Minimalist Portfolio Websites

Minimumistic portfolio websites

Storefront of the best minimal and portfolio websites. Today minimalism is an established trend. The minimalist portfolio websites are great for presenting your work. Visit our website at

Twenty minimalist portfolio designs you'll like.

Are you passionate about the whites and want a clear, crisp look? The minimalist look is probably for you. Minimalist designs emphasize contents rather than strong visuals. In many areas there is a great deal of room for minimalist designs.

Artists can take advantage of this by integrating it into their portfolio of products. Have a look at these 20 stylish and slim, minimalist portfolio themes that I have gathered to inspire you.

There are 10 websites with a minimalist portfolio

Meanwhile minimalism has become an accepted designer fashion and is perfectly suited for portfolio use. Minimalistic portfolio websites are great for presenting your work. There are 10 minimalist portfolio sites here to help you get inspired. He' s an artist and this is his portfolio website. Its website is a good example of minimalist styling.

It' got a blank backdrop and a giant blank print. When we look at how he presents typed contents, we can see that some catchwords about him have a bright grey colour. As you scroll, you will begin to see his portfolio. Every work has its own giant miniature picture and a giant typeface for its name.

In this way he is continuing the concept he used at the beginning of the page. Miniature views of the galery following the same line vertically end with a horizontally striped black line with giant type and pale grey key words. It is an example that is well deserving of mention and a good resource for inspiring designs for upcoming work.

It' a really great way to use your portfolio website to win new customers by just showing them the powerful and important facets of your work. Typographical style demands a good sense of style and easy but persuasive pictures. She uses a bright grey backdrop and a giant rose typeface for her name.

The way this site navigates through its portfolio is what seems to be a menubar, but in reality is a toolbar. To see her work through giant miniature views, click on "Take a look around". Here is another example that you may want to keep in mind and that can be a good source of inspirations for your work.

This portfolio site's basic concept is to keep things easy and select only one particular colour that can successfully present you and your site. Keep the wallpaper easy so the pictures can stick out and have a big influence on the beholder, especially for customers looking for the kind of work you're creating.

You have a horizontally slide show tape with strong blues pictures. Scour down to see your portfolio, which also uses giant miniature views and follows the same line vertically. It' s plain and plain what makes all these good looking ventures work. When creating such a minimalist portfolio website, the basic concept is to keep the pictures as easy as possible.

Manuel is a San Francisco-based graphic arts and graphic arts company. You specialise in trademark identities, artwork management, package management, printing and graphic arts. You have a basic grid-based lay-out for your website presentations and a very minimalist and clear designed blank backdrop. The minimalist website also uses thin, plain strokes to divide the text from the pictures.

Your home page begins with the ability to click on your role movie, but if you browse down you will see the current portfolio pictures, which you can also sort by categories. Again, the pictures are neat and easy and they have vibrant colours and textures that set this site apart from the rest.

Dallyn has a rather eye-catching portfolio that is minimalist in style. He has a bright grey website that works in perfect harmony with all the different types of project he has carried out over the years. Dallyn works in the areas of artistic management and styling - he makes experience and tries to make the complexity clear and attractive.

Over and over again they use the same size diagonals and give the web designer a much more dynamical look. Each picture has a plain text nearby to make everything clear and easy for the observer. One thing that makes this website even more minimalist and astonishing is the restricted colour range used for the photos.

The main content of this website is monochrome photographs. These are the designs of the work of Kyle Thacker, the interactive artist. It has a one-of-a-kind web site with an interesting, user-friendly lay-out. Its website can be a great inspirational resource for upcoming ventures because it has such a clear, minimalist look.

The small, shallow images on the pages are a very beautiful detail of this website, which fit perfect to the coloring of text and backgrounds. Customers can click on one of the service options and the current portfolio is displayed. Ignácio Macri is a graphics and illustration artist from Mar del Plata, Argentina, who has a very colourful website with a minimalist outline.

One of the best parts of his portfolio website are the distinctive images that use plain forms but strong colours that immediately stand out. If you click on one of the illusions, a single page will open with the full company name, company name, company name, company name, company name, company name, company name, etc. It is an outstanding example of how a website can be minimalistic and use many colours.

It has a basic, minimalist portfolio website with a round, grid-based design and a bright grey backdrop. Its website may seem all monochrome, but try moving your cursor over these circular miniature views to see how they become colorful. It is a great example of how you can take advantage of easy interactivity and motion on your portfolio website.

The Diego Blanco Art Direction is a portfolio website with a minimalist look. But this example can be a good inspirational tool for minimalist project, but not only. He presents his work faultlessly with easy pictures and separates it with the help of blank strokes. Because of the whiteness of the backdrop, it is easy to concentrate on your work.

It has a great easy and neat website look for its on-line portfolio. It also uses angular forms and graphs for the layout of its landings page. If you click on one of the catagories, a scrollable page will appear with beautiful and easy pictures illustrating your work.

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