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In order to use this design, you need KLWP, a live wallpaper creator that you can use to edit and execute custom Android designs. More ideas about Android, Best Android and Android Apps can be found here. 1. Forestry GO Intro topic The Android has great customisation features, and with the help of designs you can totally modify its appearance. Google Play Store is full of fascinating themes that you can simply dowload with a special launch application like the Hola Launcher or others.

Topics can modify animation, symbols, background images, button and menu.

Out of all the themes available on the Google Play Store, I[what we think is right] have chosen the best themes from different theories. Select the one you like and make a complete user experience modification to your telephone. Let's begin with a topic for treemen who enjoy the natural world and its marvels.

Forrest is a GO Launcher topic basing on the ghost of the Forrest. It has a dark subject with a striking moonlit character, together with lovely things of natural beauty in it. All in all, there are two background images in this topic, and the background image is blurry for better overview when you are accessing the application tray.

This design is totally free, but you need to get and use GO Launcher to use it. For those who like fire, grief and cranium as a topic for their mobile phones, Formula 1 offers something for everyone. It is full of fire and sinister effect with a flaming head as principal wall paper.

Gives all symbols of your applications a glowing effect and the symbols of the beloved applications are especially developed for an additional adventure. It is not free, after installing it you have to buy it before using it. It is a straightforward and stylish subject with a hint of tech/modernity.

Islática & Tech Life transforms symbols into clear symbols with a miniscule piece of technology-based styling, like plain beads. This is not a topic of "futuristic technology", all changes to the symbols are made on the basis of the latest technology/design. You should try this topic mainly because of its simplicity of styling and low overall mass.

There will not be your mobile slowing down like other high definition themes and tonnes of animation. A Hola Launcher is required to use this free design. It' a 3-D topic with many 3-D simulations using aquatic organisms (jellyfish, to be exact).

Jullyfish themed has a crisp bluish look with a clear cut look. It' s pretty easy to use application icon, so there isn't much to talk about, but the 3-D styling makes it a great choice for those who love 3-D animations. In order to use the topic, you need the latest Hola Launcher release.

It' s a really neat design with a neat surface and a little historical feel. One large, bold and sweet giant pandas seems to be the protagonist of the subject, with some symbols also made around him. For a Dreamtheme Looking For is a mix of blues and greens with some symbols that are creamy-whites.

It' s also a pretty easy subject, along with a gentle crossover. Symbols are really neat with historical elements that replace symbols, e.g. a hard copy card for the application "Map" or a banjo for the application "Music". It' free to use, and you need Hola Launcher to use this free topic.

You really have to try the topic of musical living if you really enjoy it. It' a mix of grace and musical instrument ation to give your Android mobile a funny look. Altogether there are two themes, although there is not much big distinction between them, apart from the changes in the backgrounds.

This motif transforms all symbols into fun graphics with splashes of colour. There have been peculiar symbols for many of the popular applications like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Maps. It' also pretty easy with a very gentle crossover. In order to use this free design, you must have Go Launcher Xi.

The Hello is a really stylish subject with appealing and funny symbols. It' s very resource efficient with fresh designs that will make you laugh. Background image of the topic is blurry, but there is a very neat look for the interfaces and application icon. It' not one of the most classic and appealing themes, but it is interesting enough to make you laugh.

This topic is totally free, but you must have Hola Launcher installed before using it. You' ll find funny symbols like a telephone box for logs, a contact rabbit, a sweet kite for attitude, and a mail slit for e-mail. Dragoon is a stylistic subject that' re relies on well... a kite. This motive is in dark and dark blues, with a really nice kite in the back.

There are no specific animations nor stylistic symbols. Every mobile symbol has a different colour and is only surrounded by a metal ring to give it an elegant look. Minor animation and less detailled symbols also result in a more lightweight design, making it ideal for slow telephones.

It' s going to work best for those who just want a sleek but fun design that is very easy on use. Clauncher must be preinstalled before you can use this free design. Simply choose the topic you like, but remember that some topics can be more resourceconsuming and result in a (slightly) slow perform.

Also note that not all launchers are as optimised as your mobile manufacturer's standard application. When you have an older mobile then it is advisable that you use a lightweight topic like Dragon or Sci & Tech Life which is easy but also lightweight.

But if you want something really interesting, then jellyfish and soul are also pretty good topics. Please let us know in the commentaries below which topic you are using. More about Android.

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