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AZ About Blog Own less. I was impressed by the quality (and number) of new blogs dedicated to the minimalism and simplicity that have recently emerged online. Have a look at these blogs that can help you on your journey. This is a minimalist lifestyle blog where simplicity is stylish. Check out our list of the best minimalist blogs.

A clear mind with these 14 minimalist blog posts

Seldom do we take the liberty of deciphering or just enjoying a simple dinner. A number of researches show that those who concentrate on the current instant are much more fortunate than those who are multitasking all the while. Practising a mindful ness, simple and grateful way of living will help us remember all the beauties in our present lives and keep us from stacking insignificant things and actions in our routine.

The 14 minimalist blog posts are great for help us get back to essentials - to remember how to decelerate and sustain a fulfilling lifestyle, less to spend and more to do. Roshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus are writing about a sensible way of doing things with less effort. Those boys add humour and comedy to their blog The Minimalists, which has over 4 million viewers.

It preaches that minimumism is a instrument that can help us find liberty from the characteristics of the consumption around which we have constructed our life and enable us to make more conscious and conscious life choices. Attentive is the place where one can be informed and inspired to live a conscious life.

Research shows that there is a powerful link between practising awareness and beneficial effects on our own wellbeing, our own fortune, our work and our relationship. This website and the printed journal tell biographical tales, messages and tips for life in the present. Look at her mindful meditation: Un-Fancy is one of our favorite blogs because he's too fond of himself because he has far too much apparel and always feels the need to buy more.

Have a look at her How To Built A Capsule Wardrobe review. The blog of Colin Wright serves as a point of departure for Joshua of The Minimalists, who came across it in 2009. Colin's blog, Exile Lifestyle, has inspire many to reconsider their lifestyle and take a closer look at what real luck and fulfilment is about.

The Zen Habits section contains essays on easiness, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, good fortune, motivation and inspiration. Have a look at his other blog too, you know, uh, mnmlist. Dana and John are creating a recipe that consists of 10 or less trimmings, requires a soup ladle or dish, or requires 30 or less moments to get ready for their blog Minimalist Baker.

Have a look at their imaginative chickpea Shawarma recipes or their 2 ingredients dark chocolate truffles. She is an author, fotographer and Yogateacher and lives on the eastern shore of Australia. Your blog, Practising Simplicity, contains great hints and enlightening insights for easy eating, housing, lifestyle, body and education with great photos and insight.

Browse her recent article on how to create a stable family home or her simple handy skin care advice. Living in Minnesota, Anthony Ongaro and his spouse Amy blog their experiences by working toward lifestyles: more travel, being locational, and having the liberty to work on their passion. Antony is on a quest to breach The Twitch to buy more, do more and obsess over our telephones, our online communities, our online communities and other permanent disruptions that divert us from being present in our everyday life.

Read his articles about Making Your Less Convenient Live or his experiences in a tank for sensory deprivation. Tiny House Movement is a tendency that aims to meet our needs from home (and not much more) while we live and make conscious choices. In his blog Tiny House Talk, Alex Pino divides his passions for being smaller and more focused.

Take a look at this Q&A collection of tall houses. While Cait began her blog to record her trip towards freedom from debts, through this trial she adopted a more minimalist life style and documented her trip in her beloved blog Blonde On A Budget. Learn more about her Year Long Shopperban ( she is currently in her second year of a one-year blackout ) and see her template for mindful budgeting.

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