Minimalist Wordpress Themes for Writers

Wordpress minimalist themes for authors

amera is a minimalist WordPress theme for photographers, bloggers and authors. The ClubTravel is a free WordPress blog / magazine / personal / writer theme. Type is a Wordpress theme with a beautiful typography and a unique minimal design that makes your website look good with or without images.

40-plus best free WordPress themes for authors and bloggers

Would you like to begin your writing/blogging carreer on-line? With the WordPress integration, it's not that hard or daunting to do just that. Rather, discovering and using WordPress can be enjoyable and inspirational, especially when you come to the part that allows you to choose the right WordPress topic for your website.

If you are at the beginning of your blogs trip and don't have the money to populate some high-quality WordPress topics, there's no need to be afraid. Finally, the following free WordPress themes are an author's fantasy and can make your on-line creation corners truly delicious!

Best 30+ WordPress Topics for Authors of the Year

When you are a novelist or an auteur, you know how important self-expression is. Fortunately, WordPress is very easy to use and allows you to tailor your platforms to your individual needs. When it comes to setting your website apart from the rest, choosing a WordPress topic that is professionally designed and eye-catching is a must.

In case you are in a rush and cannot get the whole listing covered at the moment, here are the top 5: Do you want to be one of the best WordPress topics for writers on our team? Our WordPress Authoring Topics page focuses on topics that not only look amazing, but can also help writers present their work and references.

Each of the themes presented has an intuitively designed and powerfully functional interface, making it simpler than ever for you to keep your supporters informed. There is no need to worry about processing complex codes, as the installation and customization of these topics is quite simple. When you want to build an outstanding website that impresses and attracts new customers to your site, this is the topic for you.

The Freelance Writer is suitable for writers who like to use a full-screen user surface. Featuring an stunning full-width full width scroll bar and a stunning parallel axis scroll pattern. It' s sleek looks and full-screen styling make it a good option for writers and writers who want to advertise their contents and make a fantastic first impact to increase their audiences.

Autor Pro is an award-winning WordPress topic created by a dedicated staff that understand the challenge of most authors. Why is Autor Pro one of the best WordPress themes for authors? First, it comes with a great landing page; a function that proves useful for authors who present their book for the first and foremost.

Writer is an excellent option if you are looking for a minimalist and uncomplicated WordPress topic. This topic has been specially developed for publishing houses and writers who want to advertise their work there. It is fully embedded in the Cherry framework, which is known for its easy-to-understand and highly customizable administration panels. With the intelligent themes panels, you can change pictures in the back and in the top of your website, change colours, select appropriate text that fits well with your market planning, and create a contemporary website to present your fantastic contents.

As a dedicated author, you're likely to be falling in love with this topic - it takes minimum adjustment and comes with a fistful of adjustment choices. Featuring an informational side bar and plenty of room for pictures, the topic still emphasizes the contents, your most valuable asset. It provides a great website browsing environment without straining your audience and allows you to easily enhance your work.

Right now is a nice WordPress topic that has been developed to provide an exquisite visual sensation on any machine. Creatively highlighting your contents, it will help you differentiate yourself from the masses with its stunning layouts. Featuring a slide-in menus, a distinctive look and large pictures, the Worldview theming is a must for any serious author.

They offer a nice, colourful and eye-catching read and make your contents catch the eye. Wonderful design that applies to all gadgets and web browser's, it captivates the reader with its large covers and vibrant colours. When you specialize in the creation of on-line journals, you need to get your fingers on literature as quickly as possible.

It is a clear and uncomplicated topic that presents every item in a neat and contemporary way. Configuring features are built-in and use WordPress-native native functionality, eliminating the need for third party config panel complexity. Literatum won a place on our best WordPress author mailing lists for its nice and minimalist styling, while its easy handling makes it attractive to anyone with no engineering backgrounds.

The Karen is a free WordPress topic that is resource-saving and very reliable with its minimalist look and awesome feature set. The design has all important functions to run your WordPress blogs. The Karen comes with practical functions that allow the webmaster to easily optimize their look to make a truly original website.

