Modern Wedding Theme

Contemporary wedding theme

Slim lines, dramatic lighting and decoration in crystals are the basic requirements for modern weddings. Modern wedding ceremonies should scream "immediately"! Modern to tropical, we have covered your needs for wedding style.

Fifty ideas for a modern wedding

Modern wedding ceremonies should "scream already! "Lean silhouettes, luminescent drama and decoration in glass are basic requirements for modern marriages. Organize your wedding in an unorthodox setting, like in an fish tank. Inspire your wedding party partners with crystalline beams that line your wedding corridor. Flower petals, placed in clear contours rather than vertebrae, add a modern twist to this romantically pleasing look.

Designed to compliment the contemporary look of a wedding set, our globe chair is the perfect addition to a wedding set. Benefit from the advantages of modern technologies and create an picture along your corridor instead of using a pen. Breaking the time-honored wedding style rule - put on a golden sparkle top and let your maid of honor pick her own little dark outfit.

A modern version of a central piece of roses in the colour pink, it is even more glamorous when combined with a glittering tablecloth. Long-stalked callas that cross along the desk really bang against glittering underwear. The green centrepiece gives your desks a tropic note. Siver-coloured knots give a modern flair to a wedding in autumn.

The modern centrepieces give off such an elegant, refined atmosphere. Gemstones hanging from the blanket sparkle in the bright lights of the eye-catching balls on every desk. Make a lounging area with a uniquely modern item of furnishings. Combine cabins with ecological seating accented by a pearl-set setting and textured tablecloths.

This luxurious seating configuration is enhanced by a luxurious central flower running cascade. Mirror the nightsky under a clear wedding canopy. Such a stylish selection for your favourite wedding dinner would be a reflective desk with a wedding board inscribed. Give your open-air wedding a modern note with a monochrome dancing surface and an ecological mirror-clad mural.

Make a lounging area near your dancing floors so your dancing buddies can still be part of the whole outfit! Benefit from an attic with long desks and monochrome superstructures that decorate the desk. Let your favourite dining room really catch the eye by putting a striking pearl lamp over it.

Lift your flower above the desk for a real wave-up. Golden sparkle linen is an unanticipated, exquisite option. Textile drapes, stylish up lighting and lounging furnishings provide a festive atmosphere in this area. Embellish your kitchen with a shirred rock. Quadratic levels give off a more modern atmosphere than the traditionally round pie.

Variate the forms of the layers on your wedding pie and don't miss the jewelry! Organize your wedding in an unorthodox setting, like in an fish tank.

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