Modern Corporate website

A modern corporate website

Contemporary Corporate Web Design - 5 great samples The site not only works on your wallpaper / notebook, but also looks good on your portable equipment. This website uses an appealing and effective styling that matches the experiences to the equipment you are looking at. At the top of the home page, on the cell phones, the main prompts for actions are the things you probably want to accomplish when you visit the website on your cell phone:

Log on to your account at Mobilbank, find a bank or call them. Obviously, the users intuition is something that Kiwi Bank takes seriously. Microsoft has always fought to keep up with its archrivals Apple when it comes to good designs, but with the release of Windows 8 and its new Interfaceable, Microsoft seems to be taking them seriously.

Your makesover is a great example of how a giant enterprise can still retain a minimalistic, easy-to-navigate aesthetics. Talking about navigating, Microsoft has clearly put a great deal of work into the information structure of the website. It has a very clear hierarchical structure with submenu points that are organized in groups of people.

Like Kiwi Bank, the website has an appealing look that ensures that it works just as well on portable equipment. Navigating will change from a horizontally oriented to a vertically oriented drop-down list, which will be very convenient for anyone using a portable application. BHP Billiton's website is another example of a business that has clearly put a great deal of thought and energy into creating a well-structured, aesthetic website.

Large, impressive photos used at the top of each page are used to clearly distinguish each section of the site and showcase the company's varied range of businesses. Fading the photo into the currently chosen submenu is also a neat little note of style. Goldman Sachs' website is listed in this as an example of a website that sets itself apart from the masses within its sector - it is very different from some of its competitors' shell sites.

This website is constructed around a well-structured raster of photos and text modules, which makes for a very appealing site to visit - you want to click through and see more (and for an umbrella fund this is a great achievement!). Navigating the site is another strength - Goldman has used a huge dropdown list system, which in turn contains two layers of menus, making finding the searched contents very fast and simple.

OK, we confess it, this is one of our web pages, but we thought we would take it as another good example of corporate web designing that was done right. It may also serve as an example of good styling on a much smaller scale perhaps - in terms of budgeting it would not be compared to any of the other locations on this page.

Website styling follows a rather minimalistic aesthetics that focuses on courageous, striking images, coupled with clear typeography and a robust, easy-to-navigate texture. As with Kiwi Bank and Microsoft, the website follows a highly reactive style and transforms its contents into screens of different heights. In addition to website redesign, we were also in charge of developing a graphical corporate design and print support for Brooks Quayle.

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