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DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THEIR WEBSITE. Well, let's see what more Mobile Website Builder can do for its users. Allow us to help you find the perfect mobile site builder for your project.

Provides 8 simple mobile version creation utilities for your website

Your shoppers may report that your website needs a mobile edition so they can go and see it while on the go, or you may have recently seen a competitor's website on your mobile phone; it looks chic, and now you're feelin' over the top. Mobile network is growing. According to Netmarketshare, the use of iOS, the OS for Apple mobile phones such as the iPhone and iPad, has almost doubled in just seven month (from March 2010 to October 2010).

It is an indication of how many users are increasingly visiting web pages through their mobile device rather than their computer. In order to help you, we have put together a simple tool box for building mobile webpages. We have deliberately selected the utilities in this tool box for usability - that is, they are all targeted at website users with no web development/encoding expertise.

The majority of the following utilities have graphic interface and copy-and-paste pads that can be simply deployed on your website. When you can add a Google Analytics utility to your website yourself, you can use these utilities. They work by recognizing the users agents of your website users, which is just a failed conversation, to find out whether a person is using a normal web or mobile one.

In the case where the Username Agents is a mobile web browsers, they will be directed to the mobile edition of your website. It is the usual practise to add a subdomain as to the mobile part of your website. This divides your website visit up into two parts to provide an optimum surfing environment for all your website viewers.

Mobilify allows you to build a mobile copy of your website through an easy-to-use GUI. Setting it up is a snap, and you can build your own mobile website in just a few moments. Mobile Commerce is a mobile commerce solution specifically designed for e-shops on the mobile web.

Mobify is running on a free trial basis, but its free release is very liberal and contains the possibility for a customized domains (like Chargeable schedules begin at $249 per month covering functions such as removing the Mobile My Account logos from your mobile website, mobile analysis to report website visitor statistics and so on.

Enterprises like Ford, Nokia and Reebok use Wirenode, a mobile website generator that has assisted more than 50,000 web pages to build portable version of theirs. His free site map has a user-friendly designer for your mobile website, free web sitehosting for up to three mobile webpages, website stats and much more.

Buckled up for a limited period of your life, Mippin Mobilizer is a straightforward little bit of software that gives you a few moments. The only thing you need to do is type in the RSS reader of your website, configurate some settings, subscribe to an RSS reader on your website, add a password on your website and you're done! If you are setting up your mobile website, a lived previewer will appear on the right side so that you can see the progress of your website theme during configuration.

Obbile pledges that you can get a mobile copy of your website in five or less moments. And it does it all by giving you an easy-to-use graphical front-end to build your mobile website and a customized script that you can insert into your index page, redirecting mobile devices visiting your site to the mobile one.

Choose from 13 customisable template options as a base for your mobile website work. Are you interested in setting up an on-line mobile website for your own mobile website? Visit Winksite, a web application to set up a mobile website for your website. In fact, it even creates your own QR source, a two-dimensional source that can be read by mobile QR scanner readers and retrieves text, photographs, video, music as well as weblinks.

All you need to do is use your QR codes on your calling cards, printed advertisements and other brand-name material, and if mobile visitors want to access your mobile website, all they need to do is use their mobile camera to capture the QRs. For generating QR codes without using Winksite, please go to this free web-based utility named QR code generator.

Well, if so, you're in luck, because there are a variety of plug-and-play WordPress plugs for automatic generation of a mobile copy of your website. MobilePress is one such mobile press is a free WordPress mobile design tool to create a mobile design for your WordPress based website. A further WordPress add-in is WordPress Mobile Edition. eWebKit is a easy tool to create your own iPhone/iPod App.

Although you can use it by anyone, even without HTML skills, it is not as user-friendly as the other above listed utilities and will require you to either either fetch and run the application or follow the instructions. The MoFuse is equipped with a variety of functions for setting up and administering your mobile website.

Priced between $7.95 and $199 per monthly, it includes Site Analytics capabilities, more than 5,000 mobile device supports, client services, a QR source management system, and more. As soon as you use one of the above mentioned utilities and have your own mobile copy of your home page, it is a good way to make sure that everything is fine.

Find here extra utilities and ressources for troubleshooting and rating your new mobile website. mobiliReady - This utility tests your website for DOTMOBI and W3C mobileOK compliancy, a set of mobile website defaults that ensures an optimum and available mobile website application environment. It' simple to use - just connect the link to the address bar of your mobile website.

wr3c mobileOK Checker - wr3c has an officially released utility to check the "mobile usability" of a mobile website. iPad Peek - You don't have an iPad? That' all right, you can still see what your mobile website looks like through the Apple mobile devices by using this utility that mimics what they see on the iPad.

1. 0 - Mobile Web Best Practice - 3C, the standardization committee for many of the Web's technology (such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript), has a paper that describes best practice for the mobile Web.

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