Minimum Wordpress Theme

Wordpress minimal theme

The breathtaking execution of "less is more", the Minimum Child theme expresses everything you are talking about with very little effort. MINIMUM Professional WordPress Theme from QUODE The MINIMUM is a high-quality WordPress theme for contemporary businesses or interactively creating. Select from 3 smooth running Amax Animation, build Parallax pages, use four built-in faders to apply Parallax faders and slide effects to each page, and take full benefit of the fantastic Revolution Slider. ON/OFF animation ON/OFF - Select from 3 smooth transition modes between pages for a rich viewing and creative experiences or turn off your favorite website's animation to make a great website.

In addition to the pre-defined simulations, you can also build your own scenarios by selecting the desired simulation types for each page. Parallax Bonuses - MINIMUM has an awesome bonuses function - easily created parallax pages, great for a presentation, microsite or new homepage. Simple to use, high-performance administration user surface - MINIMUM has a very intuitively, simple to use administration user surface.

Adds limitless faders and transparencies as you edit page, review and portfolios, adds limitless portfolios pictures or video as you edit your portfolios items, adds limitless paragraph parallaxes to each page. Elegant, Pro Design - This theme is created by a group of pro design professionals who focus on usability and minimalistic styles. Optionally available Folder Wide Control - Enable/disable the Folder Wide Control area for folder folds and include any number of folds.

Completely reactive - MINIMUM is a fully reactive Wordpress theme and works perfect on all display formats and portable equipment. Highly customisable - Infinite colours and dimensions for all items, over 500 Google scripts and a rugged back-end provide a single application for a wide range of commercial and private applications. Flexibility of layouts - Use our demonstration layouts or design your own visual experiences with our customizable shortcuts and feature-rich backends.

Module shortcuts - Be inspired with limitless combination of easy-to-use shortcuts and quickly build any page you like. Preparation for translating - This topic is fully ready for translating into any desired languages. Perform perfect code - encoded in HTML5, CCS3 and jQuery, this cleverly designed design is 100% true. Childrens Theme Ready - Make a Childrens Theme based on the contained Childrens Theme.

Dual kinds of large sliders - Fully adjustable text location, colour, size und type. There are two kinds of small rotary valves - three or four pictures in a row. There are two kinds of rotary valves. There are four different kinds of info graphics. There are five variants of the Blogs page layout - 20 blogs in combination with side bar styles. Short codes:

If you have a problem with our topic or WordPress in general, we are there for you. - I have improved inter-page animation using arbitrary characters in my animation file using arbitrary characters.

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