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In the blogs MMMOOOOO is no stranger and for good reason. They are known for their high-quality, creative themes, which seem easy to dazzle. Homepage - MMMOOOOOO Recently we have chosen to discontinue our core business of developing and delivering customized portable applications. MMMOOOO mainly covers 3 areas in the new exploration and incident period: As the best-known ISV, we will perform outsourced services in iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry apps, H5, CMS, UI/UX, as well as programming, communications and services. Early Step Investing:

Decades of our visions on the web and via the wireless web have led us to make some investments. Thanks to our good partnerships with BlackBerry and other cell phone manufacturers, we now sell devices with dependable qualities and good prices. more about MMMOOO in the last 10 years: Since 2004, we have achieved over 250,000,000 downloads in 5 application stores, averaging 200,000 per download per day.

Our visions are that the cell telephone will be the most important point of entry for those who go online. In 2011, Distimo named us Top 5 cross-platform mobiles and we are proud of the rapidly expanding and demanding mobiles application industries, we are here to increase your portability! MMMOOO will concentrate our efforts on developing applications for killers, you can look forward to more from MMMOOOO in 2014.

In addition, it is our great pleasure to support companies in the development of portable application & servers clients, we have carried out another 10+ development projects for major publishers. MMMOOOO develops and ports cross-platform applications globally and locally: Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPod touch and Android. Shanghai Jibiao, the mother organization of MMMOOOO, also offers complete solutions for companies from programming to presence services to the end customer, smooth and stable!

MMMOOOO is the global Jibiao Info Tech Co., Ltd. mark and logo for the development of portable applications. MMMOOOOO is the global mark and logo of Shanghai Jibiao Info Tech Co., Ltd.

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