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Essential differences to traditional website builders: Drag and drop the responsive Website Builder to create beautiful mobile websites without programming. Create mobile websites Will not interfere with the Web site on your computer screen. Allow your customers' clients to contact you with a single click. Increase pedestrian transport for your clients. Post a message to your customers' clients, even if they are not on the site.

Which is a pure mobile website? That' s exactly what a pure mobile website is - a stand-alone website that looks good and works great on mobile handsets.

The Mobile-Only sites have a "m." domainname ( and are separated from desktops. Just insert a redirection key on your customer's desktops and every times a user enters via a smart phone, he will see the mobile one. Does this differ from a fast responding website? An all-mobile website is conceived only for working with mobile equipment.

Responsible Web sites are engineered to work on all types of equipment. If I should provide mobile web sites to my clients? From time to time you will meet a client who is simply not willing to give up and respond to his pure desktops website. Whether you're up for a new desktops website or not, mobile usability is no longer an optional feature in today's global environment - it's a must.

Does my mobile website builder come with my schedule? But are pure mobile sites SEO-friendly? What should I bill my customer for mobile web pages?

Customise your website with mobile capabilities.

Customise your website with mobile capabilities. Convert and optimize up to 10 video or playlist files for each YouTube or Vimeo player you use. Distinguish your product and create a basket so that your website consumers can shop. View your latest Yelp and Foursquare annual reports on your mobile website.

Automatic updating. Build customized templates that meet your specific needs. View your mobile website shows your mobile web site your web pages, automatically updated. View pictures from a picture library or make your own. Pictures optimised for each unit.

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