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Minimum Business & Corporate Web Designs Today I made a presentation of web design based on minimumism. It is interesting that I have found that many of today's "minimal" pages do not necessarily correspond to the straightforward version. After all, minimumism is the ideal setting for iridescent visuals. Often, the best way to appreciate dynamic innovation and HTML5 experimentation is in a barebone setting, so it's no wonder that many minimalistic Web pages have fascinating results.

However, many (if not most) minimalistic websites are still, good, minimum and concentrate on their product and contents. Easy styling on a subtile raster. Decorated with colour satiety by scroll. In spite of the many colours "above the fold", the Sur la Route Encore website created by Minuit Sept continues the minimalistic line.

Dropbox purposes (as shown) and the call to trade have a strong effect - also because of its lightness. With strong, mint accents and floating colours, Helvetica and Fresh Product (like Budnitz Bicycles) they keep their products high-profile. The cream-coloured scenery of the objects sold is even imitated by the gray in the colours.

To juggle a wide range of contents and items, Oakley keeps its site pretty easy and uses a mega-dropdown navigator to prevent the site from overloading. Easy, beautiful and (as promised) sober. Together with the strong colour, Rubicon offers a great deal of Punch with its lettering and shallow outline.

The Exponent website offers plain colors and fonts that make everything popular to show off your videos at the top of the page (and scrolling photos). Minimum styling adds to the vibrant colour on this brewing site. Squarespace's full-page videoslider is well suited for minimum overall sizing. It is a clear, artistic authority of minimumism.

Light as a feather colour and styling free us from any distractions from the furnishings. As Exponent PR, the other PR company on our PR schedule, we see a shallow user interface and vibrant colours, but in the case of Bark PR the amber is more centric than a simple emphasis. In contrast to Bark PR, clever restricts its yellows to an emphasis on monochrome, but its sliders and miniature views impress.

Again we see a clear styling that sits on smart scroll technologies. Lightening a parallax-heavy location with a bright, minimalistic look (and telling its tale clearly). A minimalistic capsule shape encapsulates all important information and ATAs. This is a cool alternation to the customary freaky occupied web site for hotels and motels.

Breathtaking photographs take center stage thanks to minimum styling and a few strategic colour pads. Because of the chromatically intense nature of these screen shots, it's not strange that DreamWorks has chosen a more simple black-and-white look. Reflecting its new user interface with a rather shallow and reduced look for a company website in a global environment where many company pages are feeling obsolete and overcrowded, Microsoft has created a new interface for the company.

As Microsoft, jetBlue goes with the flow in comparison to most companies with fresh, slimmer and minimalistic designs. Featuring many elements on this long scrolling page, both the sleek styling and the slim user interface make the user more concentrated. Obviously, if you follow today's minimumist trend, you don't necessarily have to shrink from a wide range of colours.

Whereas Instruct' s minimalistic rounddup is almost exclusively grayscale with minimum colour highlights, Tuts+' minimalistic rounddup shows how to manage the minimum while relying on the vibrant colours. Did the standards for minimumism in web designing change or expand? Could it be that minimumism is just substituted by a new motion?

Let's find out what minimumism 2013 is (and isn't)!

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