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Contemporary Wordpress themes

Every Free & Premium Theme. Each theme comes with standard and unique templates, as shown in the demo. The Modern Architecture Responsive WordPress Theme is a great theme for any architecture agency, with clear design, minimal layout and scroll sliders.

Top 30+ Best creative & modern WordPress themes 2018

Are you looking for modern, imaginative and fashionable topics to enhance your website with WordPress? You will find in this articel the modern WordPress themes for 2018 with an appealing and very adaptable allure. You can use these topics for different things. They can use the themes to display your work, share your expertise, promote your abilities, and build a customized website that presents you and your work.

Simply take a look at the stunning themes and their functions! The Flatsome is a WordPress eCommerce Topic. It' s very simple to customise the design, and with our backend interface's simple backend choices and adjustments, you can modify the design to look and run the way you want it to. Flatsome's attractive design makes your store available to your shoppers on any type of equipment.

With all the essential functions of an e-commerce site like fast preview for a specific item, picture zooming, wish lists, online searching, everything is included in this nice and easy best e-commerce WordPress themed. CALLYAS WordPress Topic, Best E-Commerce Wordpress TopicsAlthough it is a multi-purpose topic, CALLYAS WordPress Topic is regarded as the best for e-commerce purposes.

Simply WooCommerce and Kallyas is a great e-commerce WordPress themes integrated. Its design is very adaptable, so you can modify the areas of your store and customize them according to your needs. The Kallyas topic makes it much simpler to manage the look and feel of your store with the help of the Drag&Drop page creator called the " visual Builder ".

WPML-enabled, light, RTL-compatible, and with an appealing look that's optimised for even better performance with WPML. It is because, although essentially conceived for e-commerce purposes, this topic has it all to set up a business website with blogs postings and portfolio companies. The WooCommerce plug-in is fully compliant with the standard WooCommerce software, allowing you to easily resell and administer both shipping and downloading items.

This is the most widely-used plug-in of its kind. It comes with the themes and allows you to organize your website with simple click and choose features. It is a highly reactive, WordPress topic that uses the WooCommerce plug-in to provide the e-commerce functionality. It has an extended administration pane that allows you to make changes to the site very simply.

In addition, various layouts are available for selection. Select the best match for your company and set up your website with the topic in mind. MayaShop is also child-friendly and light. WooCommerce's stylish design with a nice colour palette and typeface, perfect for creating a high-quality shop-line.

Luxury WordPress Topic is both intuitive to use and provides you with a high-performance and easily set up and managed webshop. One of the most popular eCommerce themes in the world, this eCommerce site is perfect for those who are new to eCommerce and want to customise its look and feel. The Luxury is fully compatible with the free and WooCommerce plug-in, which provides unprecedented shop management over your product shop.

This bazaar topic is also based on the WooCommerce plug-in to provide distribution and application development capabilities. Its design is well thought out and it has all the features an e-commerce topic requires. Popups are added to the topic to show important warnings and other information. This topic allows you to select whether your items should be displayed in the raster or listing views.

Neighborhood is a quick and dependable e-commerce topic from the swiftIdeas. Design is very simple to configure, adapt and use. It is a very responsive and adaptable issue. In order to adapt the designs, the quick Page Builder 2 is available. The neighbourhood is available for translating so that you can create the store in your own native tongue.

It is WPML compliant to provide multilingual translation and SOE-friendliness. It' also child-friendly. In addition to the homepage design, Porto provides a selection of headers, super meal layout, colour and typefaces. This topic has the built-in Wish List and Ajax lookup functions. There are a number of Widget's that can be placed in different Widgetareas to determine which option a page displays.

Blaszok is a complete e-commerce topic with enhanced features for setting up your own on-line store. It has 25 demonstration pages to select from and will install the demonstration files on the site to begin with. The Blaszok uses WooCommerce to turn it into an e-commerce topic. The topic has the wish list, instant preview, picture zooming features are already contained and you don't have to worry about extra add-ons to incorporate these features into your website.

