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The MOJO WordPress themes have the highest ratings for bloggers, businesses and online shops. Obtain the perfect design for your website with free support. The Mojo Themes is a marketplace for buying and selling website templates and plugins for Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Tumblr etc..

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Mojo Themes: What does it do?

Please note: Since the publication of this article, Mojo Themes has experienced many changes and has extended itself to the Mojo Marketplace. Today I wanted to take some spare moment to give an overview of my new favourite theme/site templates marketplace, Mojo Themes. When you have ever attended Themeforest and liked it, you will also like Mojo Themes.

It' a very similar website that provides WordPress Themes, Tumblr Themes, HTML/CSS Tools, PSD and E-Mail Tools. Whilst there are many pages, such as Elegant Themes, which only provide WordPress themes, Mojo Themes provides a wide range of different template options to suit different platform requirements. Mojo Themes: What does it do?

The Mojo Themes offer several different premier template choices for some of the most common platform types such as WordPress and Tumblr as well as simple HTML/CSS template choices. Of what I have seen, all their themes are very well crafted (Mojo Themes will only take good workmanship ) and although there are still very few themes because they are a relatively new website, there are still several themes for different alcoves.

Not only can you go to Mojo Themes to buy some really great themes, but you can also register for free memberships and begin to sell your own work. The Mojo themes make it really simple for folks to earn some big money by sell their themes/templates.

Getting your own website up and running and getting your own visitors can be hard and take a long while, but Mojo Themes already has it all, so you can get started right away. Best of all, if you buy something on Mojo Themes, you get a 50% fee that is much higher than on other marketplaces.

Here's the funniest thing about Mojo Themes - the " ". The Mojo Themes is the very first collaborative programme that allows creators and designees to work together to develop a product that they can resell in the marketplace. In my view, this is one of the best things about mojo topics.

Personal I enjoy programming WordPress themes, but not so much creating them. I' m going to think about working with a web design guy as soon as I have some spare moment to develop a great WordPress topic. They have their own Affiliate system, so you don't have to use a silly third person such as E-Junkie or Shareasale. What is more, the system is very easy to use.

For me, this is heaven - I totally dislike using these third-party partner sites. More or less 3 week ago I began to market their topics and have earned $85 so far. In comparison to other premium WordPress themes I found out that the click rates of Mojo themes are really good and that users actually buy their themes.

So, if you're considering becoming a Mojo-Themes partner, do it. It' s really simple to use, the topics you will be proclaiming are for the most part fantastic, the bonuses are good and the level of service is excellent (they answered all my questions within a day).

Well, that's just about everything there is to know about Mojo themes, you really have to try them out to appreciate everything - ps: their website designs are also quite nice (worth a look). It' titled Folio Studio and is probably one of the hottest WordPress themes on Mojo Themes.

The Folio Studio has a very stylish and distinctive look - which is difficult to find nowadays under free themes. It' s a damn stunning typeface, everything is not only legible, but also comfortable for the eye. I' m not the kind of guy who usually does the reviewing, but I really enjoy my Mojo Themes subscription and was a little fascinated by the thought of doing a Mojo Themes Review, especially as it would be a good way to lose the floor about this site and hopefully involve more folks as it's a relatively new site.

However, if you have had any experiences with Mojo Themes, please leave a message below and let me know your thoughts. Exclusion of liability: I am a subsidiary of, but was NOT charged to post this review. The Mojo Themes also features the Mojo brand emblem and is a brand of Inc.

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