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Contemporary Portfolio Theme Responsive WordPress is a great theme to present your portfolio with clear design and minimal layout. Pro modern portfolio I am Brian Gardner and I am a free-lance web design professional based in the Chicago area. I' ve been a Starbucks junkie since 1974 and am known for loving the Sarah McLachlan style of work. They can also use widgets such as Latest Tweets, Featured Posts, or even a WordPress custom menu.

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15%+ Best Portfolio WordPress Topics in 2018

In the ever-changing era of the world' s digitisation, the need to make our visibility known on-line is of the utmost importance. Whether it' video ography, photo, arts, tattoos, interiors or graphics, or whatever you want to present, your work would be in a league of its own with one of the best WordPress topics we've gathered from all over the world.

So if you are looking for something functionality because it is well crafted, something lightweight to store and easy to use so it doesn't cloud your own work (because you don't want potential customers to be more influenced by the layout of your portfolio site than by the real creativity you've put together), we think you'll find something here that you really like.

We have put together the most encouraging and (in our opinion) best WordPress portfolio on the topics that top markets have to provide. Let us now move on to the topics! Totally is a real multi-purpose WordPress, and it's great for portfolio creation. There comes with more than 45 one-of-a-kind demonstrations and counts, with more than a months more.

Several of the theme functions include: Endless portfolio pages, high-quality layer & revolution slider, pallax section, over 50 builders and much more. The Plus Complete software includes support for many common plug-ins including WPML, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Event Calendar and more. Totally is full of potentials to build a nice and modern portfolio, photograph or other creativ web sites.

See the overall theme demonstration of the Folio Editor to see how you can use built-in Folio Editor features to customize your portfolio outline. Using the overall theme you can do just about anything, take a look at the big screen shot above in the TinyFolio demonstration of the overall theme, you can see another great example of why the overall theme is one of the best WordPress portfolio topics you can pick for your website.

When you are in the full functionality and attractive portfolio theme business, you can't do better than the Vong Portfolio WordPress theme. The design is extremely simple to use - just plug in the 1-click demonstration inserter and use it to get to work. Quickly create an stylish, pro-quality, modern-looking portfolio using the supplied portfolio mail format (with detailed information on the project), brick or tile gallery, a one-of-a-kind overhead navigator and colour scheme editor, layout helper pull & drop grids constructor, and built-in community use.

This Vong portfolio theme is also fully WooCommerce compliant. That means you can directly from your own website directly from your portfolio articles from your own website or your service for rent offers. Simply deploy WooCommerce and insert your goods - Vong has designed all the shop's features to blend smoothly into the theme's minimum modern aesthetics.

Noteworthy other theme characteristics are useful contents links (map, slide show, roundabout, tab, etc.), retinal assistance, location file plus WPML compliance, useful team templates for adding collaborators, enhanced portfolio options (arrange, 3 portfolio dimensions, 21 motion filters, lightboxes and more). If so, look no further! ePix is a minimalist, beautifully designed and highly imaginative WordPress Photography portfolio theme.

The design is characterized by highly reactive HTML5 coding and high-resolution images with retinal touch capabilities. Several of its unparalleled functions are - a full-screen slide bar, breathtaking gallery, customer log-in, enhanced real-time skins editor, visual page builder, pallax scroll, box or full-width site layouts and much more. ePix is fully compliant with the beloved WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in and thus perfectly suited for independent artist or photographer.

Simply have the design and plug-in installed to begin reselling your print and inventory through your own website. No one would argue that ePix is one of the best WordPress topics for portfolios and that it has become a benchmark against which other portfolio topics for photographers are measured. With ROUA, you get a wonderful, minimalist and classy WordPress portfolio theme that is well adapted for freelance and agency work.

It' very lightweight, but will fully meet the needs of any graphics artist, illustrator as well as professional and professional photographers and will certainly provide a fashionable on-line experience. It' a theme that is straightforward but refreshing and user-friendly, ideal for any kind of work. This design was built with the Bootstrap 3 Frontend Frameworks, which makes it completely reactive and portable.

Its design is highly adaptable and built on the Redux framework, it is very straightforward and comfortable. When you are looking for something that is different and makes you stick out from the masses, this is the topic you should focus on! The Notio is a neat, challenging and unpretentious yet nice WordPress portfolio theme.

With its sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing designs, this theme meets high demands and is very simple to operate. Several of its functions contain custom themes, pictures, sliders, postings, pages and Widgets export controls. It' re up and running for WordPress 4+, and it has WPML multi-language capability for both your page text and areas of your WooCommerce shop.

