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List of mobile websites

This is the absolute best mobile websites that have been ranked by consumers. Lists of products on mobile sites are a balancing act. The best mobile websites for Android, iPhone, Windows or Smartphones.

eighteen of the best mobile website design samples

Today more than ever, companies are focused on delivering compelling mobile website experience. Finally, since updating the algorithms in April 2015 and again in March 2016, Google has relied strongly on mobile sites. That' s critical, because for over a year there have been more Google searches on smart phones than on desktops and spreadsheets.

Google will in future only set the benchmark higher for what it believes to be mobile-friendly (including page loading time) and include this in its algorithms upgrades. So, if you haven't focused on enhancing your mobile phone experiences, you better prioritise it now, otherwise your rankings could really hurt.

In order to make any changes you make to the mobile website designs, here is a list of 18 businesses that have really improved their mobile web experiences. The Shutterfly is an on-line tool that allows the user to produce photobooks, personalised maps and stationery and much more. As more and more individuals take pictures and then access them with their smart phones, Shutterfly realized the need to provide their clients with a great mobile viewing experi-ence - and they provided.

At Shutterfly we achieve two important objectives on our mobile website: It' simple for the user to find out about their offer. Arriving at your mobile website, you will see that the menus in the lower half of the display have expanded into large buttoms. That makes it easier for the user to quickly choose which options they are interested in finding out more about.

As soon as the user has clicked on one of these items, they will be welcomed with large pictures showing what Shutterfly is able to do to surf easily. What makes your mobile website so unique is that it can hardly be distinguished from your mobile application. Below are some screen shots from your mobile website, but if you're even used to the application, you'll find they look exactly the same.

As well as the look being the same, the mobile website also has the performance and features of the application. "Your desktops website is really beautiful and welcomes your audience with concise texts, high-resolution movies, pertinent animation and other, more sophisticated designs. However, for mobile workers, they realized that sophisticated designs such as animation and animation can have a significant impact on page loading times.

That' s why they actually took a lot of them away - which defused the website and made the whole mobile event easier. Mobile website is a more simple form of your desk top website and it is still beautiful made. Notice the large keys in the menu - ideal for typing with your fingers on a mobile display.

The Etsy website is an e-commerce site where you can buy and buy old -fashioned or handcrafted products. The majority of shoppers who go to Etsy's website are there to do one of two things: They either search for a particular article or they browse articles in catagories that interest them. This mobile website appeals to both visitor groups right from the start.

The first time you go to the mobile site, you will be welcomed with the ability to browse for certain articles, stores or category. Just below the browse box are thumbnails of trend articles that present some of the most beloved things you can buy from Etsy. For mobile use, these trend elements can be viewed in a collaborative style, and the pictures are large enough to be touched lightly with a touch of a thumb.

Adrian Zumbrunnen, a UX design artist, author and narrator, has created this website. Visiting his website, you will immediately find that it is something very special: It'?s a conversation website. "At the end of each session, there are two possible responses for the user to make it a choose-your-own-adventure time.

Whilst the mobile and desk top experiences are very similar, the desk top website seems to be designed primarily for the mobile device - which could be the way the pages will go in the coming years. The first time you visit the shelf's website at Elf, you'll find that there are indeed many kinds of elves on the shelf that you can buy.

However, instead of compelling the user to browse through a long, text-based list, web design engineers made it simple for the user to just browse from top to bottom to see all the different choices - perfect for those who browse the site's product. As BuzzFeed knows that many of their website viewers visit their website on their mobile phones, they have taken great pains to ensure a seamless user Experience for their mobile reader.

Arriving at the BuzzFeed mobile site, you'll first see some of the most beloved contents presented in a plain, collage-like form with large pictures that are easily touched with your thumb. If you are interested in certain mail category, there is a selectable top right mouse button navigation bar that shows all mail category.

With Evernote, you can save your memos, pictures, and web items, and then share them across all your mobile device types. Evernote is important to provide the right mobile experiences because consumers have a tendency to either downloaded the app or accessed the site on more than one device, your desktops, smartphones, and tables included.

When you look at the Evernote homepage on your computer screen, you'll see how neat the look is. If you look at their mobile website, they have kept this look and feel completely in place. Your mobile website is neat, easy and does not affect the value of the application at all. In addition, there are again the big Call to action badges, which are excellent for mobile use.

One thing that makes their mobile website special is that they actually change their mobile user news slightly so that their contents are easier to read. Comparing the mobile website to the mobile website, you will find that the mobile website has fewer words on its homepage. Expres sway is a clothes shop aimed at young men and young men.

Since their audiences often come to their website to search clothes, it is important that their website contains large, clear pictures of their clothes - especially on mobile phones when visitors have to finger on objects on the monitor to click through for buying information. With its mobile content, it goes one stage further than most e-commerce websites.

Sliding your fingers over a picture showing a garment from right to left changes the picture so you can see the garment in a different way. Meaning the user doesn't have to download another page to see several images of the same garment.

They may think that a finance firm would have a really complex website, but on mobile, nationwide insurances the ease of use is nailed down. Arriving at your mobile website, you can immediately receive a car coverage quote by typing in your postcode - or alternative you can "find a representative" to get more information about their service.

While this offers the user restricted possibilities, it greatly facilitates the user' experiences for those who use small monitors. But we also like how they have optimised their on-line mobile phone application templates. See how large the text and boxes in the CTA plan below are, making it easy for people to fill it out on their mobile device instead of tweaking and zoom in.

The Zappos brand is an on-line retailer of footwear and apparel known for its excellent levels of after sales services. Your top priorities on the mobile phone are to help your customers simply look for the articles they are looking for on their website, so they have placed a large seek box at both the top and bottom of their mobile website to make it really simple for them.

That' s what the top of your mobile website looks like: "ABC' s desktops welcome visitors with a variety of options: see their TV schedules, see the Oscar winning shows, see some of your favourite TV shows, or even see TV show announcements about these shows.

However, ABC knows that the mobile handset should be a simpler way to get the most out of your time. If you are visiting the ABC website on a mobile phone, you won't be given nearly as many opportunities from the start. User can scroll through these items and click in any show. The people there are doing an excellent job of offering their mobile user a seamless user experience, especially in terms of their styling technique and the accentuation of their key messages that are visible to the visitor within seconds of landings on their mobile website.

Note how their mobile website uses gamut and colour to differentiate certain items of their page: And as I said before, their key assets - strategic expansion, fast response web designs and in-bound emailing - are clearly apparent to mobile consumers as they scroll through the home page, with appropriate symbols. You improve the mobile adventure by compressing information.

Specifically, they are combining some of their call to trade into slider controls, while their desktops website has these CMSs arranged in a horizontal fashion. Helping keep things easy so that mobile workers are not overloaded with a great deal of information at once, it also makes sure that none of the available readable content is too small.

However, their mobile website is presented somewhat differently: A mobile unit displays information about its location in a list of alternate bright and darkness panels. That makes it easier for the user to browse the site without getting bogged down in text. In addition, they have made the text and the boxes on their form large and legible: IdiMarketing is a developer and communication service tender.

Your mobile website is similar to your desktops website, but I especially liked the way they integrated the core interactivity buttons into their blogs so people can " like " their post. It imitates the "Like" cardiac symbol in Instagram and Twitter, which is easy to recognize for mobile workers comfortable with these platform.

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