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The Zoa is a minimal WordPress e-commerce theme created with Elementor Page Builder. Zyra and LA-Studio - Cleaner, Minimal WooCommerce Theme Unparalleled demo, compiled as individual files and well administered as different kits. There is information in the Kind Theme to help you get the most out of it. Comes with a strong theme option and WordPress customization pane. This theme also brings together a customized edition of the groundbreaking Visual Composer that allows the user to create different page designs with minimal outlay.

WooCommerce integrates very well with WooCommerce and offers many extra functions. Widgets for filtering by WooCommerce attributes. Update release of LaStudio Core, LA Zyra Package Demo Data..... Update the Revolution Slider LaStudio Core release....

Clay - Cleaner, minimal WooCommerce theme from JanStudio

The Claue is everything you've been looking for in a WooCommerce topic. Following many month of designing and developing that flood every detail of what a trendy merchant needs, Claue is poised to take your entire on-line experience to the next stage. Featuring the smart inclusion of softwares like Instagram for generating traffics and clicking hyperlinks, the unbelievably smooth interface for all today computing and more, we know you'll like Claue.

Reactive Web site engineering and engineering means easily that no matter what your Web site is looked at on, it will be scaled to fit the site's metrics and measurements without intervention by the end users and without any additional requirements from you or your developers. Comes with ten specially designed, fully loaded demo features in a contemporary look - all set for your contents and publications with just a few easy mouse clicks. What's more, Claue's new, fully loaded demo software is a great way to get started!

The integration of a Theme Options Panels into the WordPress background eliminates a complexity-level that facilitates and simplifies accessing many extra functions and advanced functions. Provide a persuasive selling proposition for your clients by including product bundles. Combination 2, 3 or more items and give greater rebates on packaged deals that give your clients what they really want - and build the gooey customer experiance that your clients will keep coming back for.

This is a great way to enhance the link to your website and include a contemporary item, as well as enhance your share of society, sympathies and views. Claue gives you the additional versatility and creativity to present much more beautiful varieties of versatile music. Choose whether you want to offer a variety of colour choices so that the user can modify the colours for all the different items you are selling.

Browse a galery of a singular picture, a singular pattern, a pictorial pattern or even a galery pattern to give your clients the ultimative products. Terrified by the default detailed WooCommerce products layout? That' s why we took the next steps to bring you a truly elegant selection of choices for viewing detailed layout of products.

It gives you even more versatility in displaying your items by allowing you to view miniature views either right or wrong, at the bottom of a single offer, or using our "Sticky" function, so that when scrolling the item detail remains exactly where it is. Filtered by Ajax provides the users with a truly smooth viewing experience because you don't have to update or re-load the page when you modify your query settings.

Our current range of services is continuously updated without updating the whole page. These are not part of the theme and are NOT contained in the definitive purchasing file. Fix - Fix Principal item in bundles shows no attributes in shopping basket. Fix - Fix the problem is when you turn off the zooming effect on the detail of the item.

Fix - Update your current account in order to be able to use the Aelia Currency Switcher plug-in * Fix - Fix - Put pop-up window in shopping basket shows bug when your item is out of inventory. Fix - Fixed FX does not show the right icon in the right order. Fix - The playback buttons for videos do not work with variables.

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