It' really difficult to describe how good this theme looks, which is why it's on our best WordPress portfolio topicsheet. There is a great deal of information and comprehensive literature on this subject, so that every newcomer becomes an expert practitioner. All of Notio's responsiveness works well on tables, smart phones, and desktops.

is a modern, fully adaptable, simple to use and fully reactive WordPress theme for agents, design crews, photographers, freelancers, blogs, performers, businesses and any other commercial space to easily create portfolio, blogs and e-commerce websites. Offering many different layout options for your web portfolio and your blogs, this beautifully styled and attractive design is perfect for your web site.

The included theme also comes with the beloved WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution, using Pofo's own shortcuts with additional features. Use the WordPress Customizing tool to customize your website. Cap is modern looking, with a fast reacting raster lay-out and a clear, almost minimalist WordPress portfolio theme.

The theme is intended solely for photographic purposes, but may also include other display cases. It' s fully customizable and includes retinal symbols, limitless faders, color, sidebars, and 5+ user-defined Widgets. The GridStack is a minimal and modern WordPress portfolio theme developed for the presentation of photos, artwork, video, and other types of medium. AJAX is fully reactive and also dynamically loads AJAX.

It also comes with a solid pane on the far right that will help you browse smoothly. Additional functions are full-frame display option and full-width parallel scan effect, full-width grid galleries. In this way, your WordPress page looks good and uses the available full frame mode, regardless of the monitor used.

Similarly, the picture raster reacts and is rearranged when the picture size is reduced or increased with smoothly rendered animation effect. The Milo is a perfect minimalist and state-of-the-art WordPress portfolio theme. The Milo is ideal for minimalist photography enthusiasts, designers and designers who want to present their portfolio in a way that puts their contents at the heart of every page.

The Milo is characterized by an intelligent, reactive layout to present page layout uniformly regardless of monitor sizes and equipment types. When you really enjoy minimumism, this is the topic for you! It is a nice, textured, sophisticated, reactive WordPress portfolio theme. Real sport's minimum and neat style coupled with AJAX-based projects view, make this theme perfectly suited to showcase your best work.

This theme comes with several uniquely designed layout and an enormous range of customisation possibilities. The special thing about this topic is that you can now easily get rid of the need to enlarge or reduce photos to suit your display needs. Design adapts pictures according to your monitor settings. The Inspiro is a neat and stylish WordPress portfolio theme that is more focused on the photo relevant graphic medium.

Featuring great functionality such as fullscreen slide show, widget homepage, galery engine, home page generator, Visual Customizer, and ZOOM's unbelievable framework, it's full of great functions. North Photography Theme is the embodiment of quality and minimum beautiness and is a versatile, highly reactive WordPress portfolio theme. It' structured with easy-to-use portfolio post controls, presented pictures, galeries, sliders, bottom line widgets, as well as tonnes of limitless colour matching controls from within live WordPress.

Northern Europe also contains portfolio adjustment opportunities. In addition, the design is completely fast reacting, so your portfolio looks great on any machine. If it' s about locating the best WordPress topics for the portfolio to get into the bigagues, the northern theme could be the pin in the pie you were looking for!

WordPress Theme Photo Theme is a premier theme created in collaboration with a freelance photo specialist - so you can be sure that the theme meets all your photographic needs. This theme allows you to present your work on your homepage in an elegant way. It' also perfectly fits your portfolio - just use the built-in functions to create your own galleries.

This mane WordPress theme is full of useful functions for the creation of a rich portfolio on line. Its design includes the power of Visual Composer Page builder, so you can build your own customized page layout with a variety of built-in portfolio choices. Apply a portfolio listing, a mesh, upload more or endless scrolls, roundabouts, slider and more.

The theme also includes a light box for pictures and video, feeds and symbol integration, para-laxes, interactivity and more. Potassium is a best-selling creativ theme and it's easily understood why. This theme offers a variety of integrated choices that any imaginative pro would like. Simple page creation tools, layouters, and pre-built example demonstrations make it easier to get up and running.

Then use additional typographic choices, slider, language translation, color, portfolio hover, dribble portfolio integrate, and color for codefree style. Potassium Theme is also retinal and offers adaptable pictures that can be stretched or cropped to fit the ideal sized image on any machine. It is probably one of the best WordPress topics for companies and agents due to its versatility.

In order to create a nice portfolio, it really does help to begin with a nice one. Coincidentally, the workshop topic is full of them. Featuring more than 25+ choices of custom portfolio and galleries demonstrations, an integrated page creation drag-and-drop user experience, an automatic recognition filtering, adjustable blogstyles, and more, it's a great option for any creator to create their own website.

Some of the other great functions you' ll find are Google Font Printing, 6 Animation Hammer FX, WooCommerce compatible, more than one layout and even sound overlay. Those are just some of our favourite topics that we think are also some of the best WordPress topics on the web, but we know that there are many more for you.

We would be happy to know what you think are the best WordPress portfolio topics and whether you think they should have been added to our team.

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