Minimal Wordpress Themes 2016

Wordpress Minimal Topics 2016

You should make sure that the topic is responsive when selecting a minimalist theme. Thirty best minimalistic WordPress themes for anyone who wants to keep it easy in 2016. Today, most WordPress themes are hell of a way to package feature sets and become the first option for any application. Therefore, we have chosen to compile this minimalistic WordPress theme mailing lists. We are the right address for you if you value a clear layout that focuses on your contents!

Let's take a look at the topics that made the edit. All of these themes have been chosen for their aesthetic appeal and for their compliance with relatively recent fashion designs. We' ve looked through several large websites with prime themes and chosen the candidate who, in our opinion, best embodies the minimalist concept - a neat, clear head.

In order to facilitate your searching when searching for a particular topic, we have added the most suitable use case for each topic in parentheses after the name. Bushhwick Lightweight is a clear topic that contains four different ready-made layout options. In addition, the topic was developed with portfolio in view, but can adapt to any kind of website as well.

Main features: Contains over 600 Google fonts. Contains the Visual Composer plug-in. The Raven multi-purpose site has eleven ready-made layout options that range from portfolio to on-line shop. Impressive in its designs are a mixture of neat screens and stimulating prompts. Demonstrating a preference for colour schemes in monochrome, the demo is ideal for websites looking for an sleek look.

Main features: Drag androp Visual builder. Contains the plug-ins: visual composer, templatera, sliders revolution and essential grid. It is a good topic for graphics and industry designer as well as architect. Main features: Colourful designs. Velvet's topic looks like a review if every website hasn't used a full width slide control on its homepage.

It is a stylish design with neat styling guidance that is perfectly suited for informational corporate websites. Main features: Zoom slide control with AviaSlider. Contains a colour selection that allows you to immediately modify your colour schemes. Our 6th listing in our best minimal WordPress topics page is about blogs. The Readalog allows you to view your latest postings in a neat raster at the top of your page, and uses a nice slower coloring over effect.

Furthermore, the topic has an appealing look that is perfect for blogs. Main features: Cito is a colourful, grid-based graphic designer developed for a variety of agency work. Main features: BAYSEE is not playing around with minimumism. There is a single-column page style in this topic that obliges the user to enlarge the contents.

For this reason, using the topic felt like using a particularly well-designed on-line journal to read. Main features: Greasy single-column version. The Mustang is a multi-purpose subject that does justice to the elegant character of its eponym. The high-end style is based on powerful, classical fonts and a monotonous colour scheme to achieve a high-quality appearance.

Main features: Contains the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins for free. Our 10th listing on our list of the best minimal WordPress themes will not receive any creative prizes for its name, but it does its work particularly well. Entering the blog is like looking into an art magazin because of its clear line and scanty paint splash.

In spite of its old-fashioned look, The Blog doesn't give up any of its specials. Contains compelling About Me Widget, pop post and community integration content. Main features: Contains a customizing tool. Flower as a subject uses its monotonous colour range to create an elegant atmosphere that is hardly pioneering. It does, however, achieve a look that is unmatched through a series of easy side-by-side placement methods, such as superimposing description and headings over pictures.

Main features: Contains the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins. Sprint themed provides an inventive interpretation of today's highly acclaimed full-width layouts - a headers, followed by icons, an About Me section and a feedback page. Your release somehow succeeds in looking cool despite each of these stereotypes thanks to a robust color scheme and easy hyper animation.

Main features: Contains a 404 user-defined fault page. Developed with a common goal in mind: to give WordPress customers a convenient asset management tool. Main features: Contains the contact form 7 plug-in. Of all the items in this glossary of the best minimal WordPress themes, perhaps no one else fulfills the term as much as this one.

It may look a little obsolete, but we' re big enthusiasts of the easy listing layouts it uses. Minimal is therefore ideal for those who are looking for a down-to-earth subject. Main features: Drawing on colourful pictures of products, it provides clear and concise pages - ideal for a web- or designer who wants to present their portfolios without distraction.

Main features: Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in. The one-sided topic is ideal for companies that want to prove their creativity. There are four different layout options that combine pallax animation with soft transition to give a pleasing effect. Main features: Contains the Slider Revolution plug-in. A little-known topic that provides a surprising variety of layout for agents, contractors and photographers.

It' s scarce look is also great for those shops that want to stay tidy. Main features: Contains the Slider Revolution and Visual Composer plug-ins at no extra charge. Inspired by print map design, this modest blogs topic is a great place to blog. Offering a small footprint that is particularly well displayed on portable gadgets, it also contains a host of customizable page widths.

Main features: Recently CAM has become one of the best minimalistic WordPress themes, as the release was not too long ago. Main features: User-defined page creator that is equipped with the Visual Composer plug-in. The Ouidah is the first ecommerce-only article to appear on our best WordPress themes and it was a piece of cake.

They use a neat mesh system to present items and give each of them the level of care they merit. Main features: Contains its own children's topic for detailed adjustment. The design eliminates annoying functions and shows each of your pictures in an appealing raster. Each of these dates are shown with plain HTML animation above each of your photographs.

Main features: Although Paperleaf is promoted as a multi-purpose topic, we have found that Paperleaf is perfectly suited for blogs. Stylish brickwork is ideal for viewing your latest blogs and can be easily combined with a side bar. Main features: The DW Jason is a neat asset management product for professional designers.

Nothing unusual about sleeves - it's a sleek piece of art for presenting your work. Main features: A colourful subject, Nudge is characterised by its funny changing pillar layout, palladium effect and stylish call to trade. Above all, the topic allows you to yourselves selling your products on-line through WooCommerce.

Main features: The Superba is a media-oriented topic for professional photography and creativity agency. In spite of the strict designs, the pages impress with the excellent photos and colourful animation integrated. In addition, it contains seven different style to present your gallery - each better than the last. Main features: Aurum' sophisticated themes include layout for various kinds of outlet, among them fashions and technology shops.

Especially the jewellery shop's look is a pleasure - it uses a colour range of creme and golden that matches the topic very well. Main features: Retina-capable styling. This core topic is ideal for the photographer who wants to present their work in a straightforward format. Everything unites to a single, sleek look.

Main features: By far the most moody of our influences in this minimalistic WordPress topic is Yusuf. What sets it apart is its simplicity of styling, which jumps out of the monitor through the inspiring use of colour. We particularly like the emphasis effect, which the topic consistently uses.

Main features: Contains a customizing tool. Saveoy is an elegantly designed topic for WordPress e-commerce pages. The shop is characterized by an appealing shop layout that makes outstanding use of the white space. Main features: This is the last item in our compilation of the best minimalistic WordPress themes, and it is a good one. Featuring an iconic look that is perfectly suited to technology-driven Web pages, this redesign incorporates a host of functions to improve your visitors' experiences, including integrated reviews and related mailings.

Main features: Contains socially shared functionality. The Adios is delivered with a lot of stylish styling in a plain size. We have nine easy but breathtaking homepage releases from which you can select any one in stylish minimalism. Main features: These 30 best minimal WordPress themes are all great for creating a neat website that emphasizes your contents - but they may not be right for every event.

Have a look at some of these alternative options from our archive if you are not sure that minimumism is right for you: Best 15 Landing Page WordPress Topics for High Conversion Websites in 2016. Top 15 Premium WordPress Topics in 2016. Twenty high-quality WordPress themes for web designers and their customers in 2016.

How do you see the emergence of minimal WordPress themes in 2016?

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