Pocket torch is essentially a multi-purpose photo subject matter or probably the best e-commerce WordPress subject matter. However, its smooth incorporation with WooCommerce puts it on this one. Since the subject is mainly conceived for portfolios and photographs, it has 6 choices for the galleries. WooCommerce's incorporation into the subject allows you to transform your web site content management solution into a high-performance e-commerce site.

If WooCommerce is enabled, the images of your photograph can be resold. Mr. Tailor is another bright e-commerce topic from Getting Bow-tied. There are three available topic demonstrations to help you build your point of departure. Ecommerce allows you to almost everything on the web to yours. Tailor also allows you to put your e-commerce site into catalogue fashion so you don't have to put your store off-line during service.

Design is fast to respond and gives you full control over what the website looks like. Mr. Tailor offers guarantee compliance with WooCommerce, WPML and Visual Composer. The Blanco is a fully-fledged WordPress topic for the creation of on-line shops in 2018. Blank is WooCommerce and compliant. This gives the user the liberty to test and select the plug-in of their choosing.

Strong administrator controls allow you to modify the site's functionality and functionality through simple controls and an intuitively designed user-interface. You can modify the topic's page to suit your needs. This blank demonstration shows an example of an on-line fashions and apparel retailer, but a retailer that is selling something can be done with the subject.

It is also possible to sell electronic goods under this motto. Princely themes are ultimative themes that can be used for several different things. The WooCommerce interoperability of the topic makes it possible to build a full-fledged e-commerce website with the topic. Variations on the topic exist in four different areas, one of which is e-commerce.

There are 16 available demonstrations in the E-Commerce section. Royal Topic is compliant with the beloved Drag & Drops page creation plug-in of visual composite. Featuring the easy-to-use Royal-Thema, there are many selections for headers, footers, backgrounds, colors, font styles, etc. to be made.

Royal is a multifunctional topic and allows your website to create picture galeries, portfolio and blog sites as well as store and products pages. This is a good choice if you have chosen a topic that uses the WP E-Commerce plug-in for sales-related features. Mazine is just a basic e-commerce WordPress themes.

It is also multilingual and allows you to convert the topic into several different tongues, leaving the choice of the desired foreign tongue to the user. It doesn't overpower you with lots of choices for selecting headers, footers, or page layout, but gives you the ability to manage the look and feel of your website.

Studio is another nice topic in this listing. Featuring 12 pre-configured demo tracks, the themes offer breathtaking looks, appealing transition styles, and easy-to-use back-end features. Although the studio is equipped with an integrated page builder, the design includes support for the Visual Composer plug-in for page drag-and-drop creation capabilities. There are many choices for choosing the symbols, colours, lettering, etc., in the topic.

The studio is also WPML compliant for multilingual translations. Sommerce Store is a top WordPress top WordPress online store that relies on the WooCommerce plug-in for e-commerce features. This topic gives you a number of choices to modify the look and feel of your website. In this way, you can design a website according to your ideas using this topic.

User-defined header and backgrounds are available to modify the actual backgrounds and choose the one that best fits your company. As the name implies, the topic of hindsight has a hindsight look. Braun typefaces and the backgrounds make the thematic designs uniquely appealing. You can customize the look and feel of the product in a variety of ways.

It is WooCommerce compliant and makes it very simple to build a store with the topic. You can use the back store to buy everything. Using the old-fashioned look and feeling, the subject can be used to build a great old-fashioned store where you can call to discuss how to yours.

is WPML compliant and is supported with . You can use POT file to generate. pos and. mo file in the desired languages. Name of the subject - Bio-Shop, illustrates the intent of the subject. It also uses the WooCommerce basis for e-commerce functions. It is a straightforward topic and concentrates on the standard equipment and the bio onlineshop.

