Modernizr Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Modernizr Theme

The Deft is a versatile One Page WordPress theme suitable for various industries. This is a collection of free Bootstrap modernizr templates and Bootstrap themes. They are all responsive and can be downloaded and used free of charge. Breathtaking, responsive, free One Page WordPress theme that's great for creative people!

Modernizing one-page websites

Fantastic, funny One Pager, which forms the cv of a Birch family. A phenomenal one-page website for the New Zealand online marketing company Resn. Brutal layouts with AJAX load projects superimposed in this One Pager for the France graphics designer Villa Böhnke. The Smart One Pager for the forthcoming You Gotta Hear Frontend meeting in Tel Aviv later this week.

The Arty One pager for the development of the Oulé maxim in France with a floating sensitivity projectlist and a "draggable&quo..... Wonderful 3-D form and animated animation and one of a kind transition in this colourful One Pager for the Berlin onlineagentur Plane-Site....... A pager full of cheerful artwork advertising a healthy and feel-good application named "Soulight".

Add Modernizr correctly to Wordpress?

That is my first contribution, so any suggestion, as I poste, is greatly valued. I' m having a hard enough getting this stunning feature to work - modernizr and the loading in Wordpress. I' ve tried many things, like add scripting to the headers, registry and enquiring the modernizr.custom.js as well.

I' m just studying Modernizr and I'm really jammed. All help is welcome. Here are the ways to embed JPG and CSF in Wordpress without using Enqueing (which is the right way). task_register_script template( $handle, $src, $deps, $ver, $in_footer);'new_service', .'/js/modernizr.custom. new_service' );'wp_enqueue_scripts','childtheme_script_manager'); I keep getting a 404 bug or "resource interprets as script, but transfers with MIME typ text/plain" (plugin used to fix it, but didn't help).

It would be very welcome if someone could give a little instruction or orientation. And this is also my first contribution, so if you need more information from me, please let me know. Thanks for your while.

Features Discovery Libraries for HTML5/CSS3

The Modernizr website will tell you which functions HTML, JavaScript and JavaScript the user's web page offers. Modernizr what? Web designers all encounter discrepancies between web browser and device. This is mainly due to the different functionalities: The latest version of the favourite webservers can do some great things that older webservers can't do - but we still have to add functionality for the older ones.

With Modernizr, it's simple to offer multi-level experiences: get the latest and best functionality in a browser that supports it without overwhelming the less lucky.

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