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Low portfolio theme

Minimal design is usually best suited for portfolios, projects and case studies. The Osmos is a clean, multifunctional, highly customizable WordPress theme. a minimal portfolio theme from puruno A minimal portfolio theme for all types of project. An optically attractive and singular theme. This publication is aimed at all types of companies that need to present their works in an interesting way.

is a multifunctional portfolio theme. Topics offers a nice typeface, subtile transition and an interesting use of nav.

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Minimal designs are usually best suited for portfolio, project and case study purposes. Clear, concise designs make it possible to highlight the works presented, which should be the primary objective of any portfolio. We have compiled a compilation of some of our most popular minimal portfolio sites presented here. You' ll see developer portals, artists' sites, project or case study portals, photographs, interior decorators, and more.

We have added some of our favourite minimum portfolio topics from our partners in the Theme Store at the end of this page. The Lamark is a stylish, minimalist portfolio theme for design studios and free-lance designer. Clearly defined contours and a clear backdrop of whiteness are ideal for presenting your work. Sessions are Work, Blog, About us and Contact.

These minimal themes are ideal for agents, portfolio and e-commerce stores. Detailed pages are clear and neat, including a price chart presentation. For the portfolio/working side there are various possibilities, such as raster / brickwork, roundabout and full screen layout. Color's creativity is a colourful and singular portfolio or theme of a creativity company.

You can use this theme to create different layouts and page items to suit your work. A creative is a one-of-a-kind and easy to use portfolio or agent theme. Section includes, Work, Services, Info, Blogs and Contact. The Huntt is a minimalist, blank, grid-like portfolio or blogs. The theme is ideal for the presentation of motifs or photographs, but also for arts and designer journals.

Potassium is an elegant, minimalist theme with multiple layouts for architectural pages, agents and portfolio, contractors, e-commerce pages, photography and more. There are also included blacks and whites and it is full of great stuff like hidden style, hover style, drobble portfolio and more. A Hempstead is a beautiful, minimal portfolio or agent theme that contains a Grid portfolio.

It is a great theme to present your work as a professional design professional, performer, agency organizer or professional photographer. A smooth monochrome issue is a portfolio or advertising theme. There is a large slide control on the homepage or in the wallpaper movie and a section for about services, work, blog and contact. It is a minimal theme with multiple galleries available - ideal for portfolio or photography.

There is also added assistance for videos and a good choice for a small company or your own private blogs. Miragency is a topic for creativity agency and portfolio. The theme provides various layouts for displaying work on the home page and contains a blogsite, a portfolio/project page and an over-page with crewhotos.

It is an elegantly designed, minimal motif in pure whit for agents and portfolio companies. There are several portfolio layouts and a shop area for e-commerce. It is a nice, minimal theme that is perfect for a portfolio, creativity website or other commercial website. The design provides support for streaming videos and several home page viewing choices.

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