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The top 15 used cars that the public is currently purchasing.

If you are purchasing a new or a used vehicle, this list of top used vehicles in popularity throughout India will be useful. Helping new vehicle purchasers to adapt to a make and scale of a new vehicle will help because they know how well it will be sold when you change your vehicle a few years later.

To those who buy a used vehicle, this list gives you the mass expertise - if the top used vehicle in India's towns comes from the Maruti Suzuki stables, there must be something good about these vehicles - whether it's the parts available, the value for your money, or just the value for it.

Automobiles are ambitious. Autos make a testimony about who you are. Automobiles are more than something that takes you from point A to point A for most individuals. As India's per capita incomes are still low and buying capacity still has to achieve medium incomes on balance, used vehicles are an important starting point for many first-time purchasers.

It is no wonder that the used cars segment in India has outgrown the new cars segment. IndianBlueBook, a guidebook on automotive price setting, reported that the used cars segment in India in 2015-16 was 1.2x that of new cars. By 2017-18, a number of 3.28 million cars were on sale in India, including tailgates, limousines and SUPVs.

Second-hand vehicles have many benefits over a new one. Tickets for new vehicles cost 30% of the total cost when they leave the store. If you get a good value re-sale product and a good make, you really have a good business. Whether you're purchasing a new or a used vehicle, use this list made by OLX for the January to March 2018 season, in which category 1, 2 and 3 Indian towns are the most popular.

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