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The download is free, but may require a free registration. Portable Topics - Mobile Topics Download One of the hotest topics on the web is mobile themes, which are sought after and downloadable every day at very high speed. Various mobile phones, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC, China Mobile Sets, etc. provide different application formatting. Nokia Mobile Themes, Sony Ericsson Mobile Themes or China Mobile Themes, we have it all for you!

Cell telephone topics are often also related to the mobile telephone's hands. Those topics categorize the fundamental look and feel of a mobile phone's interface. Colour scheme for menu and highlight, different users and folders symbols and wallpapers are all contained in one mobile topic pack. Several mobile themes packs also include specific ring sounds and other noises.

Changing a topic adds a new look and feel to your phone's user interface without affecting any of the phone's functionality or feature set. It works as before, before a new mobile topic has been used. We have several different mobile themes category like Animation Mobile Themes, Nature Mobile Themes, Love Mobile Themes, Cartoon Mobile Themes, Fun Mobile Themes, Cool Mobile Themes, Cute Mobile Themes, Cute Mobile Themes, Abstract Mobile Themes, Art Mobile Themes, and the listing is endless.

On our website you will find all important mobile theme themes that can be freely donwloaded. Different mobile themes are available for different mobile phone brands and types. Here you will surely find new and funny mobile themes!


It is a topic that has been developed for a mobile adventure, offering different levels of presentations to optimally operate base units and high-end smart phones. The topic is inspired by the originals of the work of teemule and its Mobile Plugin and the styling is inspired by the Nokia template, which can be found in the Nokia Forum, Nokia Mobile Web Templates tutorial.

The download is free, but may involve free enrollment. The topic and the integrations were carried out by Andrea Trasatti and courtesy of Forum Nokia. On ALL mobile equipment this topic should work excellently. The Mobile Plugin is no longer needed after 1.1. See the Nokia Mobile theme manual page for installation and trial instructions.

There' also a manual page for installing and using the Nokia Mobile themes with Mobile Plugin and a beautiful manual for videos. Checking out the new topic is quite simple. You should delete your cookie from your test page in both cases, as the Mobile Plugin uses it to prevent it from being recognized again.

As soon as you have deleted the cookie, refresh the page and you should see something like this (sorry, I can't use an id tags on this page!). When you want to see what it looks like on many machines and don't have them ready to hand, take a look at Nokia's Remote Device Access Services, it's free and very good.

Alternatively, take a look at DeviceAnywhere, which also offers a wide range of non-Nokia instruments.

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