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The MoFin Lending is an online investment property lender. Latest tweets from MoFin Lending (@MoFinLending). The MoFin is a start-up lender aimed at investors in residential real estate. The MoFin Lending is an online lender offering rental real estate and bridging loans for investors in residential real estate. The MoFin is a non-bank mortgage lender dedicated to the financing of rental properties.

MOFinanced lending

The MoFin is a non-bank mortgages provider dedicated to the financing of leased properties. It is our business to deliver loan products to tenants that are not offered by banking institutions. Instead of concentrating on your own individual earnings and your loan histories, we look at the revenues from your leased home and your home ownership experiences.

We help landlords to improve their net present value and expand their portfolio of leased assets by developing new credit lines. It also makes the mortgaging lifecycle simple and effective with our fully on-line automatic system. The MoFin provides tenants with accessible funding opportunities that conventional credit providers cannot offer. Whereas bankers are unwilling to grant loans for real estate investments, this is our top priority at MoFin.

The MoFin is 100% dedicated to assisting tenants to improve their yields and expand their portfolio. Our belief is that the whole procedure of obtaining a loan should be simple, effective and pleasant. Our proud commitment is to provide our clients with a highly personalised experience throughout the credit approval lifecycle. Each part of the request procedure takes place on-line via our prequalification forms and the borrowers area.

You can find out what price we can quote for your business by registering and complete our fast and simple pre-qualification process.

MOFinanced lending

Good caretakers charge you around 10% of your total rental and even up to 1 full month's rental to place a lessee in your home, but if you don't want to buy a part-time occupation when buying your home, good caretakers are good for every cent.

Before buying an asset, you should find a caretaker. As a rule, caretakers have a good idea of which modernisations should be made to the rented units in order to find better renters and... achieve higher rentals. Though you may choose to administer the rent yourself and make some savings, it is still good to speak with facility management companies to find out their charges and what they are doing.

This way, if you ever expand your real estate asset or just can't manage it, you have a b-schedule.

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