Literal is a WordPress topic that goes the additional mile in solving frequent author issues related to on-line publishing. One of the best WordPress themes for authors out there. Thanks to its excellent functionality and ease of use, it has been included in our best WordPress authoring topics for authors.

It is essentially intended for writers and has a number of functions that every author will appreciate. WooCommerce, a plug-in that makes it very simple to buy goods on-line, is supported. When you want to promote and resell your work on-line, this can simply be the WordPress topic for you.

Using the gorgeously easy WordPress themed customizer, you can adjust the colours for the whole design, making it simpler than ever to customise your website. The Pocket is a sophisticated WordPress topic designed for blogs, stories and general use. Accentuates your letter with nice, highly evocative pictures, plenty of whitespace and fat type.

Designed for authors looking for a simple and stylish way to present their works. And it comes with a fistful of customization choices so you can give your website a simple custom look and feel. What's more, you can customize your website to your liking. Rugged customizable themes make it easy to change color, logo, blog settings, and more.

Wallpapers in the topic are also an advantage. Forte is a powerfull, stylish and versatile WordPress e-commerce topic with an adaptable design and many useful functions. Advertise your artwork, photographs, sketches and more with this sleek yet striking lifestyle topic.

It is not primarily intended for the sale of literature, but is intended to include writers and writers without previous experience in coding. It is a slim subject that conveys a sensation of being nostalgic and a sensation similar to listening to a genuine work. Altogether, GrazUnderPressure definitely earns a place on our best WordPress author listing topics.

WordPress is a free WordPress themed magazine that is easily customizable and meets the needs of any journalist or author: whether it's fashions, travels, cars, dining or notices. The Journal can be adapted to any tastes with a slim but retrospective look, an embedded built-in optical constructor, colour scheme or typeface.

It also has many other features and tooling such as: The Evoke is a WordPress photoblog topic for authors who want to easily and elegantly divide their story. Comes with nice typeface and promotes the use of large pictures that make your contents more eye-catching.

It is a fully reactive topic, has a clear and contemporary look and is very simple to use. CheckUp is an award-winning WordPress topic for authors, and it comes with great customizability and a breathtaking look. There are 11 different types of demonstrations to select from, or you can make your own with over 500 different demonstrations.

Although there are so many items in CheckUp, its simple administration makes it amazingly simple to use. Another very useful feature included in CheckUp is intelligent image load, performance enhancement, postal style, headers design, slide selection, root style, community share generation, visual composer and other tens of different customizations. To try out the best WordPress topics for authors, you should begin with type.

The topic is full of unbelievable features and utilities such as nice blogstyles, homepage adjustments, mail-layout, typographical features, limitless colour combinations, page settings, customized widgets and shortcuts, on-line store supports, multi-language supports and a full installation manual. Type gives you full creative freedom and full creative freedom, so you can decide how you want to present your work.

The MagPlus is a rich and rugged WordPress author ing topic designed by themes_bubble that allows you to create breathtaking Web sites in just a few simple moves. You can create an eye-catching look with just a few mouse clicks using the demo versions together with Visual Composer and the built-in real-timeustomizer.

Several of the other features that are available include various headers layout, 150+ items, item layout, slider, premium plug-ins, excluding widgets, checking system, navigational style and endless sidelines. The Gridlove is a visual WordPress topic for authors that gives you all the powerful features you need to create and maintain websites. Gridlove's designs have been developed to present items in a smart and classy way to win new audiences.

The front and rear ends of the topic are easily navigated and all functions are simple to use. The Gridlove offers dozens of different layout, headers, categories, individual mail layout, endless colour combination and font, advertising banner, topic options panels, co-author plug-in built-in and adhesive side bars. This is probably the best selection in comparison to other WordPress topics for author.

The Newsmag is a very powerful and simple to use WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for authors. The topic is full of stunning utilities and its use does not require any programming knowledge. With this Page Builder you can create new and thrilling page layout for your contents. Opportunities are limitless with this topic and you will find that building a new website from the ground up is not as hard as it may sound.