It has all the WooCommerce strength for selling, such as several pictures for a particular item, related items on a detailed page, registration, order tracing, reviews, shipping and taxes and seamless check-out. Room 09 buys another e-commerce topic from WooCommerce. Design has many functions that allow you to make anything from the design.

In the Room 09 store you can almost everything sold with the WooCommerce plug-in. In addition, the topic has the zooming function, which enlarges the detailed page of the picture when moving the cursor. You can do this by enabling Catalog View modes for service or other reasons, if you want to disable e-commerce for a while.

Drive is a topic that comes with WooCommerce and the built-in bbPress Forum plug-in. This topic is very appealing and SEO-optimized. It gives you the liberty to choose the topic you want and how you want to present your contribution to the audience. Page Builders allow you to create the page with simple pull and dropping operations, and get a real-time view of the changes.

The Aurum is a single and versatile topic for 2018. WooCommerce is used by Aurum for its e-commerce functions. You can use the topic to set up a store for each downloaded or shipped item. The topic has contained the subject of composers visually, and therefore you can adapt your website using very basic pull and dropping techniques.

The Aurum has many customization possibilities, such as headers, font styles, colours, icons, flags and slider, which can be used depending on the topic of your website and your choices. There are 55 built-in Page Designer design features that let you design a page that exactly fits your needs.

WordPress is the WordPress e-commerce topic that allows you to create an on-line store with simple and versatile choices. There are more than 20 choices to make and each of these demonstrations is created with a one-of-a-kind approach. The WooPress is fully Visual Composer compliant, so you can create your own layout with any of the simple pull and drag features.

Design is WPML and WPML compliant. is a WooCommerce topic with more than 22 ready-made stores to select from. This topic has already contained translations of 14 language versions and its WPML interoperability makes it easy to further compile the topic into various different language versions. What's good about GoodStore is that it provides several plug-ins to enhance the features of your store.

It has everything you need for your on-line e-commerce needs. This topic is specifically conceived for the market place that offers electronic goods for sale on-line. You can use this topic to promote your writings, photos, sound and video clips on-line. Topic style and coding are impeccable, making the service effective and extremely safe so that your assets are not taken from your website.

Marketify Thema is the best of its kind with beautiful looks and versatility. Venezia is a WooCommerce dependant e-commerce WordPress topic that also offers you stunning Blogs and Portfolio. The Venedor is fast reacting and touch optimised for a better sensation in cell phone and tab. There are 14 varieties of themes available in the topic, select one of them and try installing the example files.

Featuring an integrated mega-menu, picture zooming, pop-up and fast viewing features, the themes offer everything you need for a great shopping experience. Venezia is WPML compliant and easy to use. The Cheope Store is another WordPress topic that uses the WooCommerce plug-in for distribution and production control. In order to adapt the design, the short code builder offers more than 200 short codes that can be used immediately.

This topic contains a landing page where you can describe a specific item or categorie in detail by selecting from the various available style options to present the miniature picture of the item on the homepage and categories pages. Abundance's e-commerce topic works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plug-in to offer the user an outstanding buying environment.

It is a versatile topic that allows you to make any changes you want to its look with simple choices. This topic is encoded with your back in heart, so your site is fully compatible with your browser and the subject file will not be rejected by your browser. Because Abundance is reactive, it won't stop your website visitors from buying from any of your products and giving them a great viewing sensation when they access your website from their PDA.

You can use the Template Builder to generate page styles of your own choosing. WooCommerce North is an extreme simple to use design that works on WooCommerce. From 2018 you can go your store with this great topic on-line. To customize the look of the design, you can use the Customize Colour and Wallpaper tool to customize any colour of the website.

WPML plug-in compliance enables the use of more than one multilingual version, while WooCommerce Multilingual plug-in provides a changeover switch. The creation of a website in RTL orientated with an RTL target audience is possible with North. Available with North, the topic choices are highly configurable and include native Visual Composer plug-in functionality. The Divi is an elegantly and flexibly designed design from the range of themes.

