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The Opta is a minimalist portfolio and photography HTML template. More ideas about flat webdesign, minimalistic webdesign and models can be found here. New Standard is a fast-reacting theme with a clear and minimalist design that is ideal for selling all types of products.">A-ha Store - Stylish e-commerce HTML Template

The A-Ha is a bootstrap topic for the web shop that is characterized by a clear and minimalist look. Comes with a fully reactive look with slider touches, scrolling animation, Twitter feeding and more. The Subas is another eCommerce HTML templates created with Bootstrap. It' perfect for setting up an on-line shop for gifts, telephones and electronic equipment.

There are 10 different homepage and 69 page themes in 10 different colourways. When you set up a basic and minimalist marriage website, this topic will be useful to you. There are 40 different style templates in this sample, all created with Bootstrap to create a website with minimal work.

It is a package of multi-purpose bootstrap topics that contains over 100 templates that allow you to create many different kinds of web sites. RTL language support and many fun functions like huge menu, slide show background, cookies and more. This is a creative minimum website theming.

The Bootstrap templates are great for creating a website for a creativity company or advertising company. Distinguished by a clear styling and a classy presentation of your work. Logic is a Portfoliothema, which was created with Bootstrap. It' perfectly suited for creating a unique individual portfolios for creativity and professional. There are 12 different page variants and 4 different product line layouts.

The Shopick is a website submission for on-line shops with 15 different page layouts and 2 different homepage variations. A minimalist style using shallow colours and symbols also characterises the subject. The bootstrap topic is characterised by a bold graphic style and is perfect for creating a website for a corporate identity or advertising company.

There is a choice of an attractive look and several different colour scheme. The Flexis is a contemporary and very minimalist bootstrap topic for creating company and agent web sites. There are 19 different layout and 8 different colourways. It also uses shallow designer colours and UI-components.

The topic has been developed specifically for the development of web sites related to educational institutions. They can also select from 8 different colours to adapt the look. Adams is a mighty and feature-rich WordPress topic that comes with a bootstrap-based look and feel. It has been created with a minimum number of layouts, making it particularly suited to creative and professional users.

It is a professional bootstrap artwork with a lot of great functions like a price chart, a testimonial section, over 700 free icon templates and much more. The Buro is the perfect tool for freelance and agency designers to create a website for their portfolios. It has a clear and concise design that makes it easy for you to adapt it.

The Appi is a minimum size application Landing Page that reminds you of the Apple iPhone website. This free presentation is also ideal for the presentation of your product. Bootstrap templates specifically developed for creating page landings for portable applications. It has a clear and minimalist look with a price list, Google fonts, a lot of animation and much more.

One more great free bootstrap artwork that you can use to set up a good-looking apple-anding page. There are also registration pages, subscriptions and more. Twentyone is a high-performance one-page artwork created with Bootstrap for companies and agents. MailChimp integrated and a fully featured online help system are included with the package.

The New Age is an application land page developed with Bootstrap. Featuring an appealing look, rolling animation, and more, this free sample is a great way to get started. Minimum footprint allows you to learn more about your product in an efficient way without overloading the website.

Bootstrap templates are ideal for creating a website for an agent or small company. Its minimalist styling and versatile use make it really affordable. The best way to create a website for a creativity company or start-up is to use this model. Your artwork is characterized by a minimum lay-out and an appealing look.

When you' re thinking of writing an on-line CV for your work, MYDA is a great bootstrap tool that allows you to create a fast one-page website for your work. The Vira is a minimum bootstrap submission that you can use to build a website for a start-up or agent. It is fully reactive and includes full Ghostbuttons, soft scroll, dropdown and more.

Perfect for freelance and professional artists, this neat and lightweight presentation is perfect for presenting your work. It was created with the help of the Bootstrap 4. A fast-reacting HTML boatstrap submission that fits your blogs, personals, news or everyday website. It' s bootstrapped with CSS3, HTML5 and also supports all display formats - portable, handheld and desk top units. certified, contemporary, clean und minimum size designs. It provides a minimum policy issue created with Bootstrap 3 so that it is on a level you are comfortable with. This is a personalized WordPress folder topic (but still bootstrap based) with a customizable colors schema and floating and active colors. It is an appealing, imaginative, blogsite, one-page and multi-page style sheet.

You can use this submission for a blogs, business, portfolios, shops, universities, resumes and more. is an HTML website that blends a minimally advanced look and feel with the right number of functions to help you build an excellent web site in no time-and that's what makes your website so special. We recommend our products to creatives, contractors and agents.

This is a minimum inventory style sheet created with Bootstrap 3, with simple whitewash and ease of use. The Wallo is a completely reactive one- and multi-page subject with fantastic parallel effect features. Its design can simply be adapted to your needs and is simple to install to launch your website with one click. You can use all areas of the homepage (about me, experiences, portfolios, contact details or footer) or you can simply change/remove them.

HTML5 is a fast and reactive HTML5 templating with clear and simple designs, ideal for any agency, studios, portfolio, staff, graphics designer, etc. Operates with the Bootstrap framework. The Griswald is a minimum bootstrap 3.3.1 policy issue and contains over 9 different page templates. It is a minimalist presentation tool for your application.

Can also be used as a good portfolios display case. Bootstrap's sleek design is a minimum and stylish landing page with great feature set. It has been developed for the presentation of a prospective website or would be ideal for an application page. It includes customizable executables, the source file is well organised, neat, easy understandable and customizable.

The Less + More is an attractive, slim design that can look breathtaking on any machine. It has been developed primarily for start-up companies but is still very well suited for the presentation of applications, plays or other service. Developed with a view to minimumism and lateral velocity. Provides a clear, easy to use interaction environment for your endusers to interact with.

The Omikron is a minimum, straightforward and highly reactive ghost topic designed for the highest possible legibility. Omikron designs are focused on type and clear lines. Basing on the latest bootstrap it is easily to upgrade and customize to your own needs. It is an innovative, unparalleled and high-performance WordPress topic that is suitable for one-page / one-page web sites / blogging and weblogs.

The Machli is ideal for a creativity studios, portfolios, fashion, agency and business. It has a one-sided and a standard one. The Vivera is a fully reactive HTML page submission or HTML page creation submission that can be used with any type of devices (desktop, tray, cell phone) without the need to remove it.

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