Best WordPress topics for authors will help you get your website up and run in no time! The Smart Blog does just that and much more. The Smart Blog demonstration contents include 8 one-of-a-kind website demonstrations, 400+ homepage choices and over 1000+ functions for you to try. Whatever your demonstration, you can personalise it using the administration control and personalise it with your own note.

When you need a pro website for your article and your blogs, go with Smart Blogs! Cristina was specifically designed to act as a learning environment for authors around the globe. Cristina has 3 ready-made designs that are minimally invasive and refreshing to suit every taste. As soon as you have selected your demos, you can start adding your own contents and replace the demos.

The other necessary functions are categories listings, gallery, infinite load, as well as search engine optimisation. It includes everything you need to launch a blogs and draw people. You can use Adobe Reader software to browse the two designs, browse your website, browse your website, find your own style, change your blogs look, compile your own contents, insert your own page bars, insert your own page bar, insert your own button for your website, insert a raster image, insert your audio, choose your colour combination and add your own logo.

The choice of reader gives you the opportunity to get in touch with our public and inspire them not only with your contents, but also with your designs. Reader is the flawlessly designed way to earn money from your authoring. Are you looking for a WordPress topic that will help you get your website up and running in no hurry?

Featuring different themes and tastes, this topic offers a variety of blogs lifestyles and high-performance features. Optimize every item in this topic with the Customize live tool until you get it right. And Paperio also offers unparalleled demonstrations, the Importers for demonstration contents, infinite variation for bottom and top, 5 slide control style, soft inclusion, movie and sound mail type, and advertising abbreviations.

Heaven offers 5 different blogstyles that make sure your contents take centre stage. Use the One-Click DemonImporter to quickly fill your website with demos and see what they will look like. As soon as you have your own contents, you can easily substitute the demonstration.

In addition, Himmelen offers infinite homepage variants that are easily operated and interactively. Featuring this stunning subject, you'll also enjoy boundless menu options, post-slide layout, boundless page breaks, post popularity, boundless color, and an appealing look. One of the most stylish and easiest WordPress themes for authors you can find is Wild Book.

The Wild Book contains all the choices and layout features that such a topic should include, and much more. It can be interpreted into 21 different tongues, which is quite impressing. Wild Book doesn't let you down when it comes to themes optimization with endless color, customized background and headings, gallery, gooey menus and other adjustment option.

Leave your savage page free with Game Book! iFashion has a reactive and adaptable style that helps you set yourself apart from the masses. fFashion concentrates on mode blocks, but is sufficiently diverse to be used in various niche applications. Featuring enhanced typographic choices, interactivity menus, mail sliders, newsletters subscriptions, instagram feeds, limitless color, Facebook Open Graf, Contacts and 9 mail format sponsors.

The IMBT is a WordPress topic for authors that is extremely adaptable and includes all types of functions and optional extras. This topic focuses on promoting your franchise and highlighting it. IMBT includes MailChimp integrations, 5 blogsayouts, 8 postsayouts, built-in page builders, type layout capabilities, user-defined shortcuts, infinite color, advanced search engine optimisation and user-defined page styles.

Whatever functions you need and end up using, you will have a website that is fun, imaginative and looks great to work with. To see how great WordPress themes work for authors, visit IMBT! The Hemlock project is designed to be one of the best WordPress topics for authors, offering you everything you need to create a great place to present your work.

The Hemlock is designed by SoloPine Designs and comes with amazing features. The Hemlock was released several years ago and has since got many upgrades, making it a big competitor for this listing. Hemlock gives you page styles, customized widgets, WooCommerce assistance, community tools integrations, customized menu, demos, and more.

The Reply is another WordPress topic that can be used for and by authors. The subject is rather easy, but its styling is sleek and demanding and also highlights your contents. Reply's other useful function is its reactivity, which allows your audiences to view your contents on all your equipment.

When you want a contemporary design, try Reply! WordPress topics for authors are not lacking in the markets. Not all of them, however, provide dependable technical backup and ease of adaptation. Choose one from our selection and you will be building a beautiful and fully functioning site with minimum help and no headache.

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