It is a multifunctional and highly reactive topic, but since it is WooCommerce compliant, it can be used as a full e-commerce solution. It also has a customizable tool that displays the changes in a real world. The software is WPML compliant and easy to translate for multilingual use. You can also build a website in RTL format.

Bronx is an appealing and versatile topic for designing an on-line store. He comes with an appealing styling. Bronx is fully compliant with the Page Builder software - Graphical Composition. Using the administration pane you can choose font, color and other things for your website.

ThimPress' e-commerce topic is an appealing design that allows you to sell your products on-line. And you have choices for your own style and headers. Using the administration pane you can modify the colour, the font and try infinite combination. This topic includes a revolutionary slide control and a WooCommerce sale timer. You can use the One-Page Site radio button to make a page like a website.

The Uplift is both a fast-reacting and a multifunctional topic. It' it' got the flexibility to make almost anything out of it. WooCommerce compliant topic makes sure that it can also build an e-commerce website. Topic backend makes sure that you can modify everything with simple choices. So that you can make pages from your designs, it has a 54-element page generator for dragging and dropping.

Choose from 3 different style and 3 different presentation options. storeX is a WooCommerce-enabled web site that allows you to build your own web site. Response to the image is retinal-capable. In order to underline the beauty of the subject, it has the parallel axis backing. WooCommerce has this topic for e-commerce establishments.

If you want to make your own layouts, also use the Page Builder. Bicycle is intended solely to enable you to open an on-line bicycle store for 2018. There' s almost nothing you can do with the subject of selling. The bicycle has a clear, reactive and adaptable shape. You can customize the look and feel of the designs using the easy-to-use administration panels.

If you want to modify the way the themes work, use the themes settings. WooCommerce is compatible with this topic. In this way you can build a website of your own choosing. Store X is a WooCommerce-enabled web shop designer that allows you to build your own shop. Response to the image is retinal-capable. In order to underline the Beauty of the subject, it has the Parametric backdrop assistance.

If you want to make your own layouts, also use the Page builder. It has a sleek yet stylish look. The Polaris is a fast-reacting, appealing and feature-rich topic for presenting and selling your product on-line. Polaris Theme's enhanced front end allows you to personalize your website.

Fast Store allows users to see all your product immediately. The Hugo topic is a WordPress e-commerce topic with a modern look and feel and a versatile look. There is everything you need to build a perfectly appealing e-commerce website in 2018. Simple Topic Views allow you to add your own logos to the headline, modify different topic preferences and much more.

Oxigen is a minimum e-commerce WordPress topic. It' a WooCommerce-compatible topic that has been specifically developed so that you can trade on-line. It'?s a fast-response subject and the eye retinas up. The topic is touch-optimized for a better sensation on cell phone. Strong Topic Administration makes it simple to modify the theme's appearance and behavior.

Buyoholic is a slim WordPress e-commerce topic supported by the fantastic WooCommerce plug-in. You can use the topic to build a modern website to compete in 2018. A WordPress e-commerce topic, SiteOholic is supported by proven plug-ins that provide everything you need to build an e-commerce site.

You are busy with a system with most e-commerce topics, not in Shopoholic ! One of the great WordPress e-commerce themes from our Shopoholic range, Shopoholic is great for your commercial web presence. Storekeeper is a special e-commerce topic from get bow called. It features immaculate visuals, features and controls designed to help you set up an easy store in 2018.

The store owner also uses the WooCommerce plug-in to make the sales-related functionality available. Have you already found your favourite e-commerce topic? Ecommerce topics described above are the best of their kind and can be used to build an on-line store that will sell almost anything. Your e-commerce website opens up a new world of possibilities.

So you get a best Wordpress e-commerce topic that is perfectly suited to your needs and now build an e-commerce store now. Cross the geographic borders and borders of a real store.

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