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Create an app with the Mobile App Builder. Apple Builder for Android & iOS | Apple Maker Indigenous applications for ionOS and Android. UI/UX to make your mobile application truly mobile. More than 50 different BI and API products to select from. Limitless downloading, pushed notification, stock control, peer-to-peer chats, payments portal, basket and more.

Simple to administer with CMS, analytical, monetisation and scheduling. Plan custom push-to-call alerts on any timezone for any part of the globe.

A cloud-hosted, secured approach to integrating your information enables you to safely load files for limitless displays. Have your customers sign in to your application via Facebook or e-mail with built-in community registration capabilities. Collect your comments, accept pre-orders or receive further registrations, our tailor-made application form has everything you need. Over 50 custom and custom application programming interfaces let you integrate your community into your application in near-life.

Add a special look and feel to your application with your own personalized in-app photography and videogallery. Scalable inclusion that lets you access Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites directly from your application. More intelligent way to find certain contents in applications. We have a tailor-made selection of application icon with a lot of love for detail to bring you the apples.

Make more intelligent, data-driven choices with real-time analysis and statistics that report on your application. Use our affordable Web Content Creation Services to help you build, resell, and maintain your account's applications. You can now immediately start a mobile application for your company in over 20 different language versions. Managing your assets with a scaleable dynamical asset lifecycle system on our Application Builder.

The wizard shows you the changes in Real Life each and every times you upgrade your application.

Create mobile websites

Will not interfere with the Web site on your computer screen. Allow your customers' clients to contact you with a single click. Increase pedestrian transport for your clients. Post a message to your customers' clients, even if they are not on the site. Which is a pure mobile website? That' s exactly what a pure mobile website is - a stand-alone website that looks good and works great on mobile handsets.

The Mobile-Only sites have a "m." domainname ( and are separated from desktops. Just insert a redirection key on your customer's desktops and every times a user enters via a smart phone, he will see the mobile one. Does this differ from a fast responding website? An all-mobile website is conceived only for working with mobile equipment.

Responsible Web sites are engineered to work on all types of equipment. If I should provide mobile web sites to my clients? From time to time you will meet a client who is simply not willing to give up and respond to his pure desktops website. Whether they're up for a new desktops website or not, mobile usability is no longer an optional feature in today's global environment - it's a must.

Does my mobile website builder come with my schedule? But are pure mobile sites SEO-friendly? What should I bill my customer for mobile web pages?

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