I am bringing you 20 pieces of Fine Art in Portfolio Website Designs.

Hopefully you will have fun and can immediately submit an application for your portfolio web site development work. What do you think of the above designs? Please let us know in the comments below if you have more attractive, minimalistic portfolio-sites.

There are 32 neat minimalist personal websites for creative people.

Today's minimumism is overestimated because of the added value it gives a website. Once contents are centred as the primary focus, the user is free from excessive confusion. Admittedly, not everyone loves minimumism because it can be seen as rotten, simple or simply dull. Some of the best minimalistic sites are anything but dull.

Here I have put together a range of minimalistic layout for creative personalities such as authors, artists and artists. Minimumism is a mighty instrument when used correctly. Charts and photographs have their place, but not always higher than the contents.

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